Thursday, June 18, 2015

Star Has 10 Suggestions For Staying Fit While Drinking Beer And Wine

In keeping with its daily tradition of urging all of its readers to consume alcohol, the Indianapolis Star has a story today offering ten ways you can stay fit while downing your beer or wine. "I don't think beer pong qualifies as cardio," Star reporter Amy Haneline deadpans. Why not? Beer pong typically leads to sex and what better way to exercise than to top off a drinking game with a romp in the sack.

In all seriousness, The Star is worried because Indianapolis is the least fit major metro area. "But, we all know alcohol is not the best for our waistlines," Haneline writes. "And there's a reason beer is called 'liquid bread.' And wine, well, it's only heart-healthy for the first glass." For the first time I noticed The Star added this disclosure to its latest story promoting alcohol consumption: "Alcoholic beverage consumption is only for people 21 and older."

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing attention to this Gary. It's another cost of the so-called convention/sports economy that is passed on to the taxpayer and buried as if it doesn't exist. We pay for it in a variety of ways. Keep them drunk and they won't notice how badly they're getting screwed seems to be the mantra from the city and state. Trouble is, it works really well here.