Friday, October 04, 2013

Capitol Police Officer's Keystone Moment

I'm not sure why this Capitol Police officer thought his car could crash the barrier erected by his own police department, but he did. The officer, who was not seriously injured, was responding to a short high-speed chase with a deranged Connecticut woman who first tried to penetrate the White House grounds before fleeing at a high speed in the direction of the Capitol Building. In this second video, you see the moment police drew their guns after the woman's car struck a barricade. Watch how easily she escapes after being blocked by a police cruiser and police officers fire at her as she flees.    

UPDATE: It looks like Miriam Carey, the woman shot dead by Capitol Police, has a lot in common with the Navy Yard shooter. She was being treated for mental depression and believe she was being electronically monitored by President Obama. From ABC News:
According to sources Carey believed she was the "prophet of Stamford" and was capable of communicating with Obama.
Her mother, Idella Carrey, told ABC News that her daughter had been hospitalized after suffering post-partum depression.
On Dec. 10, 2012, police were called to Carey's home by her boyfriend Eric Francis, 54, father of her baby. Francis told police Carey was emotionally disturbed and he believed his daughter was in danger, according to sources.
Carey told police President Obama had placed Stamford on lockdown and had arranged to have her home electronically monitored and her life broadcast on television, sources said.
Police handcuffed Carey and remanded her for a mental health evaluation. According to sources, Carey had a family history of schizophrenia and was taking medication for a mental illness.
On Dec. 21, Francis again called police to report his girlfriend was "off her medication" and acting erratically.
In January, the source said, a state social worker met with Carey and Francis and Francis told the social worker that Carey was "100 percent back to normal." Carey told the social worker she had been diagnosed with post-partum depression, was on prescription medication, and was receiving treatment, the source said.
Does anyone else get the distinct impression that everything that happens in Washington anymore is like witnessing the endless production of a bad movie that just won't end?


Downtown Indy said...

The only thing I can figure is he thought they were retractable and somebody was going to lower them before he rammed through.

Or... He's just an idiot.

Marycatherine Barton said...

And frugga jugga is posting and commenting, with visuals at YouTube, about why he thinks this Capitol shooting is another diabolical hoax.