Friday, July 06, 2007

Council Members Considering Pay Raise--Again

Abdul Hakim-Shabazz posts today that members of the City-County Council may take up the matter of a pay raise for themselves. He notes the Council's Salary Recommendation Panel is scheduled to meet twice this month, July 9 at 4:30 p.m. and July 16 at 4:00 p.m. That latter date is the same day the council is scheduled to take up Mayor Peterson's 65% increase in the county option income tax. In light of public outrage over Marion County's skyrocketing property taxes, you might ask how this is possible. It is very simple. We have a council dominated by professional bureaucrats. No fewer than 8 of the sitting members of the City-County Council earn their living off a city or county pay roll. Those council members include the following in order of pay:

Vernon Brown (D), Fire Department Deputy Chief ($89,931)
Monroe Gray (D), Fire Department Division Chief ($82,919)
Lincoln Plowman (R), IMPD Police Officer ($63,825)
Lance Langsford (R), IFD Firefighter ($58,685)
Isaac Randolph (R), IFD Firefighter ($53,842)
Sherron Franklin (D), IMPD Police Officer ($52,621)
Cherrish Pryor (D), Marion Co. Auditor R.E. Manager ($42,000)
Dane Mahern (D), Dept. of Admin. Employment Supp. Spec. ($36,056)

Article III, Section 1 of the Indiana Constitution prohibits a person who is charged with duties under one of the three separate branches of government from exercising any of the functions of another branch. It is my belief that these council members are holding office in violation of the Indiana Constitution, even though the Indiana Code specifically allows them to run for office. I think the time has long since past for the public to awaken and bring an end to this unethical and unconstitutional practice of city and county government employees holding elected council positions. If there are any public interest groups in the state interested in upholding our state constitution, please contact me. A lawsuit should be filed before this November's election to block these six council members who are running for re-election this fall from holding office for another term, as well as other council candidates who are running for election the first time and who also work for either the city or county government.


Anonymous said...

Is something amiss?
The first CCC meeting is on the 23 rd if you check the calendar at Indygov.
Just where is this meeting on the 16th?
Inquiring minds want to know.

Anonymous said...

THE SOLUTION TO OUR PROBLEMS? The Republicans should back off and let men marry men, women marry women, and totally legalize abortion. In three generations, there will be no more Democraps.............

Oh! and Vern Brown is getting promoted to Assistant Chief of IFD

Anonymous said...

Although your legal theory doesn't apply directly to them, don't forget the spouses of city-county employees who serve on the council. Chalk up a few more feasting at the taxpayer trough.

Wilson46201 said...

The anonymous nobody posting the nonsense at 8:35am used the name "Bill Brown" on Abdul's Blog when posting the identical off-the-wall crack. I suspect it is really the missing-in-action "Sir Failstone" aka Mike Jeziersky not wanting to have anything remarkably stupid attributable to him when next time he runs for public office...

indyernie said...
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indyernie said...

Wilson why is it when you don't agree with something you try and pin it on Sir Hailstone?
Mikes a good guy. His opinions are his and like you he isn't afraid to express them.
Give the guy a break and a little respect and maybe you will get some in return.
Believe it or not ...not everyone believes in same sex marriage and you are not going to change opinions overnight.
One thing about Mike, he will defend your right of freedom of speech with his last breath. It's a shame you can't show some respect for his right of free expression.
I don't believe Mike posted that remark, he isn't shy about using his blogger name. We all know that you wouldn’t post anonymously or make up names would you? Riiiight.

Anonymous said...

There is simmply no defense for this practice and it must stop.

On this issue, and on many more, the mayor has been tagged with a one-vote majority, so he dare not speak ill of anyone. I can't believe he favors this. It's not his style at all.

As for's difficult to criticize a spouse for earning money however they can, especially if it's a specific subejct area where they have expertise.

If, however, that spouse got a city job AFTER the councilperson was that's not right.

But hell, we've got a Metropolitan Development administrative law judge who's evidently earning a contract employee rate (she isn't on the city payroll database). ShH had zero qualifications and her decisions thus far have plowed new ground on multiple fronts, most of it unwise. The professional staff agonizes about this but they can't do anything about it because her husband is the majority leader of the council, and the word went out that she needed a job. She's a miserable hearing officer and she's wrecking precedents all over the place. And everyone knows it but can't speak because of the King Ro connection.

And those who see nothing wrong with this are people like Monroe Gray, who already sucks at the public trough enough.

There is no end to their lack of scruples. And we all pay for it. In more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

Go soak your head Wilson. I am a law enforcement Officer and I would never use my name either. I wont stand around be hunted down and have my families income threatened by our current administration. Andersons people have been doing a bang up job of pulling computers and making lists of officers exercising their free speech on their own time. I guess you have a problem with voters too since voting is done anonymously. What's next Wilson, Should we have to submit our "papers" anytime anyone asks for them. Freedom is anonymity.

Anonymous said...

I may have some t-shirts printed up with that one: "Freedom is anonymity." Great line. And around here, abundantly true.

That being said, if any county employee, LEO or not, is using a county-owned computer for personal use, they should be disciplined. I have tremendous respect for LEOs. I doubt that many are abusing this rule.

Except maybe the one in yet another one of those unmarked county cars, going about 65 on N. Meridian St. today enroute to church with his family.

Anonymous said...

Can someone take Vermouth Vern to the "L"....he needs a drink, and already wrecked one city car!

Anonymous said...

Here is something to think about. there are 4 ccc members who are indianapolis firefighters. one wife of a retired firefighter. 2 IMPD officers. Their pending contracts with the city will only be honored if this tax increase passes.
Now 7 of the council members have a direct interest in seeing that this tax package passes because they will all get a 12 percent raise over the next 4 years. should not them voting on the tax increase be a conflict of interest?
i say we protest and demand that they abstain from voting the tax increase..........

Anonymous said...

Hey wilson!
i posted the comment under the alias bill brown.
i'm a firefighter,not a LEO.
Maybe u should go soak your head

Anonymous said...


You just don't get it. Are you the blog police or what? It is none of your business who is posting comments. We are all intitled to free speech and you need to quit diving in dumpsters for the democraps. Get your own blog and a life while you are at it!