Monday, November 07, 2011

Relative Of Democrat Absentee Vote Fraud King Barred From Voting In Indiana

Jennings County Democratic leader Mike Marshall was the king of absentee voter fraud in Indiana, hauling in thousands of votes for Democrats each year. The law finally caught up with Marshall recently after a grand jury indicted him, his son and another Jennings County Democrat for 65 counts of absentee voting fraud. One of Marshall's relatives, Robert Marshall, has been casting absentee ballots in Jennings County for many years despite his residence in the state of Alabama. Local election officials finally challenged Marshall's absentee ballot in this year's primary election, a challenge which was upheld by the county elections board. Marshall sought a declaratory judgment from a special judge, Roger Duvall of Scott County, to allow him to vote in tomorrow's municipal elections. Judge Duvall sided with election officials in ruling that Marshall's true residence was in Alabama and that's where he should be voting in elections. The Plain Dealer-Sun has the pertinent facts supporting the decision:

Marshall, who has lived and worked in Alabama for some time now, has voted in local elections for as far back as computer records are available (1995).

His basic argument was that even though he is working out of state, his residence is here, his family farm is here, he has consistently subscribed to the local Plain Dealer & Sun, and he plans to return here to live.

"It is all about intent," argued Greathouse [Marshall's attorney] in his closing statement. "If you want to put it simple, put a lie detector on him and play "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Back Home in Indiana" and see what happens."

However, Judge Duvall pointed out that "for all intensive purposes," Robert Marshall had made Alabama his home, including registering his cars there, obtaining a driver's license and filing income taxes there.

The judge acknowledged that he, too has strong ties to his childhood home in Kentucky, but that he is now a resident of Indiana.

Similarly, Robert is now a resident of Alabama and should vote in that state.

Too bad we don't have elections officials in Marion County who will enforce the law against Evan Bayh and his wife, Susan, to prevent them from casting illegal votes in Indianapolis when everyone knows they reside in their multi-million dollar mansion in Washington, D.C. where Bayh works several jobs and their children attend school.

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