Monday, May 10, 2010

Carl Brizzi And The Tajanay Bailey Case

Many of you will recall the tragic killing of 3-year-old Tajanay Bailey in November, 2007. She was beaten to death by her mother's live-in boyfriend at the troubled Phoenix Apartments where she and her mother lived. Subsequent new stories told a troubling tale of how case workers for the Indiana Department of Child Services had badly failed in their mission to protect children like Tajanay. According to a story in the Indianapolis Star, Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi expressed deep concern about DCS's handling of the case and promised a complete and full investigation. Specifically, Brizzi wanted to know why DCS officials had failed to notify police after they learned Tajanay had been physically abused in the home in 2006 and why she had been returned to that same home. At the time Brizzi made those comments, Tajanay's tragic killing was all over the news. As time passed, we never heard from Brizzi again about DCS.

We now know that DCS entered into a lease agreement with L&BAB LLC in 2008 to lease a 13,000 square foot building for $248,500 a year that the business had acquired in Elkhart, Indiana only five months after the company purchased the building in February, 2008 and just three months after Brizzi said he planned to investigate DCS' handling of the Tajanay Bailey case. According to the IBJ, the 50-50 owners of L&BAB are Carl Brizzi and Paul Page. Brizzi was not required to pay anything to L&BAB for his 50 percent stake in the company. The deal raised eyebrows of many people in the legal community, largely because Page represented a number of criminal defense clients adverse to Brizzi's office at the time and other questions have been raised about whether Brizzi cut favors for Page's clients. Did the investigation of DCS' handling of the Tajanay Bailey case suffer because of the business deal Brizzi and his partner struck with the agency? It's a fair question to ask in light of recent disclosures about decisions his office has made.


Indy4U2C said...

Quid pro quo.

"We can resolve the matter to our mutual benefit."


IndyNorth2South said...

This makes it obvious what Brizzi's 50% Equity in the State DCS Lease Deal was.

Drop DCS issue - Get DCS Lease.


Unknown said...

Oh, I think there is more to the story.

On November 23rd, less than 24 hours before the FBI raid of Tim Durham, someone went racing up to Goshen, Indiana, home of the recorder's office for Elkhart, and filed a new, purported mortgage for BAB Equity as mortgagee and L & BAB Equity as Mortgager, which makes no sense since Huntington Bank had a mortgage on the property.

It made no sense to me until I saw the trustee report yesterday in the involuntary bankruptcy filed against Tim Durham. It is clear the trustee intends to go back after every single person who reaped anything of tangible value from TD. Whether Carl did or not, outside the massive campaign contributions and timely tips on Cellstar and Red Rock, remains to be seen. But, considering the timing--November 23rd being not only the day before the raid but also the start of Thanksgiving week, as well as the fact that Goshen is no easy drive....well, it sure makes you wonder if there is something more to the story, such as Paul PAGE cashing out Carl in advance of the FBI raid in case Carl got arrested, as well as what is the story behind this new mortgage for BAB Equity, I MEAN why would you lend to yourself?

And, if this theory has any merit, why would Carl be worried about getting arrested in connection with Tim Durham?

Marycatherine Barton said...

And it would have been so easy for Carl to keep his promise and investigate DCS's handling of the Tajanay Bailey case, the poor child. Have you no shame, Brizzi?

Brizzonator said...


Lets see a 2nd mortgage gets recorded... Did they violate a Huntington loan covenant? Did Babs Equity (Mortgagor) actually give any consideration? Is it possible the Brizz and Page are "shifting assets" i.e. watering out the equity so Page's shares are worthless... Wonder why?

Hmmm search Charlotte County, FL and Collier County, FL clerk of court records...

IndyNorth2South said...

This is such a significant story. The Times blog picked this up today which I believe speaks to its universal significance with regards to Public Trust. With that being said, I think the question needs to be asked
- Could Carl Brizzi have initiated all of this on his own?
At the time a most significant bill, HB 1001, a tax reform bill, was drafted and expected to pass in March of 2008. HB 1001 gave greater financial control to DCS. 1001 opened the door for an appropriation of $240 Million to DCS and would require Counties to maximize Federal Reimbursements for the DCS program. Chief Justice Shepard stated, "The result is better for children as a result of Judicial involvement". Chief Justice Shepard was appointed by Governor Daniels to represent and oversee the states interest in HB1001.... what ever happened to separation of powers? .... and what was Shepard’s real role?
So back to November 2007. The Indianapolis Star runs an article outlining Brizzi's interest in investigating the Tajanay Bailey Death. Outlined correctly by this blog – the Star reported that, Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi expressed deep concern about DCS's handling of the case and promised a complete and full investigation.
By way of this story and others printed by the Indianapolis Star, Carl Brizzi’s intent to investigate DCS seems clear. So what happened to the investigation Carl?

The Times’ Blog states – “Here's another question worth considering : What role, if any, did Mark Massa play in influencing Brizzi's so-called investigation into DCS's mishandling of Tajanay's death?”

The question is : Was Brizzi visited by someone expressing concerns that the investigation of Tajanay Bailey’s death could compromise the $240 Million Dollar influx of tax payer dollars to the State of Indiana?

The answer to this question could explain the opportunity Carl Brizzi had dropped in his lap for being granted a 2.5 Million Dollar Lease with DCS in a city a hundred and fifty miles away from Indianapolis.

Can this all be just a Remarkable Coincidence?