Thursday, June 11, 2015

More Hoosier Medical Records Breached In Computer Hacking Incident

A computer hacker successfully breached medical records maintained by a Fort Wayne medical software company last month, exposing the personal information of the patients of all of its medical provider clients. Medical Informatics Engineering says the hack incident began on May 7 but wasn't detected until May 26. The exposed information included names, birth dates, Social Security numbers and health records. The firm's clients included Indianapolis' Franciscan St. Francis Health, Fort Wayne Neurological Center and Gynecology Center, Inc. of Fort Wayne. The software company tells the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette the number of affected patients has not yet been determined. The FBI is investigating the incident.


Anonymous said...


I just had a legal thought unconnected to any current post.

I saw where IMPD just collected a large value of marijuana in a South Side raid. Given that this marijuana will have no value for taxpayers if destroyed, why does Marion County not sell confiscated weed to dispensaries in Colorado, Oregon, Washington, or D.C. to retain some value for Marion County taxpayers?

Gary R. Welsh said...

I'm not sure, but I assume Colorado has a regulatory scheme for licensed growers and dispensaries who could not and would not want a product that came from outside that distribution chain.