Monday, October 21, 2013

Walkup Resigns From Ivy Tech Board Over Raunchy E-Mails

The disclosure by the Indianapolis Star of raunchy e-mails Ivy Tech board member Bruce Walkup sent to others, including then-DNR Director Rob Carter over a one-year period, has resulted in Walkup's resignation from the board he once chaired. Walkup's resignation occurred after Gov. Mike Pence condemned his e-mails earlier in the day, although he refused to say whether he would ask for his resignation. According to the Star, Walkup released a short resignation statement this evening. “I have informed the Governor’s office that I am resigning from my position on the board of trustees effective immediately,” the statement said.

Gov. Pence tells the Star that he has asked the state's Inspector General David Thomas to investigate whether any state ethics rules were violated in special hunting privileges Carter handed out to Walkup while he was pursing a high-paid job in charge of security for Ivy Tech. State House observers have to laugh at the idea Thomas is going to do anything. After all, virtually every noteworthy complaint that has been filed with his office for investigation falls into a deep hole never to see the light of day again. I frankly can't recall a single thing he's done since Gov. Mitch Daniels appointed him to the newly-created office that justifies his existence. I honestly believe that he sees it as his job to cover up embarrassing scandals that would paint the administration in a bad light. He's certainly done little to root out corruption in state government.


Anonymous said...

This guy needs to have his state issued cell phone, laptop, I-pad
and any other electronic toys taken away from him. If he drives a state issued vehicle, maybe a reporter can also follow him around to see which gentlemen's clubs and massage parlors that the vehicle is parked at.

Anonymous said...

Darn shame. Another Liberal effeminate attack on masculinity.

We really need to start telling the shrieking, shrill little Liberals to shut up when they hiss over men being men.

Gary R. Welsh said...

If you're referring to Walkup, anon 3:11, he's not an employee; he's an unpaid board member.

Septly said...

Anonymous, there is no "attack on masulinity" going on. I don't know what rock you crawled out from under, but even in 1950 this sort of unprofessional behavior by a public official would not be tolerated.

Walkup is free is to be a bore and a jerk on his own time, but not on the taxpayers' time when he is acting in his capacity as a public offical. Walkup also improperly used his position to get his little friend Rob Carter a $120,000 a year taxpayer funded job.

Finally, Anonymous, if your idea of masculinity is being crude and vulgar and putting other people down while you are supposed to be working as a professional, then you need to go find a role model and learn how to act like a real man.

Anonymous said...

Don't get yer panties in a bunch, Darlin'. Let me give you a little smack on the bottom to let you know you're still a peach.

You'd have been lost in 1950 with all those war vets running things.

Septly said...

Anonymous, I am a guy who doesn't wear panties, and I am not interested in your smacking my bottom. You are welcome to get on the Web and find some dude who is in to S&M, if that is what turns you on.

You can spout all the nonsense you like, but your friend Walkup got his wake-up call, even Gov. Pence called him out and told him to resign.

As for living in 1950, I would have done just fine. Most of the men in my family are war vets who all know how to behave like real grown men, not little kids.