Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Peterson Tax Increase Proposal Tanking

Abdul Hakim-Shabazz is reporting that Mayor Peterson has lost two critical votes on the council for his proposed 65% increase in the county option income tax. He writes:

I am predicting the Mayor's proposed public safety tax will not pass when it comes up for a vote on Monday. There are at least two previous "yes" votes that are now in the "no" column. The dissention in the ranks is growing. It's unclear whether the apprehension is coming from an angry public or the Councilors see the Mayor as politically vulnerable and have no desire to take the hit. This could change as the week goes by, but as of today, the votes are not there to pass a tax increase.

There are unconfirmed reports that Mayor Peterson's re-elect numbers have taken a dive in recent polls, including at least one independent poll. Typically, Peterson's campaign folks are floating favorable numbers to the media to spin their message that he is invincible. That's been noticeably absent since he won his party's nomination in May. Don't be surprised to see some folks hedging their bets and throwing some money Greg Ballard's way in the coming weeks.


Wilson46201 said...

...and just the other day I observed some winged swine flapping their way home to Carmel!

Anonymous said...

Wilson, do you ever have anything positive to say? Bart is a POS and you continue to support him. He has stolen MILLIONS from this city and you support that.
No wonder people hate you so bad.

Wilson46201 said...

And why do nattering anonymous nobodies indulge in personal attacks and vituperation? Pitiful ... simply pitiful!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, not everyone seems to agree with you Mr.Wilson.

garyj said...

Everyone who does not agree with Wilson is a "Nutterball, nobody, troll, or whatever word Wilson looked up in the dictionary that day"
Just because you can't see it, Wilson, doesn't mean it isn't there!
Get on the bandwagon! We're not out to get Peterson, we're out to get Peterson to keep his promises and run this city like it should be run. Get rid of the corruption and make our elected officials do the job they were elected to do, without poliical favoritism.

Wilson46201 said...

Anonymous nobodies allegedly quoting an unsourced "poll" does not exactly bring clarity to a discussion. Making stuff up and proclaiming it loudly behind a false face is not a good basis for a serious political discourse...

Anonymous said...

Anybody know who the wavering CCC Dems are?

Anonymous said...

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indyernie said...

I met with Joann Sanders today. Ms. Sanders chaired the committee meeting last night where Mr. Borgerding was ejected.
Ms. Sanders after talking with me agrees that Mr. Borgerding is deserving of an official apology and stated that he would receive one.
A rumor was reported to me today and confirmed by Ms Sanders.
Some council members were stating that Mr. Borgerding was rude to the officer, and was removed for that reason.
I find it hard to believe that someone could make rude comments from across the assembly room without the whole auditorium being aware. It’s really hard to imagine since the officer was on the south wall and Mr. Borgerding was sitting on the center isle on the other side of the room.
Council members should check their facts before repeating B...S... to the general public.
I was five feet from Aaron Haith and Aaron Haith stood and told a deputy to “GET HIM”. The deputy escorted Mr. Borgerding out. Media followed Mr. Borgerding along with about twenty of us who heard the order.

Mr. Borgerding returned a call to me this evening. He was just as polite and concise as he was last night. Mr. Borgerding was treated rudely by the elected leadership of Indianapolis. I hope the council sends him the apology that he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Apologies are due if the story unfolded as stated above. Pitiful. Aaron Haith is a disgrace. Most Ds know it.

I got a glimpse at the poll numbers last night. It's true--Bart's re-elect numbers have slipped, by a whopping 3%. In raw political terminology, it could be viewed as a 6-point swing. Still very positive numbers.

You're dreaming if you think Ballard will get hedge money. Not even a sniff.

If there's "hedge" money, it's the big donors who won't give any more to Bart because they think he's cruising and he's got enough dough.
So instead of raising another million form them before November, he'll hit 300-400K...not exactly "hedge" money, but he'll raise less than otherwise planned.

By the by, the wavering Dems are very likely those whose districts are most competitive: Angela Mansfield, Patrice Abdullah, Dane Mahern. And maybe, just maybe--one at-large: King Ro. He trailed the rest of the ticket in the primary, by several thousand votes. There is general disgust about his wife's job, and although I think the mayor will win easily, the at-large Ds may not coast quite so easily, especially King Ro. Neighborhood groups around the county are outraged at Ms. Conley, and may strike back in the only available way, since the 25th floor can't seem to get rid of her.
(Side note: it's difficult to toss an incompetent MDC hearing officer, if her husband is Majority Leader, and your margin is one-vote, and there are constant whines from 4-5 council Ds to the 25th floor about every little political favor they want...)

Sometimes political reality is pathetic. (Re-read the last sentence above) It's likely no incumbent Ds will lose. And Ds will likely pick up 1-4 council seats.

Just for the record, anyone who calls the mayhor a piece of s--- obviously loses style points, and political reality points. Classy. I despise the governor, but wouldn't ever call him such a vile name.

Try some facts, 6:41...it's not quite as easy as lobbing disgusting insults, but it's more helpful.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where 7:08 got HIS poll numbers but the 29% Peterson approval rating came from an extremely reliable source, a Democrat on the 25th floor.
Sure, Peterson will take the Center Township black vote but then that's what the $3.5 million's for isn't it?

It's not a matter of "hedge money", this election is Peterson's to lose, not win. Very striking similarities between what happened to Garton and Borst who were also considered invincible.
Ballard will essentially win by default.
Those Democrat council seats? You've been drinking at the Golden Ace with O'Conner too long.

Anonymous said...

9:23 I'd love to know where you got your information? A Democrat on the 25th said the Mayor's A.R. was at 29%? Are you sure it wasn't one of your GOP buddies spreading lies?

Anonymous said...

NO ONE is invincible. It is that arrogance of believing one can't be touched that is the downfall of many. It is time for Bart to go, he no longer cares about this city, only lining the pockets of his cronies.