Saturday, July 28, 2007

Legislator Starting His Own Political Talk Show

Rep. David Crooks (D-Washington) is starting his own radio talk show, "The Dave Crooks Show", which will run on radio stations he owns. The Evansville Courier Press writes:

Rep. Dave Crooks, D-Washington, said "The Dave Crooks Show" will focus on politics, through interviews with elected officials, a call-in segment with listeners and spirited debate with Crooks' co-host, longtime broadcaster Taylor Brown, with whom Crooks often disagrees.

Starting Sept. 1, the talk show will broadcast from 9:06 to 10 a.m. CDT Saturdays on WAMW-AM 1580 and WAMW-FM 107.9, based in Washington, Ind. Crooks is president of DLC Media Inc., which owns both stations. Internet users will be able to listen through either or, he said.

Already the play-by-play voice of Washington Hatchets sports broadcasts, Crooks said he long has wanted to do a political talk show. "I see myself as being a Joe Scarborough," he said, referring to the congressman-turned-MSNBC host, "as taking some of my legislative experience and simply sharing it with the listeners and helping them understand their government better."

Crooks said he hopes to book interviews with Gov. Mitch Daniels, Rep. Brad Ellsworth and other Indiana political figures for his weekly program. But under broadcasting laws, if Crooks runs for re-election to a seventh term in 2008, he will have to allow equal time on his station for his eventual House opponent. "If I choose to run again, it will be 'The Dave's Opponents Show' following 'The Dave Crooks Show,'" he quipped.

One Republican, Mark Brian Messmer of Jasper, Ind., has filed organizational papers for a candidacy in House District 63 in 2008.

Do you think the Republicans in his district will invoke the Fairness Doctrine the way Democrats are constantly invoking it with conservative-leaning talk radio shows throughout the country?


Anonymous said...

Money says this means he's not running again. But can use this show and his local popularity to subtly help his potential D successor candidate without crossing the equal time line. He just got married again this summer and maybe figured he oughta stay home with the new Missus instead of the joining Indy party scene during the session. Though Dave was one of the few legislators that actually had plenty of his own money and opened his own wallet on occassion.

Anonymous said...

He may have money, but money cannot buy class, or brains.

Anonymous said...

Money also says he will unfortunately revive Daylight Saving TIme as Topic A of the first show.

Anonymous said...


Distract us with shiny objects. That debate is OVER.