Thursday, October 24, 2013

Third Time Is A Charm For Former State Trooper Accused Of Killing Wife And Children

Former Indiana State Trooper David Camm has twice been convicted by a jury of killing his wife and two children at their Georgetown, Indiana home in 2000. Camm was convicted in 2002 by a Johnson County jury of committing the killings, but he won a right to a new trial on appeal in 2004 due to improper testimony the prosecution was allowed to offer. Police re-charged Camm and later a second man, Charles Boney, who had told police that he had been at the Camm home when the murders were committed for the purpose of selling a gun. Camm and Boney initially were to be tried together but Camm's attorney later won the right to have his case tried separately. Both men were found guilty in separate trials, but Camm appealed for a new trial based on utterances made by the prosecutor during closing arguments that Camm had allegedly molested his daughter. In 2009, the Indiana Supreme Court agreed and granted Camm a new trial. Today, a jury hearing the case for the third time agreed with Camm's long-held contention that he was innocent of the charges and acquitted him. Boney is still serving a 225-year sentence for the murders.

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