Monday, June 01, 2015

Hogsett Hits Airwaves With First TV Spot: "Man On A Mission"

The Democratic candidate for Indianapolis mayor, Joe Hogsett, is getting an early start. He hits the airwaves with his first TV spot more than five months before the election. It touts his record as U.S. Attorney prosecuting gun crimes and child pornographers while setting a new standard by cutting spending by his office. Glowing comments attributed to Star political columnist Matthew Tully are sprinkled throughout the ad. How long will it take for someone to complain about his use of Marion Co. Sheriff's deputies in uniform in his ad?


Anonymous said...

Gun crimes and porno?

That's a "core issue?" That's a track record of success or cleaning up Indy?

Meanwhile, the law firms and power boys steal billions from the City's treasury.

Just because your ad has a beat and a harsh announcer doesn't mean the words in it make any sense.

Anonymous said...

Since that was a staged ad and not actual courthouse footage, are uniformed cops allowed to appear in it? Seems like ghost employment.

Oh, I see you already spotted that, Gary.

Anonymous said...

Is he still pretending to be married to her?


Anonymous said...

The whole "in uniform thing" has been a continuing issue for the Dems. The issue is no one brings it out in the MSM that it violates not only Federal Law, but State Law as well.

All in the add are part of the "Layton crew".

Sir Hailstone said...

I noticed in the ad the person leading an orange jumpsuit wearing "prisoner" was in a white uniform and the shoulder patches seemed rather generic, but resembled Ohio corrections officer insignia. But you did see MCSD in uniform standing over the semi-automatic "illegal" guns.

The graphics in the ad had a couple misspellings - "Blufton" instead of "Bluffton".

And since when did Matt Tully resign from the Star to become Hogsett's press secretary?