Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Small Business Backs Elrod

The nation's largest group of small business owners, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, has announced its support of State Rep. Jon Elrod in the 7th District special election for Congress. A release from the organization today, reads in part:

“Jon Elrod is the proven small business candidate in this race,” said Lisa Goeas, NFIB’s vice president, political. “The positions he has taken as a local leader, state legislator, and those he espouses as a candidate for Congress indicate his strong support for small business, specifically in keeping taxes low, giving small business owners increased access to health care, and reducing burdensome regulations.”

“As a partner in a small law firm, he knows what it takes to run a small business, and his legal practice is focused on helping small businesses deal with tax and legal issues,” she added. Goeas also noted that Elrod supports making current tax cuts permanent, simplifying the tax code and controlling government spending. His positions on healthcare, NFIB members’ biggest concern, includes support for measures that make access to quality healthcare more affordable by allowing small businesses to pool together, expanding health savings accounts and making healthcare costs more fully deductible.

Democratic candidate Andre Carson refused to respond to the organization's questionnaire. He's been out collecting fat checks from big labor, which is excited about Carson's plans to nearly double the federal minimum wage to $12 an hour, sock businesses with new taxes and have the government take over health care. Interestingly, I sent an e-mail to the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce asking for a response to Carson's call for a $12 an hour federal minimum wage. The organization, which has a recent history of supporting tax and spend liberals, did not respond. I'll let you know if I hear from them after they've heard from some of their members.

The Elrod campaign also is responding to the negative attack ads Carson's campaign has been running against him with all the out-of-state special interest money Carson has been collecting. "For the second time in as many weeks we have seen the Carson Campaign digress into a series of negative attacks, this time on radio, against Jon Elrod," Elrod stated earlier today from the campaign trail, “The Carson Negative Campaign Tactics are tired and without value to the voters.” In fact, some of these dirty tricks were illegal and as result landed Carson and his DC henchmen in hot water for copyright infringement. Elrod's complaints centers primarily on a claim by the Carson ads that he intends to privatize social security. Elrod has actually said he wants to allow younger workers an opportunity to invest in private investment accounts, in addition to participating in social security. Responding to the negative attack ad, Elrod said:

“My campaign is going to continue to talk about job creation and how to help our senior’s age with dignity. We must come to a point in our country where we can address challenges and talk about solutions with clarity and honesty.” Elrod believes there should be no changes to our Social Security system for any American age fifty plus. Elrod understands making social security solvent is a must. Elrod also knows The United States cannot keep up with the rate of growth in entitlement programs, and as a result wants to make the necessary decisions to guarantee future generations a share of a noble social program. “There is nothing wrong with allowing a 20 year old the right to have a little more to say in where his investment dollar goes.” and his DC henchmen in hot water for copyright infringement.

Elrod challenged Carson to spell out how he plans to save the current social security system. “In order to keep up Carson will have to raise taxes, or push up the retirement age. Which one will it be Andre?” Elrod added he would be more than happy to have a debate on what he called “senior issues” with Andre Carson. Carson's use of social security to scare senior citizens is just more of the same crap Democrats use election after election to beat up on their Republican opponents. They used to always tell seniors their Republican opponent was going to cut social security. Now they claim they're going to privatize it entirely. Andre had a quote he was using to discuss privatization the other night at the candidate's forum. To paraphrase, he said privatization is just another vacation for a corporate CEO." It makes no sense, particularly for a guy who has a job working for a company that ought to be thankful government privatizes its public construction work. Without it, his so-called "marketing specialist" job wouldn't exist, but don't expect Andre, a career government employee, to understand that.


Anonymous said...

Democratic candidate Andre Carson refused to respond to the organization's questionnaire

Hey wilson...how come?

Anonymous said...

It was probably a woman asking Andre, and he is a sexist, so she was just an object to him.

Anonymous said...

When I read this interesting post, and saw there were "2 comments," I clicked, fully prepared to be p----- off at you-know-who for poking fun at this endorsement, and bringing up some inane off-subject topic, like how Carl Drummer is so loved that he keeps getting re-elected.

Thanks, ASI and cyberspace, for keeping my blood pressure down.

For now, at least. He'll surface sooner or later with more ridiculous comments.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 8:05:

Allow me to respond as Wilson would:

Wilson 00000 bloviated:

Of course evil business interests support Elrod. After all, he works for a soulless corporation that depends on government largess (oh wait, that's Andre's 'job' at Cripe Architects). Eric Dickerson beats his wife!!