Sunday, July 22, 2007

Ballard Says Peterson Plan All Smoke And Mirrors

"Bart Peterson must take us for fools," said GOP mayoral candidate Greg Ballard in response to Mayor Peterson's proposal to increase local income taxes by 65%. He's also not impressed with Peterson's "johnny come lately" call for cuts in the city's budget. "Mayor Peterson's agreement to finally freeze hiring and cut budgets is a cynical attempt to divert public attention from his huge $127.5 million tax increase. It's just more smoke and mirrors. "

Ballard notes that, even with the $13 million in cuts Peterson is now promising to make, Peterson will still come out ahead with an additional $114.5 million to spend. "I have said repeatedly that now is not the time to raise taxes to increase spending," Ballard said. "The Mayor's ill-conceived tax hike would only add to our city's budget woes and makes solving our property tax crisis that much more difficult." "It's a disaster and it should be rejected," he said.

If you want to express your disapproval to the full council with the Mayor's latest proposed tax increase, please attend Monday night's city-county council meeting at the Public Assembly Room, which begins at 7:00 p.m. You should arrive early and attempt to speak to your councilor before he/she enters the room at the start of the meeting.


Anonymous said...

See you at the meeting tonight!

Anonymous said...

Jant another example of bad mathematics. Peterson and the Democrap controlled council can will not cut his staff on the 25th floor. More patronage employees is the name of his game.

Anonymous said...

The star says the meeting is at 7:30 - I have heard 7:00 PM.

the CCC Meeting calendar says

7 p.m. - City-County Council Meeting

What time is it really ?

Pike Voter

Wilson46201 said...

It's always at 7pm

Wilson46201 said...

Judging from all the anonymous nobodies posting here and elsewhere, I assume the partisan naysayers tonight will all be wearing brown paper bags to conceal their identity...

Anonymous said...

Gary, isn't Wilson banned?

Wilson46201 said...

How peculiar an anonymous nobody is so insistent on getting my writings banned ... perhaps it's because I've exposed them in public as being deadbeats and tax delinquents?

Instead of trying to silence folk, why dont they make a thoughtful contribution to the discussion thread?

Anonymous said...

"How peculiar an anonymous nobody is so insistent on getting my writings banned ... perhaps it's because I've exposed them in public as being deadbeats and tax delinquents?"

If anyone would think you creditable that comment might have merit.
Wilson you are the last person that sane informed thinkers would ever give pause.
That said, how have you enlightened us "anonymous nobodies"?

Anonymous said...

I think it's called "smoke in mirrors" not smoke and mirrors, or even smoking mirrors.

And wilson, maybe some of us choose to remain anonymous because we don't want you to bug anymore than you already do here.

Anonymous said...

I don't want Wilson digging through my trash.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, I thought Democrats were deadbeats & tax delinquents....and, while you're talking about it,


Anonymous said...

wilson- i love you. you are the only voice of reason on this blog. keep up the good work!

Wilson46201 said...




Just because you type in upper-case letters doesnt make a question valid or sensible. It just shows an anonymous nobody is trying to slander and smear, continuing her paranoid jihad...

Anonymous said...

"Just because you type in upper-case letters doesnt make a question valid or sensible."

Did she not pay her property taxes when they were due?

Did the city have to clean up her property?

If you can answer yes to the first question then, Why wasn't Julia Carson prosecuted for tax evasion?

Lower case or UPPER CASE, it’s still a valid question.

Why wasn't Julia Carson prosecuted for tax evasion?

Wilson46201 said...

If property taxes are paid late, there's a 10% penalty. It's not a crime or "tax evasion". If so, many thousands of homeowners would be locked up in Michigan City. Yes, 10 years ago, she indeed pay the city over $6000 for demolition after a house she'd been selling on contract went into default. This is not news but gets regularly regurgitated by shadowy political partisans.

Congresswoman Julia Carson still gets re-elected regularly despite the slime and slanders from anonymous nobodies.

Anonymous said...

"If property taxes are paid late, there's a 10% penalty."

"10 years ago, she indeed pay the city over $6000 for demolition"

So, she doesn't pay her taxes and she’s a dead beat who has been chased down by the city administration and forced to pay a debt.

What do ya know, those who published this info knew what they are talking about. Thanks for the clarification Wilson.

Anonymous said...

Once again, because it tends to get lost in the shuffle sometimes:

There are folks who post here anonymously because they fear for job, reputation, personal safety or other solid and valid reasons. There are some pretty stark examples of retribution. Some very recent. Disagreeing with the Center pwoer structgure can get you in a heap of trouble. Which is funny, because there days are so numbered.

Whether the post is signed or anonymous, truth tends to win out.
And my observation is, the anonymous posters, even accounting for the goofballs, tend to be lots more truthful and to-the-point. Not all mind you, but more.

And, for the previous poster, it truly is "smoke AND mirrors." As in, "It's all done with smoke and mirrors."

Smoke IN mirrors makes a little bit of sense, but smoke And mirrors makes much more sense.

Anonymous said...

And, for whatever it's worth:

I've sold property on contract many times. If the purchaser doen't pay his/her property taxes, the owner, not the contract purchaser, gets the tax notices. Julia had plenty of notice (3-4 yrs) before that property went sour, and she opted to neglect them, for whatever reason.

I also know many who fall into that category, and allow the taxes to remain delinquent for up to six months. Because the stupid enabling statutes consider a property delinquent one day after it's due, and not subject to an additional delinquency for at least six, if not 12 months. So, if you're gonna owe the county anyway, why not hold onto your money for 6-12 months? Or until the next round of penalty kicks in?

But four years, well...that's just lazy and sloppy.

Anonymous said...

Did she not pay her property taxes when they were due?

Did the city have to clean up her property?

If you can answer yes to the first question then, Why wasn't Julia Carson prosecuted for tax evasion?

Answer the question, Wilson! You always try to divert attention from the facts at hand. The truth is she did not pay her taxes, and as a public official, her voting record is reprehensible.

She is an embarrassment to Indiana!

Now, Wilson alleges that Julia gets re-elected by The Machine, not by the people of Indianapolis.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, I have to respond to your propaganda.

You criticize 'anonymous nobodys', but they are the majority, sir! -Or haven't you checked the blog. Many have loss of job or career to fear as The Machine has already shown it will fire blog posters!!!

Now to mention that Julia Carson gets re-elected as if to intimate that she is anything but our own "Fool on Capitol Hill" is a joke.

Since The Machine is running Indianapolis, I want to remind you that The Chicago Machine also let their 'Fool on Capitol Hill,' Gus Savage, go to Washington, too!

Both are a disgrace to the electorate and the state they were sent to represent!!!

Wilson46201 said...

The real reason for the constant attacks on Ms. Carson is her superb progressive voting record. She voted against Bush's War on Iraq and continues to oppose it. Many large popular organizations support her strongly : womens, labor, civil-rights, LBGT, education, environmentalists, seniors, etc. The voters have approved her repeatedly since 1972.

The nattering anonymous nabobs of negativity raise decades-old issues about property taxes and the like. Instead of politics, they attack her personally, whilst concealed behind false faces. Pitiful!

Anonymous said...

Voters are troubled by Julia's reprehensible voting record.

And, today, Wilson, is she capable of speaking a sentence? Her infirmities are so severe that she cannot perform the functions of representative.

Goofy Wilson wants to attack the intelligent people of Indianapolis, but cannot.

1. Look a Representative should be just that, not an OUTLAW! Julia thought that nobody would question her failure to remit taxes because she is The Machine.

2. Julia's voting record District 7 Votes: 68 votes missed (9.9 percent). And worse, her votes were uninformed votes...she knows nothing about what she is voting about, The Machine tells her what to do.

3. Julia is a fool. As for the votes on combat and/or military issues, she is completely ignorant.

Wilson46201 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wilson46201 said...

Anybody that imagines Julia votes just because "The Machine" tells her how to vote is an abjectly ignorant fool. Nobody tells her how to vote! She was out and about this weekend to several Black Expo events including working her official Congressional booth.

She knew more about war and peace when she voted against Bush's War on Iraq than the Republicans did. Her vote against that war in 2002 was quite prescient. She does not plan to vote another penny for that endless war. Voters quite appreciate her progressive voting record. That's why she keeps getting re-elected since 1972.

By the way, she's been thoroughly up to date on her property taxes (and has been for years now) which is more than one can say about some of her fiercest critics. One of the shrillest is still delinquent from last year!!!

As usual, it's easy to make slanderous personal attacks on successful elected officials while hiding under the cowardly moniker of "anonymous". Shameful!

indyernie said...

"The real reason for the constant attacks on Ms. Carson is her superb progressive voting record"

Wilson I know you are used to gagging on things but this statement is toooo much!!!

Even an old pro like yourself can't pull this one off with any creditability.