Monday, March 28, 2016

FBI To Interview Hillary Clinton: Media Yawns

The Clinton campaign obviously turned to a friendly news publication, the Los Angeles Times, to leak news of pending interviews by FBI agents of Hillary Clinton and other top aides who worked for her regarding her handling of classified information while serving as Secretary of State. The story is replete with cautions about not reading too much into the interviews because Clinton's nuanced denial of sending or receiving classified information on her private e-mail server is based on the fact it wasn't marked classified at the time it was sent or received. Of course, communications that originate from top government officials are never marked classified at the instant of their creation; rather that's determined after the fact when archiving the documents and determining what, if any, can be released to the public. Because of the nuances of how Clinton and her top staff mishandled classified information, the LA Times assures us there is little, if any chance, she will face any criminal charges. The infighting between Republicans continue to dominate the news coverage of the presidential race as opposed to Clinton's repeated and continued wrongdoing while in public office.


Anonymous said...

Cry wolf much?

Hillary has been investigated for more than 25 years and thus far nothing has been found that is incriminating much less criminal.

How many millions of dollars have been wasted on these types of investigations? Does it matter any longer?

Get back to us when you have a real story and stop crying wolf.

Flogger said...

Hillary once she lost to Obama in 2008, rebooted for 2016. The SOS job was simply a parking place for her.

The Clinton's were so arrogant and profoundly indifferent they went on their speaking tours and were lavished with money. They had good reasons to be so profoundly indifferent to accepting all this cash. The McMega-Media and the Republicans saw no problems with this shakedown. It was Big Money Politics and the McMega-Media will not critique it. The McMega-Media and the Corporate Establishment were preparing her crown in anticipation of a quick coronation.

Bernie Sanders brought up all the money Hillary pocketed on her speaking engagements. She will not release the transcripts though. Hillary has been a mirage moving Left, Right and Center, Triangulation Politics. Hillary is like Where is Waldo??? The answer where ever she thinks, you want her be.

The normal defense mechanisms are fight or flight in Hillary's case we have the added defense of the word nuance or nuanced. The word nuance has become associated with her. Nuance, has come to mean in Hillary's case a concept so complicated only a rocket scientist could understand it. The low information voters accept the "nuance" word and all it's implications.

The Obama Justice Department will spin, and twirl like a whirling dervish kicking up dust to cover for Hillary. The pressitutes will eagerly swallow, hook line and sinker, "Nothing to see Here".

Anonymous said...

Its all much ado about nothing. The Clintons are life long public servants. Where is the intent to break a law. Its all a lot of hot air and interviews aren't going to do anything to ramp up the incredible tediousness of the witch hunt. That Gowdy guy is one crazy eyed dude. The Spanish Inquisition re-born. Don't you just know he'd burn the witch if he could. I'm kind of over the whole thing and just find it a distraction from the election. 180 FBI agents working this detail seems like 180 FBI agents that aren't ferreting out real threats in this country, so I'm just offended at the waste. Colin Powell admitted his own server, right, and Condleeza Rice and now Ash Carter. Sounds like good public servants just trying to find protected communications. Tired of all the yapping and yelping about nothing. I harbor no ill will against Republicans, they just get so worked up. Probably the Dems do too. Washington is broken. And then they eat their own. Not one banker in jail. But 180 FBI agents on grandma Hillary. Makes me sick.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely cannot wait for her indictment. Good ole Grandma Hillary -- hilariously spun.

leon dixon said... Another liberal source of news chimes in.....

Anonymous said...

"Life long public servants" and "much ado about nothing"??? Get real. Get honest.

Every village has its idiots and if 8:15 and 9:23 are not actually the same moron we have two simpletons right there.

The Clintons have been life long PARASITES on the American taxpayer for decades. All their lives the Clintons used their political positions to put "government" up for sale. Bill Clinton sold American technology to the Chinese and THAT is why China is now excelling in space... it's OUR technology. Don't believe me? Look it up AND look up Ron Brown. Hillary arranged and laundered God knows how many millions to her family "initiative" from brutal dictatorships across the globe which trample women/LGBT/civil rights. These outrageous speakers' fee she, her dissolute women-abusive hubby, and that zillionaire no-looks/no talent daughter are nothing more than disguised payoffs for all the insider deals the Clintons have done for the transnational corporations and human rights defying despot governments. Anyone with two cents worth of information tech knowledge understands immediately Hillary is lying her oversized fanny off about that email server and all the top secret info she hurled across her servers unsecured from unfriendly, international governments. The old gal broke the law. She knows it and I believe even village idiots know it... but liberalism is a mental illness so it is tough to break the fog of willing stupidity.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is the best the Democrat Party can do? If not for the enabling of that crackpot Wasserman-Schultz and the rigged game rules for the Democrat "primaries" and the Dem Convention, the old crone could not be expect to be crowned. She should one day be screeching into the wind from a federal prison... and justifiably so. I am not however, going to hold my breath. Laws are for the little people, not for crooks too big to jail.

Sir Hailstone said...

Hillary should have moved back to her native Illinois and run for Governor. That way there's a better than 50% chance she would end up in prison.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Republicans are pulling for this. Hillary is as right-wing, pro-war, pro-corporate as they come in the Democratic Party. If Hillary gets indicted, it will mean President Bernie and four more years of wasting time and taxpayer dollars trying to throw every imaginable obstacle in the way of a progressive agenda. Oh, and three VERY liberal SCOTUS justices!

leon dixon said... More view on the subject....non Gannet.

leon dixonn said... So, who has the time to read 30,000 emails and check their content against the lies exposed in the previous post? I suppose folks can wonder how the Clinton Gang got to $200,000,000 plus in net worth on their public service.....

leon dixon said... The comments are also useful.

Anonymous said...

Hillary as President will be even better for the MIC,insurance industry,big pharma,the cyber security apparatus and all of her donors.....Including such enclaves of FREEDOM led by donors as The House of Saud.

Someone should post a pic of her standing admiringly with Henry Kissinger in front the American Vietnam War Veterans Memorial. The pic would appropriately sum up the entire premise for Hillary's ambitions.