Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Eric Miller's Lapdogs In The House

In case you were wondering who the 55 members of the Indiana House of Representatives are who place a high priority on writing discrimination into Indiana's Bill of Rights against gay and straight unmarried couples, I'm furnishing you the list by way of Bill Ruthhart's story in today's Star on SJR-7. These are the members who signed a petition demanding that Rep. Scott Pelath (D-Michigan City), Chairman of the House Rules Committee, hear SJR-7 this year and send it to the full House to be voted on so it can appear on this year's election ballot. You see, these folks think a good ole gay bashing issue on the ballot this year is just what we need to help Eric Miller and his fellow religious right bigots raise money for their cause and help with their own re-elections campaigns. They would rather rely on a divisive social issue than important pocketbook issues that most Hoosiers care more about. The list includes seven Democrats. Note that State Rep. Jon Elrod, Republican candidate for congress in the 7th District, was the only Republican who refused to sign the petition.

Rep. Robert Behning, R-Indianapolis
Rep. Matt Bell, R-Avilla
Rep. Bruce Borders, R-Jasonville
Rep. Randy L. Borror, R-Fort Wayne
Rep. Brian Bosma, R-Indianapolis
Rep. Tim N. Brown, R-Crawfordsville
Rep. Jim Buck, R-Kokomo
Rep. Lawrence Buell, R-Indianapolis
Rep. Woody Burton, R-Whiteland
Rep. Bob Cherry, R-Greenfield
Rep. Suzanne Crouch, R-Evansville
Rep. Bill Davis, R-Portland
Rep. Tom Dermody, R-LaPorte
Rep. Dick Dodge, R-Pleasant Lake
Rep. Cleo Duncan, R-Greensburg
Rep. Sean Eberhart, R-Shelbyville
Rep. Jeff Espich, R-Uniondale
Rep. Ralph M. Foley, R-Martinsville
Rep. Bill Friend, R-Macy
Rep. David Frizzell, R-Indianapolis
Rep. Eric A. Gutwein, R-Rensselaer
Rep. Tim Harris, R-Marion
Rep. Phil Hinkle, R-Indianapolis
Rep. Tom Knollman, R-Liberty
Rep. Eric Koch, R-Bedford
Rep. Don Lehe, R-Brookston
Rep. Dan Leonard, R-Huntington
Rep. L. Jack Lutz, R-Anderson
Rep. Richard McClain, R-Logansport
Rep. Mike Murphy, R-Indianapolis
Rep. Tim Neese, R-Elkhart
Rep. Cindy Noe, R-Indianapolis
Rep. Phyllis Pond, R-New Haven
Rep. Kathy Kreag Richardson, R-Noblesville
Rep. Michael A. Ripley, R-Monroe
Rep. Bill Ruppel, R-North Manchester
Rep. Thomas E. Saunders, R-Lewisville
Rep. Milo Smith, R-Columbus
Rep. Ed Soliday, R-Valparaiso
Rep. Greg Steuerwald, R-Avon
Rep. Marlin Stutzman, R-Howe
Rep. Jeff Thompson, R-Lizton
Rep. Amos Thomas, R-Brazil
Rep. Jerry Torr, R-Carmel
Rep. P. Eric Turner, R-Marion
Rep. John D. Ulmer, R-Goshen
Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Lakeville
Rep. Dave A. Wolkins, R-Winona Lake
Rep. Kreg Battles, D-Vincennes
Rep. Dave Cheatham, D-North Vernon
Rep. Terry Goodin, D-Crothersville
Rep. Ron Herrell, D-Kokomo
Rep. Steven R. Stemler, D-Jeffersonville
Rep. Vern Tincher, D-Riley
Rep. Peggy Welch, D-Bloomington.


Anonymous said...

Well, Gary, the village idiot needs his/her representation in the Statehosue, too.

But not 55 of them.

The SJR7 battle will not be over when this session adjourns sine die.

Eric Miller has expensive tastes to feed.

Anonymous said...

Here's some math quize material:

If the lsit contains 55 names, and seven Democrats signed, that means 48 Republicans signed. That's one shoert of their number. Who is the lone non-signer?

(Hint: you can see him tonight at 7 PM at the 7th District Congressional debate at Jueses MCC)

Fear not, Jon. A prophet is often doubted in his own land.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Thanks for correcting my bad math.

Anonymous said...

8:19, you hit on an important point: this thing dying right now is something of a blessing in disguise for Miller and the Christian right.

They now have, what, four more years to scare the hell out of the fundies with this issue? Miller might as well go ahead and pick out a new Mercedes, he'll have no problem paying for it.

Don Sherfick said...

Representative Pelath is standing firm because he and a few others have done what apparently none of the signers of the letter have bothered to do: really study things like the letter from 56 law professors at three Indiana law schools that raise a number of fundamental concerns over what they call "poor drafting". They also apparently don't understand the significance of information that he has from Georgetown law professor Michael Lewis Seidman, to the effect that one of the folks SJR7 supporters tout as having helped write it, Professor Gerard Bradley of Notre Dame, has testified that he believes the FIRST sentence of the measure prohibits legislated full civil unions. Senator Hershman has insisted that the General Assembly could do so if it wanted. They have continued to deny and hide the very inconvent history of the language and the fact that their own people disagree among themselves.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Jeff. He has no shame.

Anonymous said...

Nice point, Don. When I heard the professors had signed the letter, my first thought was: are there 55 law professors in the whole state?

I then read the letter. It is compelling.

Have any of the geniuses at IE thought of asking the prosecutors' or judges' associations, how much this could clog up their courts?

And we need to ask the letter signers: are you willing to give up your authority over other important legislative issues, and ceed responsibility to referenda?

If so, the usual California ballot mess is just a step away. In 2006, while visiting a friend, I got a peek at the ballot in the Bay Area. Fourteen referenda questions. On the important and mundane issues of the day. Each of which should've been handled by a legislative body at some level.

It's insane. We are not a plebicite. We are a representative government, where we elect folks who agree with us, and throw them out when they don't.

Pandering is never pretty.

Anonymous said...

History shows that Nations loose freedom & prosperity when "alternative lifestyles" become accepted and grafted into their culture and laws.

Anonymous said...

Good for Elrod and his vote to protect personal freedom!

Get the government OUT of our personal lives and marriages!

By the way, even though I worked as hard as anyone last summer for property tax reform/repeal and was first to lead rallies in Meridian Kessler, John Price and Eric Miller refuse to acknowledge me in anyway shape or form.

Let's face it, the media and the government started to get VERY interested in public opinion when the M/K folks took to the streets, some with pitchforks! Miller did not get that done.

In fact, our M/K neighbors tell me that they are livid that our legislators spent so much time on SJR 7 when the REAL threat to our families was essentially ignored until the end of last year's session.

I've heard it said that Eric Miller is not helping the case of property tax repeal, but is hurting it far more than helping.

Miller certainly is not helping foster an environment in Indiana that helps all of our citizens to self-actualize. You see, it is very difficult to work through the Esteem Needs level of the pyramid in a climate of judgement and condemnation.

Anonymous said...

Really, 11:00? Do tell. Please cite specific examples. Which will be hard with your head firmly up your behind.

And while you're at it, please define "alternative lifestyles." Is that any lifestyle which is not practiced by 50.01% of Americans?

Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:00 said:

"History shows that Nations loose (sic) freedom & prosperity when "alternative lifestyles" become accepted and grafted into their culture and laws."

Is that right? Which nations? Which 'alternative lifestyles'? If you're making that argument about various marriage alternatives, you're just plain ignorant of the facts. Bigamy, polygamy, and concubinage have been accepted forms alongside "traditional" marriage in many cultures in the past. In fact, one man/one woman marriage based on love and not property or arrangement is truly the "alternative lifestyle" in the scope of history.

Or, is inter-racial marriage the "alternative lifestyle" you're referencing? That was illegal in the U.S. for most of our history. Has its recent acceptance destroyed our freedom or prosperity?

Unknown said...

I am a christian right winger, I firmly do not believe in gay marriage....HOWEVER... the government has NO business telling people who or even what they can or can not marry!!!.

I've seen some posts before where my brethern even suggested that gay marriage can lead to people marrying animals. WHO CARESSS!!!

If you want to marry a sheep more power to ya..just dont be suprised when they ask your partner if your final wishes where to stay on life support and it answers with "na naaa naa".

It's really a stupid issue. I will teach my children that I don't believe people of same sexes should marry, but I dont begrudge any that do! Lets solve real issues like taxes and education.


Anonymous said...

Randy...I can hang with and totally respect Christians like you!

We need more of you! There are some Christians, by their non-judgment of others, do much to inspire the spirit of Christ in others.

Thanks for acting like a real Christian.

Anonymous said...

Melyssa wrote:
"Thanks for acting like a real Christian."

Tell me, Melyssa, what is a "real Christian?"

For the record, a true person of faith, regardless of denomination, does not have to tell people that he or she is a good Christian/Catholic/Muslim/Jew. A person who is truly a good whatever will demonstrate that by deeds and the way he or she lives, not by an statement.

Sean Shepard said...

"Who you are should speak so loudly, you need not tell me."

... now on that list ... there really is a rep named "Dick Dodge" ?? Like in the Distinguished Gentleman with Eddie Murphy? That's kind of funny.

Anonymous said...

The self-proclaimed guardians of morality - the Republican party is intolerant of anyone who doesn't look or act like they pretend they do. That's the extent of their morality.

It used to be about economics. Not any more - religionous litmus tests and fake calls for morality.

Unknown said...

"Anonymous said...
The self-proclaimed guardians of morality - the Republican party is intolerant of anyone who doesn't look or act like they pretend they do. That's the extent of their morality.

It used to be about economics. Not any more - religionous litmus tests and fake calls for morality."

I'm a repulican and I am NOT intolerant. So your calling me a racist with no morals because I'm a republican/conservative?

Pretty broad statement to make do ya think?


Anonymous said...

I'm curious as to how GBLT 'marriages' would be good for society? What makes GBLT marriage any more legitimate than Polygamy or inter-species marriage,etc.? To me the GBLT argument is just a step down a slippery slope to anarchy. Does anyone have anything to answer (well) my concerns as a citizen? (preferably without calling me names!)


Jason of Spencer, IN