Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Trump Scores Big Wins, Clinton Puts Sanders Away

Donald Trump was the big winner in today's primary elections. He scored the biggest state at stake by winning Florida by a wide margin, capturing all of the state's 99 delegates and forcing Sen. Marco Rubio out of the race. Trump captured 46% of the vote in Florida compared to Rubio's 27% share of the vote. Trump won every single county in the Sunshine State except for Rubio's home county of Miami-Dade. Ted Cruz and John Kasich trailed far behind with 17% and 8% of the vote, respectively.

Trump also scored a big win in Illinois where 69 delegates were at stake. Trump captured about 40% of the vote but will take the lion's share of the delegates because he is winning almost every single congressional district in the state, which each receive three delegates. He also captured 15 delegates for winning the statewide vote. Cruz will likely only collect a handful of delegates in the Land of Lincoln, although he came in second with about 30% of the vote. Kasich came in third with about 20% of the vote, while Rubio received just 8% of the vote.

The third largest delegate-awarding state today, North Carolina, also gave Trump a narrow victory over Cruz. Trump edged Cruz by a 40-37% margin. They will split the state's 72 delegates almost evenly. The same will hold true for Missouri where 52 delegates are at stake. Trump is running almost even against Cruz with each receiving about 41% of the vote. There are fewer than 2,000 votes separating the candidates with 100% of the vote counted, with Trump appearing to eke out a win in Missouri, denying Cruz any wins for the day. That will give him his fourth win of the day, although he also won all 9 delegates awarded in a caucus held earlier today in the Northern Marianas Islands.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich gets his first win in the Republican primary race, winning his home state of Ohio, which allowed him to capture all 66 of the state's delegates. He defeated Trump by an eleven-point margin of 47-36%. That still leaves him in fourth place behind Rubio in the overall delegate count to date. He has collected just 167 delegates to date. Trump has a more than 200-delegate lead over Cruz with almost 50% of the 1,237 delegates he needs to win the nomination. Of interest to Hoosier voters is the fact that Trump carried every single Illinois county bordering Indiana, while Trump carried just two of the Ohio counties bordering Indiana. Kasich won the others. Trump did, however, run very close to Kasich in the suburban counties surrounding Cincinnati. Kasich won Hamilton County by a healthy margin.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton scored very big wins in Florida, North Carolina and Ohio, making it mathematically impossible for Bernie Sanders to win the nomination. Clinton also appears to have narrowly edged Sanders in Illinois. Sanders lost a very narrow lead in Missouri when the final votes were tallied. Clinton will take home at least twice as many delegates as Sanders today. She's now won well over 50% of the delegates she needs to win the Democratic nomination.


Anonymous said...

The Midwestern mind amazes me. I've noticed the same tendency in Indiana as Ohio. I'm a gonna get up, shower (okay, maybe not), go down to the polls and cast my vote for a loser who has no chance to win anything except maybe a community college president slot for the sole and simple reason that he is from my state and I'm proud to be from a place that was once something but is now dying, wallowing in self pity and unable (or unwilling due to overwhelming stubbornness) to find a way forward. I never thought I'd say this but next to that, Florida voters look downright intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Extreme left liberal Democrat closet marxist grandma Hillary Rodham Clinton "beats" great-grandpa out-and-proud marxist extreme left liberal Democrat Bernie Sanders and the old sow is true to form of her State Department days... claiming a huge accomplishment when she's done nothing of the sort.

Anyone can win when the rules are changed in your favor to help you all along the way. Just ask that neurotic Debbie Wasserman Schultz who carries the water and lied and deceived for old lady HRC just as did women's rights abuser and rapist Bill Clinton.

Lying little Marco Rubio just could not deceive enough voters that his pitch for the illegal aliens in the Gang of Eight bill wasn't really against American interests when it clearly was. And that loon Kasich... well, why he remains in the mix makes no sense unless it is to try to force himself upon some future federal paycheck or cable "commentator" position. He'd be right at home paired with Megyn Kelly- two people who pretend they are balanced.

LamLawIndy said...

Anon5:55, IMHO, our Ohio neighbors voted to STOP Trump, a guy who condones govt takings for private cronies, supports abortion on demand, & lauded the taxpayer-funded TARP bailouts. I'm proud of those Buckeyes!

Flogger said...

There is actually one Establishment - the Plutocracy if you will. The Plutocracy which consists of the Wall Street-Security-Military Industrial Complex and the McMega-Media decided Hillary and Jeb Bush would be the candidates. Either would be OK to succeed No Hope and No Change Obama. Obama's work has been down. The great justifiable anger directed against the Crony-Capitalism was tamped down Too Big Fail, Too Big Jail. The Tea Party and Occupy were speed bumps for the Plutocracy. Harry Reid, Boehner, Pelosi and McConnell failures at every level would essentially remain in charge.
Trump and Sanders changed the dynamic. The tactics were different by the McMega-Media toward each. Sanders was starved for attention and Trump was going to be given enough rope to hang himself. We were constantly told Hillary was inevitable a Queen in waiting. In Trump's case it did not work, the pathetic campaign of Jeb Bush quickly sunk beneath waves. Now, CNN, MSNBC and FOX are all trying their hardest to derail Trump.

Despite all of Hillary's spinning on issues and the vast amounts of cash Hillary and Bill received from their speaking tours, NAFTA and trade deals that ruined our industrial base, the low information Democrats decided to vote for Hillary. The Democratic Super Delegates exist to make certain any resistance to the establishment can be quashed. The Super Delegates since they are part of leadership can also be relied to lead the Low Information Voters to vote for the selected slated candidates. The states Hillary won in the South in the Primary will stay Republican.

The Democratic Establishment and the McMega-Media are pushing out the idea that many of the people that back Sanders will simply roll over hold their collective noses and vote for Hillary. I do not think this will happen.

I do not know a lot about John Kasich but Trump will need Ohio to win. So I could see a Trump-John Kasich ticket. Trump may not be the "pure" candidate for the Republican Base, but they should turn out if only to vote against Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Did your Twitter get hacked or are you actually in the Never Trump camp?

Gary R. Welsh said...

What Twitter account are you referring to, anon. 5:21? I don't tweet on Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Hi, It's @indianapolitics It used to just post a link to your new blog posts- no additional tweets whatsoever, but recently went full on never trump (although your posts are still being tweeted). I've always thought it was your twitter feed but I'm easily confused :) Thanks for all the hard work you put into the blog, enjoy & appreciate it very much!

Gary R. Welsh said...

I'm not sure who set up the Indiana Politics Twitter feed. It does tweet out links to my blog.