Sunday, November 13, 2011

O'Keefe Strikes Again: Exposes Media Bias

A cub reporter for James O'Keefe's Project Veritas captured Pulitzer prize-winning reporter for the New Jersey Star-Ledger, Amy Nutt, disparaging Gov. Chris Christie, whom she described as an "asshole", a "bully" and a "liar." Nutt made the comments to the cub reporter she says she believed was a student at an event hosted by Columbia Journalism School. She agreed with the young reporter that it was important to re-elect President Barack Obama and that it helped that Christie, "the great white hope," would not be a candidate for president. Nutt, who is also an adjunct faculty member at the Columbia Journalism School, refused to meet with O'Keefe to discuss her comments about Christie. In a brief telephone interview she told him that it was a private conversation and it was unethical for the person she mistakenly believed to be a student to record the conversation without her permission. Other professors and the dean of the school were less than willing to discuss with O'Keefe Nutt's bias and views towards the politician she covered in her regular job as a reporter. One of the faculty members, who is also a Pulitzer prize winner, sent O'Keefe an e-mail that read: "Hey, shitheads . . . Fuck you, man. Bring it on." Classy operation they're running at Obama's alma mater.


Marycatherine Barton said...

I so appreciate citizen journalists who approach the "high and mighty" and ask them pertinent questions on camera. Keep on doing that, young and those not-s0-young people.

Downtown Indy said...

"He's a bully and a liar. But he's really good, talking. He's charismatic. People fall for it."

Dang, that sure sounds familiar.