Sunday, May 16, 2010

Terrorist-Backed Muslim Contestant Named Miss USA

The Miss USA pageant tonight at Las Vegas' Hard Hard Rock Resort & Casino just named Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih, as the new Miss USA. Fakih is a Shi'ite Muslim who fellow blogger Debbie Schlussel has documented has many family members with ties to the terrorist group, Hezbollah, including some who serve as top officials. Schlussel reported on how Fakih used her pageant bid at a forum to promote the Islamic subjugation of women. The Lebanese native currently lives in Dearborn, Michigan, home to one of the country's largest Muslim-American communities. Schlussel claims intelligence sources as citing three of her relatives as top officials in Hezbollah. Eight of her family members have been killed by Israeli soldiers while combatting the terrorist group. Schlussel also documents that one of the pageant's sponsors, Farouk Systems, is owned by Palestininian Farouk Shami, who has publicly stated he would not hire whites because they don't work hard, boasted of his father killing Israelis and believes that the U.S. government, not Muslim terrorists, may have been behind the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center. His views can be viewed here when he ran unsuccessfully as a Democrtic candidate for governor of Texas recently. See Schlussel's reaction here. Check out full coverage at on this developing story.

Controversy erupted at last year's Miss USA pageant, which is owned by Donald Trump, after the first runner up, California's Carrie Prejean, stated her personal opposition to same-sex marriages after being questioned by controversial gay gossip blogger, Perez Hilton. Hilton, a judge at the pageant, later used his blog to trash her response. In the wake of the controversy, California pageant officials stripped Prejean of her crown and pressure mounted on Trump to disqualify her as well. Prejean sued the pageant officials, which entered into an undisclosed out-of-court settlement with her. During Shami's questioning by a judge tonight, she stated her belief that health insurance should cover the cost of birth control pills for women. Miss Oklahoma, tonight's first runner up no doubt lost out in the competition after she gave a politically incorrect answer to a question about Arizona's new law on illegal immigrants--she supports it and states' rights in general. Unlike Miss Michigan, Miss Oklahoma didn't stumble and almost fall while modeling her gown to judges.

In the past, Trump agreed to move the Miss Universe competition, which he also owns, out of Dubai, United Arab Emirates after the Islamic nation refused to allow Miss Israel to be admitted to compete in the pageant. This year's competition had already generated controversy after official photos of the contestants were taken having them dressed and posing as prostitutes. So how will Americans, particularly the victims of 9/11 family members, react to the crowning of a terrorist-backed Muslim as the new Miss USA? Will the mainstream media spend as much time discussing her controversial support of Islamic treatment of women as second class citizens and her family's terrorist ties as they did Prejean's views on same-sex marriage? Or will they completely ignore it for the sake of political correctness? I'm betting on the latter.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that our new Miss USA is a stripper pole dancer champion as well. How fitting.


Marycatherine Barton said...

I am sure that Debbie Schlussel hates my guts as well. Since Ms. Fakih answered the question about birth control pills, that she thinks that insurance carriers should pay for them, to help the individual female, I doubt that she is for the subjugation of women.

interestedparty said...

Who pays any attention to so-called beauty pageants anymore?

Gary R. Welsh said...

I'm sure Miss Oklahoma's chances of winning were dashed as soon as she gave that answer, just like Prejean's answer cost her the competition last year. She'll probably get the last laugh.

Hoosier in the Heartland said...

Well, Ms. Schlussel certainly has a reputation for bashing any Muslim in Michigan (especially Dearborn), so I'm not sure I'd be certain her facts were correct. She specializes in incendiary reporting.

Marycatherine Barton said...

I so agree with your comment of 10:31, AI.

If ever you want to talk about the perpetrators of 9/11, you have my email. The 9/11 Commission was an expensively perpetrated farce, and its Report a prepared bundle of lies, and America deserves much, much better.