Thursday, November 03, 2011

Litebox CEO Says He's Making Good On Job Promises

Litebox CEO Bob Yanagihira
According to a post on Litebox, Inc.'s Facebook site, the company has begun the process of remodeling office space in downtown Indianapolis at 146 E. Washington Street for its new corporate headquarters. A post today reads:
"LiTEBOX has hired the contractors to renovate our 1st office in Indianapolis. Construction will begin on Thursday Nov.3rd, 2011. 7 days after the I told them I would be creating JOBS. I am humble, aware and on a mission !"
The company's CEO, Bob Yanagihira, posted this picture in front of the downtown building where the company plans to relocate its corporate headquarters. Yanagihira has promised to build a production facility on the city's northwest side where it will manufacture what has been described as mobile drive-in movie theaters.  


Paul K. Ogden said...

The photo does not inspire confidence.

Pete Boggs said...

A mobile drive in theater- I'm in! That's a very cool idea.

varangianguard said...

He's ready to visit a "construction" site - in sandals?!?


guy77money said...

phiJust give me your money and I won't let ya down! heheheehahehahehaheha

Ok i got a good laugh to start my weekend! What a scam artist!