Monday, July 16, 2007

City-County Council Postpones Action On Tax Increase

The Administration and Finance Committee voted to postpone action on the proposed 65% increase in the county option income tax as proposed by Mayor Peterson tonight. I missed the earlier part of the meeting, but I was able to hear all the public testimony. Hats off to the dozens of citizens who provided testimony to the committee. If we only had people on our council like the folks who testified tonight, I don't think we would find our city in the mess it is today. The members of the committee should be ashamed at their complete failure to ask the tough questions before being offered this proposal. That was abundantly clear to the people in the audience and the people watching the live hearing on WCTY. It's a disgrace that you have three firefighters (Vern Brown, Lance Langsford and Monroe Gray) and a police officer (Lincoln Plowman) sitting on this critical committee getting to make decisions about their own budgets, salaries and pensions. And by the way, would someone tell the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce to get a clue? It is a disgrace that this organization would testify in support of Mayor Peterson's tax increase. If you are member of the Indy Chamber, you may want to consider whether your membership dues are wisely spent.


Anonymous said...

There will be many attempts by the established "old boy network" to circle the wagons, regardless of party affiliation and disagreements. This is called, "power protecting power". It is an extended family mindset. Only if the "people" continue to keep pressure on the powers to be will we see splits in this "brotherhood" break, and the people's issues surface to the top.
Please keep the pressure on. You should not be surprised to see the business community come to the fore in support of Peterson as he has given to them. Hand in hand.

Anonymous said...

is it not a conflict of interest if sweetpea, vern, lance,and the rest of public safety counselors vote on this tax increase. all of their 4 year contracts which include 12 percent raises are tied to this tax increase.
if peterson doesnt get the increase. they don't have a contract. so, therefor, no raise.

Anonymous said...

"I predict that they will delay the vote to a later date since people would be pumped from today (I wrote this after Black Sunday) and will be expected to be at tomorrows meeting. They would be sadly mistaken if they think the people will forget anytime soon..."

I love it when I'm right!

Anonymous said...

Want updates on upcoming events? Bookmark http://www.hoosiersforfairtaxation.blogspot

We will even help you throw your own rally. We need volunteers to throw more and more. We need to keep this up until election day.

Your city calls you to help save it.

indyernie said...
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indyernie said...

Gary did you see the man removed from the meeting tonight?
The gentleman who was escorted out was a very clear and to the point with his comments.
He had just moved downtown a couple of years after retiring. His property tax went fron $2200.00 a year to $15,000.00. He was critical of the state and local government but his comments were not rude or insulting. His manner of speaking kept the entire room at attention. After delivering his comments, which took only two minutes, he returned to his seat without encouraging anyone in attendance. However his comments were so concise and to the point that the crowd displayed their approval by applauding.
At this time Aaron Haith stood at told a deputy in the room to “GET HIM” the deputy escorted the gentleman out. Media followed the gentleman along with about twenty of us who heard the order.
After the meeting was adjourned I approached Mr. Haith and Monroe Gray. I asked Mr. Haith why he ejected the man. His response, ”it was a mistake, they took the wrong man”. I then asked him why he didn’t correct the mistake when he saw them escorting the wrong man. Haith’s response, he stood shuffled his paper and turned his back on me.
I then asked Monroe Gray why he let these things happen. His response, “because people were applauding” I then brought it to Gray’s attention that the gentleman didn’t applaud and Gray ordered the deputies to remove me. The deputies told me that they were told to escort me out, Vern Brown approached at my request and talked to me about the issue, the deputies were called off before I left.
What happened to freedom of speech in Indianapolis? We citizens listened to the talking heads tonight none of them were thrown out. Why is it that a citizen of Indianapolis who is invited to speak his mind and who does it eloquently is ejected from a committee meeting? Can we not attend a city meeting and express our opinions without fear of reprisal. I want to know.

Anonymous said...

The Chamber of Commerce & Indianapolis Downtown Inc both benefit from a tax increase, because the tax money is spent either directly on them or they tell Bart what they want and the city orders it, paid for by the tax increase.

It's all a part of the TAX & SPEND democratic Machine.

Anonymous said...

Indyernie: I say you should have let him eject you without cause from a public government meeting that you are permitted to attend. Then sue Haith for depriving you of your constitution right to be present at a public meeting.

You have recourse, Indyernie: Please file a complaint with the Indiana Supreme Court Attorney Disciplary Commission. Being an attorney, Haith violated the Rules of Professional Conduct, while in his capacity as council attorney!

Gary R. Welsh said...

I believe the gentleman you are referring to is a neighbor who lives on Vermont Street. His testimony was very poignant. I noticed later that there was a disturbance taking place out of view of the camera, but it was unclear what was happening. I think it is an outrage if the man I'm thinking of was removed from the meeting. In fact, I didn't see anyone speak at the meeting who I thought was out of line for that matter.

Anonymous said...

If we haven't learned this already, re-learn it, memorize it and be ready for it:

Oppose Sweet Pea and his insane Center Township gulag, and you're in for rough sledding.

Any public employee/council member who votes on this tax increase should be impeached. Period.

indyernie said...

Gary that was the man ejected. As his butt hit the seat Haith was speaking the words "GET HIM, and he was escorted out.

Anonymous said...

Was he the first guy in line to speak or later on ? I rewatched the hearing on the internet and I could not tell when the incident actually happened.

Pike Voter

Anonymous said...

Last night, I'm told, the Sweet Pea crowd adjourned to 300 East and made fun of the protestors over a couple rounds of drinks.

How appropriate. (The setting, that is.)

indyernie said...

He was about a third of the way his name is Mr. Borgerding.

indyernie said...

The Indianapolis Star is reporting that Mr. Borgerding was asked to leave.
Mr. Borgerding was not asked to leave. He was taken by the right arm and led out on Aaron Haith’s order.
Brendan O'Shaughnessy of the Star was right in front of Mr. Borgerding when it happened. Why the sugar coating by the Star staff? This isn’t right. They need to tell the whole story.
This mans rights were trampled. I’m not convinced that it was a mistake. I was five feet from Haith. Haith pointed right at Mr. Borgerding and said “GET HIM”.

Anonymous said...

The situation regarding citizen Mr. Borgerding being ousted from an open public forum is extremely disturbing. For those not paying attention this act by the CCC tells us just exactly how high the stakes are for the Mayor.

Politically, I believe that Peterson is finished. There are just over 90 days left before voters go to the polls.

Right now, I think the smart money is on Ballard. The Peterson campaign keeps digging a deeper hole day by day.

An independent poll which I understand was taken last week shows Peterson with an approval rating of just 29%. The issues were crime, taxes and quality of life issues in Marion County. My understanding is this poll was taken by a political science professor and crew at IUPUI.

This Borgerding incident was just about the most ignorant thing I have ever seen prior to an election. There is obviously a sense of desperation in the Mayor's office right now.

indyernie said...

I met with Joann Sanders today. Ms. Sanders chaired the committee meeting last night where Mr. Borgerding was ejected.
Ms. Sanders after talking with me agrees that Mr. Borgerding is deserving of an official apology and stated that he would receive one.
A rumor was reported to me today and confirmed by Ms Sanders.
Some council members were stating that Mr. Borgerding was rude to the officer, and was removed for that reason.
I find it hard to believe that someone could make rude comments from across the assembly room without the whole auditorium being aware. It’s really hard to imagine since the officer was on the south wall and Mr. Borgerding was sitting on the center isle on the other side of the room. Council members should check their facts before repeating B...S... to the general public.
I was five feet from Aaron Haith and Aaron Haith stood and told a deputy to “GET HIM”. The deputy escorted the gentleman out. Media followed the gentleman along with about twenty of us who heard the order.

Mr. Borgerding returned a call to me this evening. He was just as polite and concise as he was last night. This gentleman was treated rudely by the elected leadership of Indianapolis. I hope the council sends him the apology that he deserves.