Sunday, November 27, 2011

Will Ron Paul Be The Last Candidate Standing In The GOP Presidential Field?

One by one, each of the Republican presidential candidates seems to be self-destructing. Texas congressman Ron Paul may be the Rodney Dangerfield among the crowd of candidates who gets no respect, but he is arguably the only one of the candidates who has remained true to his political convictions throughout his political career. His consistency and integrity may be starting to pay off as the first 2012 election contests in Iowa and New Hampshire near.

Paul seems to be the candidate on the move in both states as support for the other major candidates in the field has resembled a roller coaster ride. He's running near the top of the field in Iowa according to the latest poll, and he's jumped to a second place showing in New Hampshire behind the heavy favorite, Mitt Romney, who served as governor of the neighboring state of Massachusetts. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich seems to have become the latest flavor of the month among the GOP field as he soars in national polls, but I don't expect that ride to last much longer.

I still haven't made up my mind which candidate I will support, but if I were to base it on trust and principle at this point, Ron Paul would be a clear favorite. There is also no other candidate in the field who would upset the political establishment more than Paul, which adds to his attractiveness in my opinion.  The pure evil political manipulator, Karl Rove, has tried his best to marginalize Paul and his supporters, but Rove has never been a friend of people who believe in true Republican Party principles. Not surprisingly, Rove thinks Romney is the candidate the party should be backing. Romney hasn't held a political position yet in his career he wasn't willing to flip flop on. When a guy wants to argue about what his real first name is, he's got more than a credibility problem.


Indy Student said...

Paul seems to be similar to more notable third party candidates with name recognition. They poll higher than their base, but when time comes to voting, only their base remains.

He'll get 10-15% in most primaries that are contested. And he might get a bit more than that in New Hampshire due to the Free State Movement being focused there.

Beyond that though, most of Ron Paul's voters are Paul supporters moreso than Republican voters. While supporters of Romney, Gingrich, etc... will support the party's eventual nominee regardless of who wins, Paul voters are mostly in it only for Paul. They either will vote third party in the general, skip the POTUS section, or just not vote.

What's more telling is that Gingrich and Cain, candidates who have no real campaign presence in Iowa (or any other early primary states) where "retail politics" is key but are polling so well. I don't know who that says the most about: Romney, the voters, or Gingrich/Cain.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I've been a Republican my entire adult life. Romney and Gingrich are so full of it. I have no enthusiasm for either. Paul is the only candidate addressing the issues directly. I can't stand to listen to either Romney or Gingrich. Gingrich built his career taking on the illegitimate way James Wright earned his millions, and he turned around and engaged in the same insider crap to become a multi-millionaire when he was worth nothing when he first joined Congress.

Independent 1 said...

Romney is saying the right things about the illegal alien issue.

Mike Kole said...

I hope Paul is left standing. I would vote for him in a heartbeat. Moreover, I think he's the only Republican who has a chance of beating Obama, thanks to his positions where he can take independent votes- issues the 'mainstream' Republicans won't touch, when they touch issues at all.


Glad to see you are beginning to offer support for Ron Paul. Gingrich is as scary as the others.

From InfoWars today:

"“In order to understand just how dedicated Gingrich is to destroying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, consider that he described himself as a “conservative futurist” who enthusiastically recommended as Speaker of the House his colleagues read Alvin Toffler’s 1980 book The Third Wave,” writes Kurt Nimmo.

“In the book, Toffler wrote a letter to America’s “founding parents,” in which he said: “The system of government you fashioned, including the very principles on which you based it, is increasingly obsolete, and hence increasingly, if inadvertently, oppressive and dangerous to our welfare. It must be radically changed and a new system of government invented – a democracy for the 21st century.” According to Toffler, our constitutional system is one that “served us so well for so long, and that now must, in its turn, die and be replaced.””

The shudder-inducing thought of Newt Gingrich in the White House makes the prospect of a second term for Obama look positively inviting.

At least we know what to expect from Obama. Gingrich is that most dangerous kind of political animal – a wolf in sheep’s clothing – being able to harness the ability of sweet-talking conservatives into calm acquiescence while simultaneously sacrificing America on the altar of globalism."

Marycatherine Barton said...

If the Honorable Ron Paul is the last candidate standing in the GOP presidential field, I shout, hurrah, and I will then join and support the Republican Party.