Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Election Night Thread

The Indianapolis mayoral election is shaping up to be a close race. Voter turnout appears to be running well ahead of the turnout four years ago. I just got the results in my downtown Lockerbie precinct, which is considered a pivotal swing precinct. Mayor Greg Ballard edged Democrat Melina Kennedy, but the Democratic council candidates topped the Republican council candidates. The total number of votes cast was 359 out of slightly more than 1,000 registered voters, putting the percentage turnout at about 38%. Straight ticket votes by Democrats outperformed Republicans by a 88-66 vote margin. Here's a breakdown of the results for Center Township 11-005:

Ballard (R)     186 (52%)
Kennedy (D)  161 (45%)
Bowen (L)       10  ( 3%)

At-Large Council
Barth (D)         186
Adamson (D)   179
Hickman (D)    177
Robinson (D)   154
Cissel (R)         136
Rivera (R)        136
Malone (R)       135
Kalscheur (R)   122
Cully (L)           23
Levin (L)           21
Meinert (L)       16
Miller (L)          16

District 15 Council
Osili (D)          194 (57%)
AJ Feeney (R) 130 (38%)
Capehart (L)     15  (  4%)

UPDATE: The good news for Republicans is that Mayor Greg Ballard is headed for a re-election victory tonight. His winning percentage looks remarkably similar to his upset win over Bart Peterson four years ago with about 52% of the vote. The bad news for Republicans is that the Democrats have captured control of the City-County Council, appearing to win all four at-large seats and picking off at least one district race (Democrat Frank Mascari over Republican Susie Day in District 20), a number that could grow before the night is over.


Democrats will have at least a 16-13 majority next year. Mayor Ballard's small re-election victory had absolutely no coattail effect in the council races. In addition to losing all four at-large races, Democrats knocked off Susie Day in District 20, but came up 39 votes short in their dirty effort to unseat Christine Scales in District 4. Republicans defeated only one incumbent Democrat. Jeff Miller knocked off Dane Mahern in District 19.

With 99% of the votes counted:

587 of 590 precincts - 99.5 percent
Melina Kennedy, Dem 84,269
Greg Ballard, Rep 91,660
Christopher (od) Bowen, Lib 2,662
Write-in, 124

City-county Council At-large
587 of 590 precincts - 99.5 percent
Zach Adamson, Dem 84,237
John Barth, Dem 87,252
Pamela L. Hickman, Dem 86,029
Leroy Robinson, Dem 80,423
Jacqueline Cissell, Rep 73,822
Michael Kalscheur, Rep 71,557
Barbara Malone, Rep 78,051
Angel M. Rivera, Rep 74,186
Patrick Culley, Lib 9,176
Bill Levin, Lib 10,003
Sheri Meinert, Lib 9,765
Reid Roberts Miller, Lib 7,389

City-county Council District 4
26 of 26 precincts - 100 percent
Kostas Poulakidas, Dem 4,841
Christine Scales, Rep 4,880

City-county Council District 12
22 of 22 precincts - 100 percent
Regina Marsh, Dem 3,974
Mike Mcquillen, Rep 4,135
Shawn S. Sullivan, Lib 275

City-county Council District 19
15 of 15 precincts - 100 percent
Dane Mahern, Dem 1,514
Jeff Miller, Rep 1,674

City-county Council District 20
22 of 22 precincts - 100 percent
Frank Mascari, Dem 2,828
Susie Day, Rep 2,556
Around the state:

Anderson: Republican Kevin Smith defeats incumbent Mayor Kris Okomon (D)
Evansville: Republican Lloyd Winnecke defeats Democrat Rick Davis.
Fort Wayne: Mayor Tom Henry (D) is re-elected.
Terre Haute: Mayor Duke Bennett (R) is re-elected over Democrat Fred Nation.
Muncie: State Rep. Dennis Tyler (R) defeats Mayor Sharon McShurley (D)
Lawrence: Dean Jessup (D) defeats Mayor Paul Ricketts (R)
South Bend: Democrat Pete Buttigieg holds the mayor's office for his party.
Mishawaka: Mayor Dave Wood (R) defeats State Rep. Craig Fry (D).


Paul K. Ogden said...

That tells me that Kennedy is running well behind the Democratic baseline in the precinct, and quite likely the county. We could easily end up with a Republican Mayor and a solidly Democratic council.

Vox Populi said...

Norm Cox said it. We've had every combination so far:

Democrat mayor with Republican council.

Democrat mayor with Democrat council.

Republican mayor with Republican council.

And now it looks like we'll get a Republican mayor with a Democrat council.

This is the second major race Kennedy came up short on. She lost her prosecutor's race in a Democratic year in 2006. This is probably the last we'll see of her.

Vox Populi said...

Something important to remember too is that the incoming council will redraw the district lines for the next decade, benefiting the Dems greatly.

Marycatherine Barton said...

I am glad to know that the Libertarian candidate for mayor got 3% in your district, Gary. Looks like he will only be a one percenter county-wide.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Vox, the D's actually have a pretty good map now. They just didn't aggressively go after districts they should have to make the 16-13 margin much bigger.

Marycatherine Barton said...

I am so glad that the Republicans lost their majority on the Council, what with the mayor still being Ballard, R. Re the mayorship, it seems to me that the majority of the voters in Marion County STILL are not ready for a female mayor of Indianapolis. In fact, will there be any women mayors in Indiana during 2012?