Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Council Democrats Reject Race-Baiting Appeal

When City-County Council Democrats caucused to pick their new minority leader, the much-anticipated stand-off between outgoing CCC President Monroe Gray and Vice President Joanne Sanders fizzled after Gray withdrew his name from consideration. In Gray's place, a source close to Democratic council members tells me Vernon Brown, a firefighter, nominated Cherrish Pryor, a county worker in the Auditor's Office with less than a year of experience on the council under her belt. What transpired after Brown placed Pryor's name in nomination provoked a heated racial debate within the caucus according to the source.

White council members were quickly put on the defensive by a race-baiting appeal on the part of Brown to support Pryor's candidacy. "We need a black sitting at the table," Brown is quoted as saying. White female councilors were infuriated at references to their "white women" in the caucus status by Brown. In the end, the racist appeal failed miserably. Only four African-American Democrats backed Pryor, including her own vote. Dane Mahern became the odd man out by abstaining from voting on the minority leader. The source says Mahern cited Sanders' rumored interest in seeking the 7th District congressional seat as the reason for abstaining. However, the most-often mentioned 7th District candidate, Andre Carson, cast his vote for Sanders, which gives you an idea how this will play out for him. Carson definitely gets the "play of the week" award for backing Sanders and bringing along some of his colleagues with him.


Anonymous said...

Contrary to what I was originally told, you are completely right about this recount of events. Except: Dane didn't abstain. The birdbrain didn't vote. There's a difference.

Perhaps race-baiting is finally a thing of the past. We can only hope.

That same philosophy gave us, in succession, as council president:

**Rozelle Boyd. He immediately launched into a no-input reorgnization of council staff, which infuriated most folks. Mostly because it had the familiar ring of academia, from which Rozelle came, and wasn't real practical. Professors and school administrators love workflow charts. But rarely does logic enter their realm.

**Steve Talley. Everyone likes Steve, but he was no leader. He's also likely jobless now.

**Monroe Gray. Way enough said already. The wort council president in state history. Hands down.

The single reason cited each time the presidency was open, for voting for these men? Race.

Not qualifications (although, hoenstly, Rozelle's long service and leadership could have bene cited, they weren't). Monroe can't lead a two-car parade.

Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe those days are gone. But if any sane person thinks Ms. Pryor is ready for council leadership, they're stoned.

Anonymous said...

Only 3 African Americans supported her including herself: Gray, Brown, Pryor. Brian Mahern voted for her.

Sir Hailstone said...

For someone married to a white woman such as Vernon Brown, he sure acts like one of the staunchest racists on the CCC.

Anonymous said...

Where is Wilson? Should't he be calling the ones who DID NOT vote for Pryor a bunch of racists?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The real loser here is Dane Mahern...but then we have known for a long time that he is a loser.

Anonymous said...

If anon 11:46 is so sure who voted what way, why don't you post your name. That way we can all know who in the Demo caucus is allegedly leaking deliberations and votes. Or at the very least attribute the leak to a particular caucus member(s).

Otherwise all of this, per usual, is rank speculation at best and rumor mongering at worst.

Anonymous said...

10:26 PM EST

hello Wilson

Wilson46201 said...

9:36 AM EST

Hello anonymous!

(your point?)

garyj said...

Wilson, the point 529 is trying to make is what that you are famous for saying that all whites are racists! Just like you say that: All straight people are homophobic,
All Democrats are of high moral values.
All Repbulicans are crooks.
The government wants to help you!
The checks in the mail.
I won't.......

You always want to pull the race card on issues like this. Worse than Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan.

Wilson46201 said...

I hadn't even commented on this issue, GaryJ, so you are just M.S.U. (making stuff up) about what I allegedly said...

Calm down and get off your high-horse!