Tuesday, December 04, 2007

GOP Names Committee Chairs

GOP members of the City-County Council announced their choices to chair the various council committee this upcoming year. Several new-comers land key committee chairs while other veterans like Ginny Cain and Mike Speedy are shut out. They are as follows:

Administration & Finance: Marilyn Pfisterer
Public Safety: Ryan Vaughn
Rules: Robert Lutz
Metropolitan Development: Lincoln Plowman
Public Works: Benjamin Hunter
Parks: Susie Day
Municipal Corporation: Mike McQuillen
Community Affairs: Kent Smith
Economic Development: Jeff Cardwell


Anonymous said...

Why was Speedy shut out? Anybody know?

Sir Hailstone said...


It could be Mike Speedy and Ginny Cain didn't express an interest in leading a committee.

Though with Mike Speedy when it comes to any proposal about real estate development or incentives to affordable housing he always abstains. That would limit the committees he could potentially serve.

Before anyone uses the "T" word for Kent Smith, remember he is a mortgage broker by trade and the "subprime meltdown" in the mortgage industry hit him hard so he is very aware of what is occurring the communities and should do well in Community Affairs.

Anonymous said...

i heard it was ryan vaughn who got chair of rules.