Tuesday, October 01, 2013

IMS Announces Grand Prix Race Next May

The IMS is going to resurrect a Grand Prix race with its Indy Car series at the Speedway next May 10 to create more activity at the Speedway during the month of May in addition to the running of its signature race Memorial Day weekend. The existing road coarse designed for Formula One racing will be modified as part of a $5 million project. Tickets for the inaugural race go on sale October 14.

Grand Prix of Indianapolis Track Details


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of sleazeballs. IMS has always kept other tracks from hosting a May race to keep any event from diluting the Indy 500. Tony George complained that CART scheduled May races as a direct attack on the stupid Indy 500.

May is the best weather of the year, and it's a fantastic time to host an auto race, but instead of letting another facility have this great date, IMS poaches it for itself. Sleazeballs.

I just spent $100 million at IMS. I don't need to buy a ticket.

If IMS were smart, they'd acclimate the public to the road course and turn the road race into the Indy 500.

Oval racing is too dangerous, for fans and participants. It's also boring and monotonous.

Anonymous said...

Gary, any race, oval or road, can be a "grand prix." "Grand prix" is not synonymous with "road race."

Anonymous said...

One last comment: wow, did they dumb down the F1 course for these crapwagons. Moto GP had some interesting revisions. This road course is so easy, it's a joke. IRL cars are already the easiest cars to drive in all of racing. This "road course" is an embarrassment.