Monday, November 14, 2011

Bottoms Up Is No Litebox

Now here's a visionary business idea. No more slow filling, foam-filled tap beer. GrinOn Industries has developed a new beer dispenser that fills cups of beer from the bottom up. The Bottoms Up beer dispenser can fill 56 cups of beers in one minute as illustrated in the video above. It's already in use at several sports arenas. Indianapolis is offering economic incentives to the innovative company, including a 3-year tax abatement, to relocate its production facility from Montesano, Washington to vacant space at Park 100 Industrial Park that will employ about 40 workers earning on average $17 an hour. This business deal is much easier to swallow than the recently-announced Litebox deal that promised to create more than 1,000 jobs in Indianapolis to mass produce a mobile, drive-in theater product that costs several million dollars each.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

Not sure how it works, but it's a brilliant idea. That's funny, they have a protoype ready to go to show how it works. What an original thought.