Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A Day At The Polls

I worked as an election judge at my precinct in Lockerbie. Turnout was about average and closely divided between Republicans and Democrats. There were 165 votes cast for the day, including 89 Democrats and 77 Republicans. My precinct is typically pretty indicative of the county-wide vote. Coats carried my precinct with 40% of the vote and Stutzman trailed with about 30% of the vote. It looks like the Marion Co. Republican Party came through big for May in the 7th District congressional race, but the race for sheriff is extremely tight between Fishburn and McAtee. Marion Co. Democrats delivered big for their slated candidates, Curry and Layton. I'll share the results with you. They are as follows:

Senate (Republican)

Coats (30)
Stutzman (22)
Hostettler (16)
Behney (5)
Bates (2)

House District 7 (Republican)

May (43)
Scott (21)
Harmon (5)

Sheriff (Republican)

Fishburn (38)
McAtee (37)

Prosecutor (Democrat)

Curry (57)
Bowes (27)

Sheriff (Democrat)

Layton (56)
Brown (26)


Vox Populi said...

Looks like Scott won the nomination again. He's been on the ballot for what, the last 15 years or more? Sorry your guy May didn't make it.

Blog Admin said...

Who in the world voted for Scott over May? Is name recognition really that powerful? Does anybody honestly believe Marvin Scott has what it takes to come close to beating Carson in an election?

Gary R. Welsh said...

It's a complete embarrassment. I will never vote for Marvin Scott for any office ever again.

Covenant60 said...

Dem turnout is about 28000. GOP turnout is about 40000.

Vox Populi said...

The Democrats didn't have any marquee races. Republicans had intense races for many offices, including Senate, several congressional races, and the Sheriff's race. Of course Republican turnout was higher.

I'm a Dem who didn't vote but will definitely be at the polls in Nov.

Covenant60 said...

Wyser lost.

Carlos F. Lam said...

Name ID is VERY powerful. It helped Scott and Coats today.

artfuggins said...

MARVIN SCOTT is a loser and a whiner. How could the GOP not nominate an energetic, up and coming republican like Carlos May. Maybe Scott's whisper campaign about May's immigration status paid off for him.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Unfortunately, Michael, the state GOP is about to nominate Charlie White to the SOS office. He will bring the Brizzi-Wyser style corruption to that office if he is successful.

Russ said...

I couldn't vote for either of the candidates for sheriff... Fishburn is using his son for sympathy, and McAtee is simply a disgrace.

I also didn't vote for any of the Wayne Township trustee, constable, or small claims court... after seeing the media finally pin down King Baird on his spending habits, there is no way I will ever affirm anything that goes on down there. Township government is corrupt, but outside 465 we seem to be stuck with what we get.

When I started doing my research over the weekend, I couldn't believe how many bad candidates there were on the ballot. Coats is the worst of the lot. Interesting that Stutzman beat him in Marion County according to the Star.

The only bright light I saw yesterday was that Becky Williams is on the ballot, and hopefully we can get someone in the assessor's office who has a clue about what the job really entails, something we haven't had in a while.