Sunday, May 02, 2010

Obama's Cheating Scandal

The National Enquirer is reporting on a possible dalliance President Barack Obama had with a former female campaign staffer, 35-year-old Vera Baker. The tabloid claims there is evidence of an Obama rendezvous with Baker at a D.C. hotel in 2004. The tabloid claims a limo driver has verified that he took Baker to meet with Obama at the hotel where he was staying in 2004. Sound familiar? Larry Sinclair claimed a Chicago limo driver hooked him up with Obama many years ago before he became a prominent figure in Illinois politics for sex and drugs. It might be easy to dismiss this report; however, I would remind folks that the National Enquirer broke the John Edwards cheating scandal that all of the mainstream media ignored. It stuck with the story and proved he had fathered an out-of-wedlock child with a campaign staffer.


Marycatherine Barton said...

Whatever would we do without the National Enquirer? And here Rev. James Manning has been reporting that the only woman ever publicly known to have been intimately connected with our president, is Michelle.

I wonder if the Enquirer plans to cover the trial against Obama that Manning has planned for the week of May 14, in Harlem. You can learn more at Manning's website.

Melyssa said...

Something tells me the National Enquirer has its ducks in a row on this story.

Weren't they considered for a Pulitizer for the Edwards story?

Blog Admin said...

Melyssa, to be considered, you just have to pay the $50 fee.

However, as Gary pointed out, the Enquirer is sensationalistic, but not a flat out lie. It's not satire like the Onion, and has never published bat-boy like stories. It's either broken, or covered extensively before most of the media, Monica Lewinsky, Tiger Woods, Bristol Palin's pregnancy, and the aforementioned Edwards affair.

Right now, it doesn't look too good since they've already retracted about the existence of the video.

However, I wouldn't be too surprised if this did end up being true. If not in this particular instance, at some point. I read a piece several years ago on Newsmax that most POTUS of the 20th century had affairs, but the Secret Service kept many quiet in previous decades.

Blog Admin said...

Found the piece. From 2001. Surprised I remembered it.