Saturday, November 19, 2011

Council Democrats Aim Low, Pick Lewis As New Council President

Some things never change. City-County Council Democrats always look to second and third stringers to serve as their leadership when they control the council. Council Democrats turned to the ethically-challenged Monroe Gray, a no work, no show employee of the fire department, the last time they were in control of the council to serve as council president. This time, they're turning to Maggie Lewis, an executive director of a nonprofit agency that relies on government funding for its existence, who has exhibited a weak grasp of city-county council issues during her tenure on the council.

Lewis' husband is employed by the Marion Co. Assessor's Office, a job he was fired from based on findings by former Marion Co. Assessor Greg Bowes that he had engaged in sexual harassment and neglected his work responsibilities. Lewis was later rehired by Bowes' successor, Joseph O'Connor, due to political pressure. Another Democratic councilor, Mary Moriarty Adams, works as the chief financial officer for the assessor's office. Adams' husband is employed by the Marion Co. Sheriff's Department.

According to WRTV, the Democratic caucus has also chosen Brian Mahern, a state employee with the IURC, as its vice-president and Vernon Brown, a fire department battalion chief, as its majority leader. In other words, it's going to be a council of the government, by the government and for the government. Mayor Greg Ballard will be blessed by the weak leadership chosen by the council Democrats. There's nothing like having a loyal opposition running the council over which an elected executive can exert so much leverage. As for the people, surely you still don't believe these people give a damn what you think?

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