Wednesday, June 24, 2015

More Problems Ahead For Blue Indy

Advance Indiana has learned folks are beginning to ask questions about Mayor Greg Ballard's authority to declare designated parking areas on Indianapolis city streets for exclusive use by Blue Indy or any other business for that matter. Some are questioning whether Mayor Ballard had any legal authority to do that at all without council authorization. The special parking permit authorized by Mayor Ballard for Blue Indy on Washington Street is actually designated a "no parking" zone under city code. We are hearing that a council resolution may be in the works that would order the Blue Indy cars removed from Washington Street. That's in addition to the problem with the electric cars not even been approved for use on American highways by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Does this lawlessness surprise anyone? When you have nothing to fear from Curry or the US Attorney you can do whatever you want.

Anonymous said...

If a private citizen parked a car in the same location, I guarantee you it would be towed away in less than 24 hours....but those Blue Indy cars meet the City Code definition of abandoned vehicle and have been there for months!

Haul them away!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary, Thanks for the post. I moved back here after many years away and was shocked at just how compliant everybody is here. Media and politicians follow the public and the public in Indianapolis demands absolutely nothing so that's what they get. I've had enough. This could be a really nice city but it won't be because most people who live here buy into the BS they're spoofed and think things are just dandy the way they are.