Friday, July 06, 2007

Now Cheney Rescinds Resignation

The second Indiana lawmaker in as many weeks who first resigned his seat has rescinded his resignation. Rep. Duane Cheney (D-Portage) now says he wants to remain in the House the rest of his term despite announcing earlier he had purchased a home in Bloomington where he and his wife intend to reside. "I would be a little less available, but I think I would still be more available than the majority of the legislators who live in their districts," Cheney told the Gary Post-Tribune, "explaining the state Constitution only stipulates a representative live in the district he serves for at least a year prior to his election."

Cheney's would-be successor, Porter Co. Code enforcement officer Jack Klem, says Cheney reconsidered simply to block him from taking his seat. Because Cheney already resigned his seat, he will actually have to submit his name for consideration by precinct committeepersons, who were slated to pick his replacement. Last week, Sen. Sam Smith (D-East Chicago) is believed to have rescinded his resignation because he couldn't get committeepersons to go along with appointing his wife to his seat, although he offered other reasons for staying put.


Anonymous said...

Sam Smith announced but nevered tendered his resignation, so there is nothing for him to rescind.

David C Roach said...

now if we could only get that other dick... cheney to resign...