Thursday, November 10, 2011

Media Ignores Sheriff Joe's Investigation Of Obama's Eligibility

Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's war against illegal immigration draws media attention all across the country, but his latest legal battle is being completely ignored by the mainstream media. Arpaio got ticked off after Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed a law passed by the Arizona legislature that required all presidential candidates to prove their constitutional eligibility to appear on the state's presidential ballot. Remarkably, no state in the country or the federal government has a law that requires a presidential candidate to provide proof he or she meets the age and natural born citizenship requirement in order to run for the highest office of the land. Arizona was poised to become the nation's first state to enforce the constitutional requirements when Brewer stunned the legislative authors by claiming it represented "a bridge too far" to enforce the U.S. Constitution's presidential eligibility requirements and vetoed the legislation. In response, Arpaio appointed a team of investigators to do what no other elected official in the country has dared to do: investigate Barack Obama's eligibility to serve.

Arpaio says he's used to receiving death threats from the Mexican drug lords ravaging Arizona, but he did not expect to receive death threats from Americans over his investigation of Obama. He is more perplexed by the media ignoring his ongoing investigation of Obama's constitutional eligibility, which he insists is a serious investigation. From WND:

Amid death threats, Maricopa County, Ariz., Sheriff Joe Arpaio is scratching his head over the major media's virtual silence about his decision to investigate Barack Obama's eligibility to run for re-election. 
"Getting death threats is nothing new for me," Arpaio told WND, referring to his national reputation as a tough enforcer of immigration laws. "But why has the media has decided to black out all news of our Obama investigation? That's what I don't understand.
"I'm a controversial guy and usually the media is all over me," he continued, "but when I decided to investigate Obama, the media has suddenly gone missing in action."
Arpaio said that if the media's strategy is to minimize the impact of his investigation by ignoring it, it is not likely to work.
"If the mainstream media thinks our investigation will go away if it remains unreported, they're wrong. The investigation is proceeding, and I fully anticipate we will publish a report early next year."

He said his law enforcement investigation is being professionally conducted and is wide-ranging in scope. It includes an investigation into whether or not Barack Obama is using a fraudulent Social Security number, as WND has previously reported, as well as whether the birth certificate issued by the White House on April 27 is a forgery.

Arpaio said he was also surprised by how vile the threats he has gotten from Obama supporters turn out to be.

"I've got the drug cartels from Mexico sending me death threats," he said, "and now I have the Obama supporters sending me death threats. I'm not sure which are worse."
Arpaio has been scheduled to be a keynote speaker at a Tea Party event in Orlando, Florida this weekend where he plans to outline his ongoing investigation of Obama. Arpaio's investigation has requested that Hawaii officials produce the original microfilm documents that stored Obama's original birth recorded with the state's Department of Health after several forensic document experts determined that the long-form PDF file of Obama's birth certificate produced by the White House was a forgery. Arizona lawmakers quietly passed a state law that would deny access to Obama's birth records even to law enforcement officials who request them as part of an investigation. How bizarre.


Melyssa said...

The media also ignores Ron Paul.

Ron Paul won the Illinois straw poll over the weekend, yet that seems to be pretty much ignored and the talking heads pull Gingrich in to be their 3rd place man as Rick Perry totally implodes.

Meanwhile we hear non stop about Cain's sexual harassment accusers.

Cain gets media because he's the elite's candidate on the right side of the fake fight between Republicans & Democrates.

Ron Paul is the candidate they fear and the only one who is not a puppet.


Marycatherine Barton said...

CIA test-tube bi-racial clone: that is one way in which Wayne Madsen describes Barack Obama. No wonder they let him get away with murder and intimidation. Let's call for Indiana to pass a law, as Gary here writes:

"that requires a presidential candidate to provide proof he or she meets the age and naatural born citizenship requirement in order to run for the highest office of the land".