Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Early Voting Matches Last Year's Congressional Election

If early voting is any indication, turnout for this year's Indianapolis municipal election is going to be much better than it was four years ago. According to the Marion Co. Clerk's office, nearly twice as many people have voted early by absentee ballot or in person compared to one week out from the election four years ago when Greg Ballard upset incumbent Mayor Bart Peterson. As of Monday, 12,891 people have cast ballots compared to 6,826 four years ago, which is closer to the turnout in last year's congressional election. Some people might conclude that is good news for Democrat Melina Kennedy, but the get out the vote effort by Marion Co. Republicans is much better organized than it was four years ago. Unfortunately, the Star article doesn't offer a breakdown by township, which would give a better indication of which party is doing better thus far in turning out their voters.

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Concerned Taxpayer said...

I notice they don't give the breakdown between absentee voting & on-site voting.
It's a lot easier for Julia Carson's dead relatives to vote absentee.
Is it proper for the government to pay your parking fee if you vote early? Is that what are tax dollars are meant for?