Sunday, February 24, 2008

Perry Township Constable's Office Making News Again

Fox 59 News' Russ McQuaid is on top of the latest controversy surrounding the Perry Township Constable's office. McQuaid is the one who broke the story last year on an FBI investigation into allegations that someone in Constable Roy Houchins' office was selling badges. A man carrying a badge as Deputy Constable, Lawrence Walter, was arrested in Broad Ripple last night after he got into a scuffle with an IMPD police officer, Sgt. Dean Fischer, outside Landsharks. Walters wrestled Sgt. Fischer to the ground and tried to take his taser away from him according to a police spokesman. McQuaid reported that Walters also worked as a security guard at Wishard Hospital and was well on his way to becoming a U.S. Secret Service agent. McQuaid says Walters has been terminated from his deputy constable and security guard jobs following his weekend arrest.


Anonymous said...

I hope Dean kicked his butt. The Srg. is good people.

Anonymous said...

I used to live a stones throw fro Perry Constable.

He's driving a $30K plus dodge charger police package car with police plates.

Did the Twp buy this car? I was told no that they buy their own.

If that is his personal car then why does he get to use a plate that is reserved for police vehicles????

Did he somehow avoid sales tax b/c it is plated by the city/county/twp???

Has anyone checked his assessed value on his home to see why he lives in a home that is only assessed at about $67k BUT should be assessd around $100K???? It is the lowest assessed home with in blocks. Drive by it and check out a few of the houses around it. You will quickly see that the ones nearby which are assessed higher should be assessed much lower than his property.

I challenge someone to look into this. Someone with the ability to report it to the mass.

Perry Twp people and the taxpayers should be outraged by this and by what constables EARN. A uniformed officer can do the job of a constable at the pay scale of IMPD.

If you know his address put it in and you will see all the assessed values for that area. My home is the smallest home and is no where near as nice as his but mine is worth more??? Why is this? Because it is on the other side of the street????

Anonymous said...

Just one more example of the antiquated, fiefdom-encrusted township government system. It is wasteful and favors the favored.

But wait....I only costs 1.5-2% of your total property tax bill. So we must all be thrilled with that.

And the township folks kepe getting re-elected, so we must be thrilled with them.

Tired old logic won't prop this sytem up too much longer. Its days are numbered. Thankfully.

Anonymous said...

Roy is a crook. I've known him for years.
He's actually a retired carpenter.

Anonymous said...

Marion County constables are responsible for paying all expenses out of their share of the filing fees they receive for service of legal pfocess. They are police officers so a police plate is not inappropriate. They'd have to pay all taxes associated with the performance of their duties, including purchasing or using vehicles. It's just like if you're running an other business, this one is just guaranteed to make a profit.

I can't speak on his property tax situation.

Anonymous said...

As for police license plates: they are only to be issued to police departments, not private citizens to avoid payment of tax. Having a police plate on a personal car is illegal.

This story of corruption is just another reason we MUST ELIMINATE TOWNSHIPS!!!!

A fiefdom of illegal activity, patronage, & corruption is TAXPAYER expense.

Anonymous said...

If the car is used for police business, which is what a constable does, then there is nothing wrong with the police plate.

Anonymous said...

I have tried to find out if it is in fact illegal for a police plate to be used on a personal car (whether they are LEO or not) and i cannot find anything.

I would LOVE to see the code or policy that states it is illegal. Anyone????

To think there isn't some kind of influence on his taxes being that he works out of that office should MAKE reporters start looking at ALL Twp workers and their tax assessments. I have a feeling they will find a lot of corruption which should only prove how much more we need to do away with Twp.

Anonymous said...

2:48 it is called perjury, a felony. One must make application to the BMV under penalty of perjury. One may not take their personal car and lie to make it a "Constablemobile" to avoid payment of taxes.

If so, then we can all do it.

Anonymous said...

I worked on a small (town) Police Department in Indianapolis for many years. It was not uncommon for us to LEASE our personal cars to the Police Department, thereby making it legal to have municipal (police) plates on our own vehicles. We were paid extra for the use of our vehicles, and were required to carry appropriate pursuit vehicle insurance.

If you run the plate on his Dodge, I'm sure it will come back registered to the Perry Township Trustee's Office, which means it is either leased to Perry Township--so technically, NOT a private vehicle--or owned by the Township.