Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Judicial Nominating Commission Sends Three Candidates To Governor For Court Of Appeals Vacancy

The Indiana Judicial Nominating Commission interviewed eight candidates today to fill the vacancy created by the retirement of long-time Second District Court of Appeals Judge Ezra Friedlander. Following today's interview, the commission members met and selected three candidates to forward to Gov. Mike Pence from which he will make his choice. Those candidates include Marion Co. Superior Court Judge Robert Altice, Jr., Wabash Superior Court Judge Christopher Goff and Patricia McMath of the Marion Co. Public Defender Agency. Candidates interviewed but not recommended to the Governor by the Commission included: Marion Co. Superior Court Judge Gary Miller, Indianapolis attorneys Bryan Ciyou and David Pippen, Deputy Attorney General Steven Creason and IU-Indy law professor Joel Schumm


Anonymous said...

Bob Altice is the clear choice! He has integrity, honesty, and he is not afraid to make the tough calls.

Anonymous said...

all of the candidates except Goff have a Marion County/Indpls perspective.

A Judge on Court of Appeals panels has to follow applicable
precedent from both US Supreme Court and Indiana Supreme Court
cases, regardless of their own personal opinions, and also be prepared
to work with other Judges in a non-partisan manner.