Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Indy's Murder Rate Climbing

Last night's triple homicide on the City of Indianapolis' northeast side brings the murder count for the year to 51. At that rate, the City can expect about 142 homicides for the year, the worst since 2006 when the number topped 160 for the year. Typically, as the summer months heat up, so does the number of murders. Mayor Greg Ballard blamed former Mayor Bart Peterson for the crime problem as a candidate. Ballard promised to make public safety job one. He's spent a lot of money on public safety, but the results are less than impressive to date. I'm wondering when the website Bartlies.com, which keeps a running tab on murders, will change its name to Greglies.com.

UPDATE: Here's Ballard's answer to the crime problem:

The faith-based community and the City of Indianapolis Front Porch Alliance with the support of Deputy Mayor Olgen Williams are calling all faith-based leaders to come together for Prayer on the Circle at 11:30 a.m. Friday, May 14. The non-denominational, faith-based initiative aims to achieve a peaceful, community response against crime and to stop the violence in neighborhoods.

"It takes working together with the community to address any social issue, but especially when it comes to public safety. This is a prayer for unity and a show of community support toward keeping the City safe and demonstrating our intolerance for crime," said Deputy Mayor Williams. "We are here to assist and encourage individuals to make better choices, to lead a life away from crime. In this joined effort with City officials and citizens, we are sending a united voice against violence and criminal activity."


Downtown Indy said...

Where's the ACLU? We're mixing religion and government here.

Wilson46201 said...

The ICLU is at 1031 East Washington St. It can be reached via telephone at 317-635-4059 ext. 102. Call and offer to help them prevent mixing religion and government!

Indy4U2C said...

Want to keep our city safe? Well, I have an answer. Find some judges who put criminals in prison! Marion County judges are notoriously soft on criminals.

The following stories come to mind:

*Criminal given an ankle bracelet for a Felony Firearm charge breaks into a home, holds a man with two small children hostage, calls a get-away driver when he sees police in the area...gets caught when a small child escapes to tell police "there's a bad man in my house!" Criminal arrested on new charge for the home invasion, but not held in prison for violating the Felony Firearms charge for which he was put on "probation"...police found his agreement signed less than a week earlier in which the criminal acknowledged his probation terms in the original car the criminal used to get to the crime scene.

*Wesley Daniels convicted of burglary and suspected serial burglar was released on "home detention" to prey on our community. He was spotted by an alert crime watch member trying to find his next burglary victim, approaching a home where the resident was at work.

*Brandon Alexander, who has terrorized The Meadows for years was released on bond pending sentencing for a felony in The Meadows. Guess who didn't show up for sentencing?

The liberal judges need to be accountable for neglecting a duty to put criminals away and keep our community safe!

Indy4U2C said...

After consideration...the above repeat offenders could not have performed their domestic terrorism, and invaded homes in Hamilton County, IN. Why is it that Marion County judges keep releasing these predators and other county judges put them in prison?