Wednesday, February 20, 2008

7th District Candidates Forum

A reminder that there will be a candidates forum tonight hosted by Indiana Equality for the candidates in the March 11 special election race for the 7th congressional district. The forum will take place at 7:00 PM at Jesus Metropolitan Community Church, 2950 East 55th Place in Indianapolis. The three candidates - Andre Carson (D), Jon Elrod (R). and Sean Shepard (L) - have agreed to appear at the forum. which will include questions about issues important to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender communities as well as other pressing federal issues.


Wilson46201 said...

This is a serious and organized debate - unlike earlier phoney "debates", it's not some desperate political ambush by Libertarians trying frantically to get free media time and score negative campaigning against André Carson or Jon Elrod...

Anonymous said...

politicians don't debate during campaigns, they trade talking points.

Anonymous said...

Eh, Wilson, let's let the candidates speak for a change. There will be plenty of time for partisan bickering and dissection afterwards. Thanks to Indiana Equality, we're going to have first crack at these guys to see what they are made of.

Anonymous said...

6:30PM...Oh, sorry! I just remembered I have to wash the cat tonight.
Andre Carson

Anonymous said...

Will Andre debate Jon before the election without the benefit of control of the moderation?

Your party's choice for the 7th District has run a campaign that has been so predictable, but it is one I would run if I was void of substance and unable to campaign on real issues that affect the voters of the 7th. ex....
Your district has been without real leadership for over ten years. If that is what the voters of the 7th desire I find it a sad shame for Indianapolis.

As a Republican, I find that there are better canidates to vote for than Andre. Jon Elrod has proven he is ready to lead. He doesn't come to the 7th as an amature, he has worked hard in all elective offices held, and his constituents have seen proven leadership. You will also see that David O. will be a giant of a adversary in your May primary. I would like to see Andre debate in true fashion and prove himself worthy of the job. Why won't he debate his opponents?

You will notice Wilson I did not stoop to personal attacks upon your character, I merely entered in to healty political debate. You should take notice of that and try to behave accordingly.

Our community needs to join together and elect the proper canidate, and then support them in very serious issues that face all Americans as well as Hoosiers:
Health care for all Hoosiers
Real Tax reform
Job creation
For whatever reason, the Carson Family chose to have a Keynote Speaker in Louis K. Farakhan. When you should have been honoring Julia's life, the Democratic Party chose to use it as a political stage. Andre has to live with the consequences of his handlers actions. Why did Erin walk out of the funeral? I respect Erin for that, and I do not expect her to stand for that as a recipient race and religon of Louis Farkhan's hate speech agenda.

I personally would not have allowed Louis K. anywhere near that building. I wondered why prominent Dems. like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid did not attend. I will tell you why...Louis K.

Can you imagine if Sen. Lugar passed on and his family chose David Duke to give a eulogy? And then to make matters worse, a party leader from Washington D.C. decided to pronounce the Senator's son as the successor before the slating committee got a chance to conduct a thorough search for a deserving canidate of Julia's stature?

Wilson, why was Farakhan at that funeral? That is the question White voting Hoosiers in the 7th have been asking. No offense to you, but it was the dumbest move I have ever seen politically. I will never vote for a canidate that supports a known racist no matter what. This is the $64,000 question, and it will determine Andre's future in the 7th.
Andre needs to answer the tough questions of the voters of the 7th, and if he doesn't, then he is not truely a leader representing all voices in INDY.

Stop the race baiting, and get down to real issues. When the race is finally tabulated, the voters will decide that Jon Elrod is the best guy to lead the 7th forward in a constituent centered, and service based leadership model for all the 7th District.

Anonymous said...

Now Wilson hates the Libertarians too....He's so angry.

Sean Shepard said...

Wilson is like a broken record.

There have been no "phony debates" ... there were were at least two forums put on by community groups who I don't believe would like being called "phoney".

Are you calling some of these people liars when they say Andre's people had confirmed? IF so, make sure Andre issues a press release calling them liars.

Go ahead. Get that sent that out.

"Community Association Bunch of Liars - Andre"

Wilson46201 said...

Wrong! I love having the Libertarians in this contest -- I worked real hard online to ensure they'd field a candidate -- Gary Welsh knows exactly why.

The Farrakhan issue has been dealt with interminably here and elsewhere but desperate Republicans keep bring out that hoary story. There's never any exposition of John Elrod's real positions on the issues that affect the District: the sagging economy, the Iraq War, healthcare, etc.

Jon's only position on LGBT issues is "I'm not as bad as the usual Republican!". His desperate supporters just try to rag on André Carson about Farrakhan and perceived personal issues...

Anonymous said...

I strongly encourage my fellow Democrats who oppose Andre Carson's candidacy and support other candidates to join me in voting for Jon Elrod. Don't wait until March 11, do it today. Go to the City County building and cast your absentee vote for Jon Elrod.

Andre Carson does not deserve the benefit of incumbency. Please, join other good Democrats like me who are disgusted by the party insiders and their unqualified candidate.

Anonymous said...

this is a real debate...not the phony one set up before as a ruse to trap Andre. Andre will appear at this one and will be the most informed articulate candidate there......and he wont be doing campaign work on the floor of the house of representatives like Elrod.

Anonymous said...

No offence to you, but your simply brushing off the Farakhan issue as a non-issue, is not going to cut it with informed voters.

Andre and his family chose to have Farakhan's presence at the funeral. Even if there was a decision by non-elected members of the family to allow Louis K.'s appearance, Andre should have steered clear of that guy. He certainly has to be articulate enough to weigh the potential consequences. I would take it as he thumbed his nose at 70% of the 7th's electorate.

Wilson, as an educated and informed voter, I am not buying it one bit. It was politically very challenging to the campaign. If you asked Erin if she would have approved, I know exactly what she would say...HELL NO!

It is not going to go away as much as you and The STAR et al wants it to be a non issue....With WHITES and JEWS and Christians...did I get the total demographic....IT IS A BIG DEAL.

Why should the electorate vote for a man to represent them, who supports a known an proven rascist by defacto association. He certainly hasn't denounced Farakhan's past or his inclusion at the political rally...I mean Julia's farce of a funeral. What a shame she had to be displayed in that fashion. And I am a Republican stating this. I may have disagreed with her and her motives, but she did not ram Farakhan down my throat...

You say the libertarians are going to pull votes from Jon...Have you shored up the White Dem vote..namely David O.'s support north of 46th street and namely around the 73rd and Meridian area?

Anonymous said...

Hello 10:48,

If you are a real Democrat then in the special election you will vote to keep the 7th Congressional Dist. seat in Democratic hands and in May vote for the Democrat of your choice.

The special election only determines who serves the remaining nine months in office - hardly enough time for anyone to succeed or fail.

Anonymous said...

Um...a knucklehead at the quickie-mart could out debate carson

Anonymous said...

Carson will bring it tonight and Elrod will seem as just a lil' boy.
Gary, I think you will very surprised and perhaps disappointed.


Anonymous said...

I love Andre Carson and want to taste his seed. He is a messiah and our next Congressman. Get over it, racist crackers!

Unknown said...


I have never heard an answer to the question on why Farakhan was invited to a funeral. Please give me a link that answered this as I have never seen a response to the question.

Thank you in advance.


Anonymous said...

Andre Answered that damn farakhan question enough...It was his grandmothers wish. You respect the wishes of the dead. He has stated that and stated that. Read his comment in Ruth Hollidays Blog. He answered that question.

Anonymous said...

Someone wrote:
"Andre Answered that damn farakhan question enough...It was his grandmothers wish. You respect the wishes of the dead. He has stated that and stated that. Read his comment in Ruth Hollidays Blog. He answered that question."

No, he didn't answer the question as to whether or not he repudiates LF's anti-semetic comments. He has *NEVER* answered that question. NEVER.


Anonymous said...

6:30PM...Oh, sorry! I just remembered I have to wash the cat tonight.
Andre Carson

Don't worry, Louis Farrakhan will be there to stand in for Andre!

Anonymous said...

Andre Answered that damn farakhan question enough...It was his grandmothers wish. You respect the wishes of the dead. He has stated that and stated that. Read his comment in Ruth Hollidays Blog. He answered that question.

Wonder if Julia supported the thoughts and beliefs of Farrakhan?

Anonymous said...

Andre DID NOT answer the Farrakhan question. I'm sorry but Ruth Holliday's puff article in which she took everyone's one's word with no further investigation leaves more questions unanswered.

Andre Carson's connection with the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan goes back to Andre's hip days when he was running with a gang called the 5 Percenters.
During this time he became a close friend of Minister Nuri Muhammad who leads Nation of Islam Mosque 74 in Indianapolis.

Julia Carson DID NOT arrange Farrakhan to speak before she died. It was arranged thru Andre and Luri Muhammad.
Black Muslim Luri Muhammad is the connection that some of you people wish to ignore. He is as bad or worse as Louis Farrakhan and he operates RIGHT HERE IN INDIANAPOLIS NOT CHICAGO!

Tap dance around the issue and go into denial but Andre Carson IS NOT the person you think he is. He's a tool of the Nation of Islam and supports their agenda. Before the primary election Andre WILL have to answer some very serious questions to the national media about his cozy relationship with Nuri Muhammad and Louis Farrakhan, neither of whom Julia wanted at her funeral.
Congresswoman Kilpatrick of Detroit and her son who is Mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, also are very strong supporters of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam which has it's racist roots in Detroit. They even helped set up a Black Muslim rally with Farrakhan at Ford Field in Detroit.
It was Congresswoman Fitzpatrick that said Julia told her to "send my seed" while Julia was on her death bed. All of which was nothing but a crock.
The truth is told and voters can make up their minds accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Do you even think Carson has a clue as how to act like a politician. He has been spoon fed by Grandma all his miserable life and has never had to work for any job since he was always Julia's grandbrat.
And, keep your cracker comments to yourself or you will piss off one red neck hillbilly and I don't think you will be able to handle it.

Anonymous said...

Some people cant let go of their hate ....I have an elderly mother and when she dies, I will honor her wishes and if one of those wishes were not what I would do, then I need to wait until my god, if a person's wishes at his/her own funeral cant be honored then what is sacred in this life.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be there tonight. I really hoped hear how packing up and heading to Washington can 'make our schools better' and 'make our community safer.'

Presumably, that means the Ghetto Mafia goes too.

Sorry, I still think that no AC in DC is the PC thing to do.

Anonymous said...

If it was granny's dying wish that Farrakhan speak at her funeral, well, I suppose that family members should honor her request.

However, Andre, since you have placed yourself in a public forum, you now have the responsibility to the voters to address the questions they have regarding your relationship with Farrahkhan, and whether or not you agree with his racist and hateful views towards jews, whites, gays, and generally anyone who disagrees with him. You either do or you don't. There is no in-between.

What say you wannabe congressman Carson?

Wilson46201 said...

Please delete the obviously anti-gay fabricator at 4:12pm -- I didn't post that crap!

Sounds like a Tandy trick!

Anonymous said...

I was at the debate tonight with my partner. I am a Democrat who really could not tolerate the Carson machine, and really resents the fact that African Americans seem to think this is "their" seat. My partner is also a staunch Dem who also has serious reservations about this candidate. I arrived prepared to vote for Elrod if he impressed me, and asked my partner to keep an open mind as well.

I have to tell you, Carson won this debate. From the opening statement, he was more focused, more alert, and more passionate than Elrod. I expected better from someone who minored in theatre and is a trained attorney (that being Elrod).

The first question was about the domestic partnership benefit tax. Andre took this opportunity to denounce it and oppose bigotry. Elrod seemed to be against it, but hadn't really heard of it. Who prepped this guy? He was speaking in front of a predominantly gay crowd. He should expect these questions. He should have arguments ready.

Several times, Elrod would say "this is a difficult question" and then ramble on about how there is no easy solution and he is going to have think about. Of course it's tough, and you are running for an office that will have some imput in changing it. Have a freaking opinion.

To Carson's credit, there were a few questions where it all could have gone terribly wrong for him, but he kept his answer short and shut up. No one scored any points on him.

Shepherd was just like most Libs-one question he sounds like the most brillant guy ever and the next he sounds like a total nut.

For the record, we submitted two questions, one of which asked Carson to denounce the homophobic, anti-semitic preachings of Farrakhan, and another asked why I should vote for Elrod when the rest of his parties spends most of its time bashing gays. Neither were asked. We did get another question about "opposing religious bigotry" which was phrased in such general terms that anyone could have hit that softball out of the park.

I give Elrod a lot of credit for showing up. I give him a lot of credit for the stands he has taken, stands which have hurt his political career in many ways. But he is tied to a horrible president, an unpopular war, and his own style didn't help him. The audience was disposed toward Carson, given the goodwill Julia cultivated in the GLBT community, and he said the right things.

One final point-10 minutes before the debate, Andre was working the crowd, shaking hands, introducing himself. Elrod was nowhere to be seen. He sauntered in at the last minute. For someone with such a reputation for person to person politicking, he sure missed a good chance then.

Anonymous said...

"Andre will appear at this one and will be the most informed articulate candidate there......and he wont be doing campaign work on the floor of the house of representatives like Elrod"

He showed Ernie how articulate he is last Monday night.
The talk around the city county building is, it could be heard upstairs, downstairs and down both hallways.

Carson would have done better doing campaign work instead of threatening citizens.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else see Wilson get "bitch" slapped by the lady at the forum tonight?
I wanted to shout "you go girl", but André was talking and I was trying real hard to make sense of what he was saying. André stated that he wanted a twelve-dollars per hour minimum wage. Is he crazy? Twelve-dollar an hour? He must be smoking something good.
Anyway, lady in the back, nice right hook.

Wilson46201 said...

That was no lady, that was Darla Y Williams in full thug mode. Even a smalltime attorney like her knows that assault is a felony - she could lose her law license for her criminal stunt last night. Lots of witnesses too!