Friday, July 13, 2007

Getting The Groove On For Sunday's Tax Protest

You know things have gotten really bad when a liberal Democratic neighborhood like Lockerbie is all up in arms over skyrocketing property tax bills. Every single home along this stretch of Vermont Street has a sign protesting property taxes. The home in the foreground above with this "For Sale By Owner Due To Unfair Taxation" sign in it is Andre Lacy's million-dollar townhouse. During a conversation with one of my neighbors who works as a real estate broker tonight, she commented that she was confident something significant was going to be done about the property tax problem because the city's most well-heeled residents were complaining the loudest about property taxes. I ran into Abdul Hakim-Shabazz tonight at the Rathskellar. He's staying in town this weekend and will be covering the tax protest at Monument Circle. Hope to see many of you there as well to let our out-of-touch government leaders know how strongly we feel about this issue.
UPDATE: The Star is reporting today that Gov. Daniels will call a special sesssion if the following conditions are met: "Do we have an idea which is sound? Do we have a fighting chance to succeed?" A quote from Pat Kiely of the Indiana Manufacturers Association makes it clear that business does not want to see a special session. They know that they are getting off easy and that any likely changes will result in businesses paying more in taxes. "Pat Kiely, a former Republican legislator who is president of the Indiana Manufacturers Association, said lawmakers need to take a deep breath and wait until they have all the data from the counties before rushing in and making changes that could have unintended consequences." "Property taxes is an ecosystem. It's very fragile," he said.


Anonymous said...

My state rep.,ORENTLICHER, says he cares and has sent me a really empathetic email but has done nothing. Checking the Star's data base I find his tax assessment went DOWN on his home at 5200 Grandview from $330,400 to $292,300. I wonder how he did that? I live a few blocks away and mine doubled!!!!!

Anonymous said...

With his exemptions and given the neighbors' assessments, 300K sounds about right for David O's house.

But who knows for sure?

Anonymous said...

He lives in Washington and that township is really screwed up. Thank goodness I am out of there!

Anon 531 - I hope you and all your neighbors are registered to vote. The loudest voice is the one on Election Day. David O was just voted in, but there are a lot of others who need to hear the little people.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that one of the proposals for the special session is to target the "relief" money from the sale of the gaming licenses only to certain counties? So the fact that some counties can conduct competent assessments, handled the inventory tax situation 3 years ago, and can more reasonably control spending - taxpayers in those counties get to pay more in taxes than taxpayers in counties who cannot handle those basic things? Does that sound crazy to anyone else?

Anonymous said...

I can't get anyone at David O's office to answer the phone. I also have not been able to get a fax through.

David O? Where are you?

Anonymous said...

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports Information for the State of Indiana:

The State of Indiana at the State-level has approximately $11.73 billion of the taxpayer's money it is not using, i. e. surpluses equal to $1,904 for every man, woman and child in Indiana or $7,615 for a family of 4. This does not include all the additional surpluses that exist in the school districts, cities, or counties in Indiana.

Use Google and search for CAFR and for Walter Burien CAFR. Indiana Government is rolling in Billions of excess cash and can run the entire state without your property tax.