Saturday, May 08, 2010

Will Lawrence's Wastewater Treatment Plans Affect Ballard's Utility Sale?

A very brief story in the Indianapolis Star yesterday mentioned plans by the City of Lawrence to build its own wastewater treatment facility. The story notes the closure of an old plant several years ago. I'm not sure of the economic impact on the proposed sale of the City's wastewater and water utilities to Citizens Energy, and the story makes no mention of it. Indianapolis' water company is currently under contract to provide wastewater treatment services to Lawrence, which has its own water company. With the consolidation of utilities contemplated by the sale to Citizens Energy, it doesn't seem Mayor Paul Ricketts is on the same page as Mayor Greg Ballard. I suspect if you dig deeply enough you will find the City of Lawrence is being given advice by some of the same players at the table collecting fees for the proposed deal with Citizens Energy.

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