Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Thief IMPD Refuses To Take Off The Streets

How many black, transgendered thieves/prostitutes can there be roaming the streets of downtown Indianapolis at night plying his/her trade and breaking and entering downtown homes and businesses at will and burglarizing them? Apparently too many for the keystone cops at IMPD to nab the person in the photo above. This individual has repeatedly broken into our building and others downtown. Police have looked at extensive video surveillance catching this thief in the act, but he/she continues to engage in criminal activities downtown with impunity. Last night was no different. After installing a $10,000 magnetic lock system recommended by IMPD to keep the thieves like this one out, this individual simply destroyed one of the historic doors of our building last night in an effort to gain entry. Mayor Ballard and Frank Straub, stop lying to us about crime statistics. I've lived in Indianapolis for more than 20 years. It has never been worse. It is extremely irritating to see so many police officers driving around downtown all the time, while these thieves can go about their criminal activities with impunity. We could give a damn less about your preparations for the Super Bowl. The public safety of your citizens must come first. Unbelievably, police try blaming downtown residents for "lack of awareness" rather than getting off their butts and doing something. We demand action now, Mr. Mayor.



A few years ago my car was stolen. IMPD found the car after it was crashed through a fence. It needed extensive repairs.

Anyway, they had no clue who stole it. After retreiving the car from impound, I pushed the CD eject button to find a homemade rap disc with the name "Pookie" on it. It was also covered with fingerprints.

Gary, when it comes to solving crimes, I don't think IMPD cares enough.

Gary R. Welsh said...

They certainly don't communicate any interest in solving crimes to the victims. They seemed more put out that you expect them come out and write up a police report on it. They would prefer you not bother calling them unless there is a dead body or a rape victim. There's too much work to be done writing traffic tickets and preparing for the Super Bowl.

Downtown Indy said...

To me it looks a bit like Abdul. But since he's not chomping a stogie I'm sure it's not. ;-)

Gary R. Welsh said...

This gal/guy stole a resident's bank card and went on a shopping spree purchasing women's clothing at Circle Centre Mall. Not one store asked for any identification before swiping the card, which clearly bore the name of a woman. Circle Centre Mall security said they could be of no assistance with surveillance video of the person. No store where the bank card fraud took place had security cameras. No, because Simon Malls want people to be able to make purchases in their store with stolen credit and bank cards. They could care less about protecting the security of people's credit or bank accounts. So there's good hint. If you want to use stolen credit and bank cards, go to a Simon Mall. No questions asked. They'll take anything without ID. And their so-called security team will provide no assistance in tracking down the thieves.

Marycatherine Barton said...

From my personal experiences and observations, I too have concluded that IMPD does not care enough about solving crimes. Since the boys and girls in black recommended to your building management that that magnetic lock system would keep the thieves out, the company should ask 'them' to pay for it; $10,000 being very costly, with worse damage the result.

As soon as I learned that FOP endorse Kennedy's candidacy for mayor, I knew for sure that she would lose.

Indy4u2c said...
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Gary R. Welsh said...

The problem is that nobody seems to be responsible for solving crimes; they just want to point the finger at someone else. The neighborhood liaison complains that people who live in the neighborhood aren't reporting the problems to him. Det. McAtee says we're not giving the information to the detective assigned to the case. When a crime occurs, you call the police and police are dispatched to respond. Apparently they think they're suppose to just complete a police report and move on. If you want something done about it, you're suppose to know who is investigating the break-ins in your area and call him separately to report the crimes. That detective is not following up on what I would consider to be the logical leads he should be pursuing based on the information we've provided him in the past. The police haven't even asked for the surveillance video from the latest break-in. Apparently it's our responsibility to get it to the police; they're not going to make any effort to retrieve it, even though the police who responded to the call were shown what was on the surveillance video. The guys that come out to take the report want to just tell you what you're doing wrong to allow people to break into your property as if it's your fault the crime is happening. There are cops loafing all over the downtown area all the time doing absolutely nothing. You see them just sitting in their cars or hanging out at Starbucks or eating with their buddies at a local restaurant/pub. These guys who are doing the break-ins can be seen in plain sight. They've been ID's numerous times by surveillance videos, but these police claim they have no grounds to stop and question them. If someone is riding a bicycle downtown after midnight, there is a very good chance they are up to no good. The police officers just want to sit in their cruisers, play around with their laptops and talk on their cell phones. The whole concept of working a beat seems foreign to these guys. If you don't get out of your car except to write a ticket, then you're not doing anyone any good.

Indy4u2c said...
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Gary R. Welsh said...

Here is the online feedback I gave the Department:

• I am writing to complain about how your police department has done nothing to stem dozens of break-ins into our downtown condominum building. We have provided your officers with security video footage and reported numerous incidents and they could care less about nabbing, in particular, one person who has repeatedly broken into our building and cost us tens of thousands of dollars in damages. The neighborhood police officer is completely useless. He blames the residents for the problem. There is simply no law enforcement effort taking place in our neighborhood at all to stop this person from engaging in criminal activity. It's obvious that people can no longer count on their police department. Our taxpayer dollars are completely wasted on preparations for the Super Bowl and other activities that do nothing to aid in the public safety of our city. Stop lying to us about the crime statistics. Crime is going through the roof in this city. You aren't fooling us.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Here's another story about the crime plaguing Indianapolis truckers from WISH-TV's website:

Quiz any trucker, and they will openly confess they have a tough job. Their duties have become a little more strenuous thanks to some sneaky thieves. Over the past week suspects clipped hundreds of cables, all to get to the batteries.

“It’s ridiculous. This business is hard enough to make a profit,” said Demond Henry, who owns Henry Trucking.

Just this week alone, Warren Township schools canceled classes after 28 buses were stripped of their batteries. Thieves also sidelined nine cement trucks in Beech Grove the same way.

“It has to be the same person," Henry said. "They already got all the trucks from the north side. They left us alone and went to the south side.”

According to police reports, the thieves cut through fences to get to the trucks that carry $120 batteries. Investigators believe the suspects break down the batteries to obtain the metal inside, then sell that to a scrap yard.

The thefts leave the trucks with serious problems.

“I have one truck that is having electrical problems because of how they cut the batteries,” said Carol Ward, owner of Ward Trucking.

So far, no one has been arrested in the Warren Township thefts. Police said the best way to protect from these types of thefts is to lock vehicles up in a garage or fenced area, or chain up your batteries.