Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Republicans Hit Back At Poulakidas' Illegal Mailing Attack Against Scales

The Republican Party hit back hard against the dirty direct mail pieces with which District 4 Democratic City-County Council candidate Kostas Poulakidas and the Democrats have been blanketing voters in their effort to unseat Republican Councilor Christine Scales. One mailer takes to task post cards mailed to the district voters that illegally impersonate Scales. It reads:
"Why would Kostas Poulakidas forge his opponent's name?
"Because Kostas Poulakidas will say and do anything to try to get elected.  
Kostas Poulakidas fraudulently mailed a postcard to voters to try to smear his opponent for City-County Council.  He didn't just lie about her record. Kostas Poulakidas actually forged his opponent's name, committing a Class C felony.
It's true, it's illegal and it's disappointing.
Shouldn't we expect more?
Vote NO to Kostas Poulakidas for City County Council.
A second direct mail piece from the Republican Party hits Poulakidas for raising money for his campaign from Washington, D.C. lobbyists. It reads:
Why Has Kostas Poulakidas Taken Thousands of Dollars from Washington D.C Insiders?
Because Kostas Poulakidas is one of them.
Kostas Poulakidas spent years as a Washington D.C insider. Now his lobbyist and special interest group friends from Washington D.C want to buy him a seat on the Indianapolis City County Council.
Lobbyists spend millions of dollars each year trying to convince our elected officials to waste your tax money to help line their pockets.  They promote out-of-control spending that has put our country in the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression.  We can't afford to have a Councillor who wants to bring Washington D.C style spending to Indianapolis.
Let's tell Kostas and his lobbyist pals that your City-County Council seat is not for sale.
Vote NO to Kostas Poulakidas for City County Council.
Message sent.

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Indy4u2c said...

"Corruption is as corruption does."

--The Democrat Machine