Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Citizen Complaint Filed Against Carson Campaign

Although Andre Carson spent nearly ten years working as a law enforcement officer, he and his campaign seem unable to grasp the concept that government employees and government property simply cannot be appropriated for the purpose of promoting his political aspirations. Citizen activist Adam Longworth said enough is enough and filed a complaint with the Marion County Board of Elections. Longworth's complaint focuses on the active participation of several deputies in the office of Sheriff Frank Anderson in staging political events with Carson in full uniform and permitting Carson's campaign to film and photograph the uniformed officers on government property on the taxpayers' dime.
NOTE TO BLUE INDIANA: Despite your best attempt to mischaracterize the accuracy of Mr. Longworth's compaint in a false post on your blog today, you have proven once again how blinded you are by your liberal Democratic leanings. Mr. Longworth's complaint clearly states that merely posing in uniform for a photo with a candidate does not violate the law ["While this in of itself is not illegal by statute . . . "]. Further, the entire statute is not set out in his complaint, although that particular exemption is included in his complaint. The use of the notation, ". . . " in my post indicates there is language omitted from the statute. There is no "comedy of errors" as the deceitful blogger suggests. Understand that the blogger is being paid by the Democratic Party to spread propaganda, tinging his coverage of all things regarding politics in the state of Indiana.
Longworth's complaint reads as follows:

As we are all aware, the cornerstone of a free and democratic society is the election process whereby ordinary, everyday citizens are responsible for choosing the people who will represent them. It is of the utmost importance that the integrity of each and every election be maintained to prevent those that the people DO NOT elect from being put into office.

I am not the person to sit back and simply refuse to speak up when there is a breach in said integrity. I have been perturbed lately to see several violations of election law which would typically have been picked up by the mainstream media go unchecked and indeed unmentioned.

Therefore this will constitute a formal complaint against the Andre Carson campaign. Over the last week or so, Mr. Carsonʼs campaign has had two press conference in which Marion County Sheriffʼs deputies, dressed in their full uniform have been seen in plain view of the camera. This of course is illegal, not only for the Andre Carson campaign, but also for those deputies involved. There was also a press conference at Forest Manor Multi-Service involving Mr. Carson. Forest Manor Multi-Service center located at 5603 east 38th street. This center is a not for profit and having a political press conference at a not for profit is illegal as well. This could mean that the not-for-profit could have its tax exemption revoked.

The question has also been raised in regards to the campaign ads that Mr. Carsonʼs campaign has released as of late. They depict three sheriffsʼ deputies, one of whom is Kerry Forrestal (the other two names escape me at the moment) listening to Mr. Carson while they pose for a photo, and while they are in their uniforms. While this in of itself is not illegal by state statute, the question has been raised as to the location of the photo shoot and whether or not these officers were on the clock. I believe this also requires investigation. It is believed, from reliable sources, that the photo shoot took place in the Marion county jail; possibly a conference room. Clearly city utilities including electricity and gas were used to illuminate and heat this space as the shoot
took place.

I believe most of the offenses can be covered by the following statute:

IC 3-14-1-6 Solicitation, challenge, or performance of election function by state police department employee, police officer, or firefighter
Sec. 6. (a) A state police department employee or a police officer or firefighter (including a special duty, auxiliary, or volunteer police officer or firefighter) of a political subdivision who recklessly:
(1) solicits votes or campaign funds;
(2) challenges voters; or
(3) performs any other election related function;while wearing any identifying insignia or article of clothing that is part of an official uniform or while on duty commits a Class A misdemeanor . . .
If any officer is found to be in violation of this statute, they can be charged with a class A misdemeanor.

As I stated before, I believe these issues need to be addressed immediately. The integrity of the electoral process depends on it.


Gary R. Welsh said...

I'm reminded that Bart Peterson was slapped by the state ethics commission a few years ago for filming a TV spot in then-Lt. Gov. Joe Kernan's office. The 2003 advisory opinion read:

“a state officer may not hold a partisan political event at his or her state business office during normal business hours.”

Anonymous said...

The integrity of the electoral process depends on it.

Hey Wilson,wouldn't you agree that we need integrity in elections and campaigns?

Anonymous said...

There is no room in law enforcement for politics.

The Sheriff

scratchman said...

We will have to see if the mainstream media picks up on it at all--no shocker if they don't...

Gary R. Welsh said...

buzzy jr, they won't. Both Jim Shella and Mary Beth Schneider will just toss it in the waste can. If Jen Wagner or one of Carson's staffers take something negative to them about Elrod, they can't get the story to print or air quickly enough. I was very disappointed to hear that Jim Shella will be co-hosting a debate between the candidates with Amos Brown. Both Shella and Brown are stooges for Carson. Everything conceivably negative about Elrod will be thrown in his face, while Carson will be thrown nothing but softball questions.

Anonymous said...

Good for Adam! Sexist Andre doesn't think he has to follow any rules. He would be the first to bitch if the Republicans stepped out of line. Maybe he will pull that old line Julia used to use, "They're picking on me".

Anonymous said...

What does Adam do 4 a living, where could I find his bio?

indyernie said...

Way to go Adam. Carson can't duck every complaint.

Anonymous said...

Is Amos really a shill for Carson, despite the fact that he draws a paycheck from Carolene Mays?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Adam should call Kerry F. and ask him to show Adam the conference room. That would settle the question once and for all.
I've been in that room and it sure looks like it to me.

Anonymous said...

Longworth for 2!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent move, Mr. Longworth. Get ready to duck--the slam machine goes into overdrive when a member of the Center Gang is questioned. Ask around--it happens often.

If you read this, Adam....is (was) your father, Dick, who owned a novelty company? And your mom a police officer? If so, I knew your dad. A crusty guy, but fun and honest as the day is long. Had lost contact with him in recent years.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Carolene Mays has no control over what Amos does other than the content of a column he contributes weekly to the newspaper her uncle owns. If she controlled him, he would be plugging her candidacy. He is not. Andre is the only guy getting play from him on the Democratic side.

Anonymous said...

Reading the cited statute, it seems to me that there should be no uniformed police in the ad, either.

Good for you Mr. Longworth, for standing up.

Anonymous said...

And the silence from Wilson is deafening, don't ya think?

Anonymous said...

anon 10:12, there is also no room in politics for law enforcement. The two should never be mixed up; just like the military, civilian control is essential. The last two or three Marion County sheriffs have been living proof of that, especially since there's a pot of gold called tax warrants in that office.

We need to restore the integrity of local government and law enforcement by getting cops off the councils and the police chief accountable to the mayor. One down, one to go.

Anonymous said...

Gary, you know I sometimes disagree with you, but you are, as always, doing yeoman's work bringing this information to the public.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Adam, for stepping up.

Anonymous said...

Forget Amos. He preaches to a shrinking choir. Shrinking, in terms of election process participation. The numbers don't lie.

Peaches can't pull it out alone. Maybe they can hold it together for Mar. 11, but that gang is aging and increasingly ineffective numbers-wise. They cannot sustain for May 6. No way on earth.

Anonymous said...

Gary, you did a great job writing this complaint for Adam. Anyone who talks to him knows that he didn't write this himself.

Also, this claim about a not-for-profit not hosting political news confrences is a red herring. You have no idea of what the arrangement was re: this news conference. Some campaigns rent space from not-for-profits to house a news conference. Your blinding hatred for the Carsons tinges your reporting on this topic.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Sorry to disappoint you, anon 10:48, but Adam wrote the complaint himself. The statute cited in the complaint has been noted here.

indyernie said...

Only an idiot would think Adam unable to compose the complaint.
Adam is a very bright young man.
I know for a fact that Adam investigated, composed, typed, and hand delivered the complaint.

Anonymous said...

10:48--the rent-for-news-conference thing is new to me, and I've planned several of them. But this debate is easy to solve: the paperwork for a rental should exist, right?

And by the by--what difference does it make who wrote the complaint? Adam Longworth, whoever he is, I've never met him, but he put his name on it, so he must attest/affirm to its veracity.

And he's put himself squarely in the crosshairs of the hateful Center Gang, who will stop at nothing to discredit anyone who disagrees publicly with them. The landscape is littered with those who dared to so.

I'll bet my March mortgage payment that Wilson has already begun Opp Research on one Mr. Adam Longworth. That's the price yuo pay for opposing Center.

If nly that effort could be directed at constructive, rather than destructive means.

Anonymous said...

Thought I saw Wilson46201 going thru Longworths trash but by gosh it was the sanitation engineer and Wilson was too busy trashing Gary Welsh at Ruth Holladay's Blog.

Comment from: Wilson46201 [Member]
The Obama family is from Kenya, not Somalia. They are adjacent countries so the mistake is perhaps forgivable.

Of course, noted "anti-racist" Gary Welsh spares no opportunity to always knock André Carson whose "outlook on life repulses him to the core"...

Gary has been warned by African-Americans of all political outlooks to chill on his constant attacks on Blacks. It's rather obvious and quite unseemly!


Wilson is so desperate he's using alleged inuendo from RiShawn Biddle (he's not black enough for me) & Abdul (from Indy Undercover fame) in an attempt to discredit GW.

Where is the Indy Chicken when you need him.

Anonymous said...

I know Adam. I met him last summer at the property tax rallies (by the way I didn't see Andre Carson at them). He even joined myself and other activists for dinner from time to time.

Adam is very sharp. He's also articulate. He's perfectly capable of drafting his own complaint.

Anonymous said...

Gary, Thanks for calling out Thomas Cook on this point. His post is a complete misrepresentaton and he owes both you and Adam an apology. Your post makes it clear the focus of the complaint is campaigning while on the clock in uniform and filming or photographing in a government building. Thomas really has gone over the edge in his reporting over there. I'm a Democrat and used to enjoy reading his blog, but he has turned into Wilson Allen. Really pathetic.

Anonymous said...


I generally respect what you post and respect your legal ability, but you are wrong here. Please take a very careful look at IC 3-14-1-6(b). It is the subsection after the subsection included in the letter and provides that IC 3-14-1-6 does not prohibit "an individual described in subsection(a) from cnsenting to a photograph (or other visual depiction) of the individual wearing any part of the individal's official uniform apearing in an advertisement in support of a candidate or politcal party." This is a specific exemption allowing law enforcement to appear in advertisements. Don't you think it's misleading for you to not include the exception. I'm not passing judgement on any of the other allegations, but you're not offering the whole truth if you keep alleging that uniformed officers appearing in campaign advertisements is illegal. It just isn't. Please, I have faith in you, correct the record on this point.

Gary R. Welsh said...

anon 3:07, I know about the exemption. I know it and you know it becaue I previously posted on it. Both my post and Adam's complaint are focused on the engaging in political activity in uniform while on duty and, as has been alleged, on government property. That is not permitted. Mr. Blue Indiana is simply manufacturing a story just like he did with the McCain ballot signatures. Both Adam and I are under attack from the Carson folks and the Democratic Party for exposing their unqualified candidate. Neither one of us are being paid for our work. Mr. Blue Indiana, who could give a damn less about the truth, is about spreading whatever propaganda the Democratic Party pays him to spread.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Amos..I just got done hearing him rail about this topic. Calling you a "black-hatin' black blog" and a "so called lawyer" who didnt know how to read a statute, and that "your hatred knows no bounds!"

What a tool.

Although to be fair, Gary, a part of the coming of Andre is your fault. I mean, would you rather have Patrice Abdullah on the Council or another Carson feeding off the public trough? Metinks its entirely possible that, had you not called out Patrice's illegal residence, then there would have been no Andre succeeding him to the council and springboarding his political career. But thats probably just butterfly cause and effect thinking, and Andre probably would have been touted as the "seed" to replace Julia.

Anyhow, keep up the good work, Gary

Anonymous said...

3:07 here.

OK, Gary, if your real concern is the ghost employment type of violations, the complaint was filed with the wrong body. The election board can only take action with respect to election law violations. If you want someone to investigate ghost employment, you have to file with the Inspector General or AG.

indyernie said...

Wilson said:

"Dear poop-head: you heard wrong again. Hysterical Gary Welsh wont allow critical comments this close to the election - he always gets this censorious just before electiontime..."

Posted by: Wilson46201 | Feb 27, 2008 at 04:42 PM

Poop on you said:
"Both André and Julia Carson never lost an election - damn good track record!"

What is this Wilson spin city?
Andre was appointed to the CC and ran unopposed for reelection. Default is hardly a win.
We will see how well Carson-lite does in two weeks. Until then you’re just whizzing into the wind.

I heard Carson ordered you away from AI, too bad.

Wilson has stated at TDW that you are censoring him.
Is it true?

Is Wilson lying...again?

Has Carson finally shut Wilson up?

Just wondering.

Wilson46201 said...

Ernie Shearer: BOO !

Gary R. Welsh said...

anon 3:54, I didn't draft the complaint and I didn't file the complaint. If the matter isn't for the election board, it can refer it on to the appropriate agency.

Adam Longworth said...

Ok! ok!--here we go--so many responses, so little time.

first off, let me bring to light (for all my democrat fans) that in my letter to the election board, I NEVER said it was illegal for officers to be in a campaign photo--in fact I mentioned that it was NOT illegal; see--> "They depict three sheriffsʼ deputies, one of whom is Kerry Forrestal (the other two names escape me at the moment) listening to Mr. Carson while they pose for a photo, and while they are in their uniforms. WHILE THIS IN OF ITSELF IS NOT ILLEGAL BY STATE STATUTE, the question has been raised as to the location of the photo shoot and whether or not these officers were on the clock.

I trust we can lay that one to rest.

secondly to the anonymous poster who stated that anyone that knew me, knows I couldn't have written this letter.

I most definitely DID write the letter--it wasn't written for me, no ghost writer etc. Believe it or not, my flag burning friend, others besides yourself can express themselves with decent acclarity and preciseness.

I hope we can put an end to that as well.

to the poster who asked about my father: yes that's him alright--crusty describes him well. mom retired on feb 12th after 32 years on the police dept...

finally for all of the dumpster divers out there (wilson et al...)
bring it! you have nothing on me and I will not back down...if the election board deems it a non issue then that's fine. Once again, I'm callin it like I see it.

Anonymous said...

Amos Brown has clearly made his position clear that this election is not about the qualifications of a candidate but the color of their skin.
With the 7th District comprised of nearly 70% white voters it never ceases to amaze me that those like Amos somehow feel that blacks are owed that Congressional seat.
My assumption was that it belonged to the candidate best qualified regardless of race.
Amos obviously has a different opinion altough not reflected by the demographics.

Anonymous said...

It appears then that there was no legitimate reason for the complaint with the election board other than a lame attempt to embarrass Andre Carson ....it may well do just the opposite and embarrass Elrod or cause complaints to be regarding some of his behavior

Anonymous said...

You might note that the reactions to the Republican activist Longworth's complaint was primarily driven by the fact that the statute that he was citing was cut and pasted to list the actions as prohibited when in fact that law states clearly that they are allowed.

In the 7th grade level of comprehension, the drafter of this complaint was lying,and possibly committing perjury by swearing to a statement that include a reference to statute that was knowingly modified.