Friday, December 21, 2007

Farrakhan To Speak At Carson Funeral

Controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, well-known for his racist, homobigoted and anti-semitic views. is scheduled to speak at the funeral of the late Rep. Julia Carson (D) tomorrow, along with other prominent African-Americans. Radio and TV talk show host Tavis Smiley, House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D) and State Rep. Bill Crawford (D) are among them. Sen. Richard Lugar (R), former Sen. Birch Bayh (D), Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) and Mayor Bart Peterson (D) are also expected to speak.

A horse-drawn military caisson carrying Carson's body from her home in the 2500 block of Park Avenue to the State House rotunda where she will lie in repose began at 7:30 a.m. About 100 people joined the Carson family for the walk to the State House. Her family was joined by Mayor-elect Greg Ballard (R) and State Rep. Bill Crawford this morning.

Noticeably absent from the list of dignitaries planning to attend Carson's funeral are former President Bill Clinton and Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY). Carson was among Indiana Democrats backing Hillary Clinton's bid for president, and President Clinton had made appearances in the 7th District on behalf of Carson in the past. Clinton's bid for the Democratic presidential nomination is threatened by Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), who is garnering significant support among African-Americans. One might have expected a Clinton to attend a funeral of such a prominent member of the Congressional Black Caucus given the high stakes Ms. Clinton faces in the coming weeks as the first voters go to the polls to begin the process of selecting a new president.

Ironically, the Democratic blog Taking Down Words reports rumor that Vice President Dick Cheney may attend her funeral. WTHR confirms secret service representatives have been in town making arrangements for someone's visit. Vice President Cheney would have hardly rated very high on Carson's list of favorite persons.

Funeral planners' decision to allow Louis Farrakhan to speak at the funeral could have negative implications for her grandson, City-County Councilor Andre Carson, who is expected to run for her seat in a special election early next year. Rep. Carson relied on support from Indianapolis' GLBT community and Jewish community in her many bids for elective office. "It's the wicked Jews, the false Jews that are promoting lesbianism, homosexuality, [and] Zionists have manipulated Bush and the American government [over the war in Iraq]," Farrakhan was quoted as saying at a National of Islam event just last year. It is shocking that such a divisive figure would be invited to speak at her funeral.


garyj said...

well known for his racist, homobigoted and anti-semitic views.
And Wilson Allen will welcome him with open arms, since it is a well known fact that only white people are racists and homophobic.

Anonymous said...

Well, now isn't that diverse.

He is what he is. They cannot spin that . Terrible, just terrible.

Anonymous said...

I heard Secret Service is in town because Speaker Pelosi will attend.

Anonymous said...

andre is former nation of islam, correct?

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely stunned that Farrakhan will speak.
One is known AND remembered by the company they keep.
Consider the outrage if a local white Congressperson died and David Duke of the KKK delivered a eulogy. There is NO difference.

Yes, Andre Carson was a member of the Nation of Islam. His world view obviously shaped by the dogma of black supremacy and hatred of the white race.

Farrakhan is not here by accident.

Anonymous said...

Secret Service could be in town for any of the following people:

President Bush
Laura Bush
V. President Cheney
Lynn Cheney
Speaker Pelosi
Senator Clinton
Senator Obama
President Clinton

There are others, but all of these individuals are under full time protection...

Anonymous said...

9:36, Ask Abdul Hakim Shabazz over at Indiana Barrister. I'm sure he could answer that question and perhaps why Farrakhan is speaking.

Anonymous said...

maybe it's just me, but...

Yeah, Louis K. typically bothers me. And I don't think a leading religious figure like him would speak at her funeral, if she didn't know and associate with him.

But Julia listened to all kinds of folks. She talked to anyone who'd talk to her.

Isn't this a time to NOT pass judgment on her funeral speakers, for crying out loud?

If he spews hate and venom from that pulpit, I can assure you Rev. Jeffery Johnson, ever mindful that his reputation (translation: offerings) and church are on the line, would step up. Jeffrey is nothing if not budget-conscious.

For once, can't we sit back and judge after the fact, not before? I agree that Louis K's past is spotty, at best. But I'm going to listen to what he has to say, because Julia would've.

Dick Cheney. That's rich. Julia would jump out of that casket and pulverize him.

It would not surprise me for President Clinton to show up. Hillary is up to her eyeballs in expectation-lowering in Iowa. No way she'd take weekend time from that important task to attend a funeral. Especially when Bill's attendance would end up getting just as much, if not more, good will.

Godspeed, Julia.

Anonymous said...

When Julia Carson ran for Center Township Trustee, she used the services of members of the Nation of Islam to pass out her campaign flyers on street corners and as her bodyguards on the campaign trail.
Later,she hired several of them as security guards at the Center Township Trustee Building on Mass Avenue. It was only when she ran for congress in 1996 did she distance herself from the Nation. The Star reported her trip to Chicago for the Nation's annual celebration along with her grandson Andre while she was Trustee. Yes, Minister Farrakhan is a welcomed friend.

Julia doesn't need votes anymore, so now the truth can be told.fdmv

Anonymous said...

Senator Obama is not under Secret Service protection. He is only a PRIMARY candidate as of right now. Only the candidate for the general election is afforded SS protection.
Hillary gets it because she is a past Presidents wife.
If Barak bin Laden Obama gets SS protection, I'm throwing my name in as well!

Anonymous said...

I thought Farrakhan was basically on his own deathbed?

Anonymous said...

11:05, you are incorrect.

SS protection was detailed to Sen. Obama in August due to numerous death threats. And two (or more) undercover, or plainclothes, Capitol Police travel with him too, with their costs reimbursed to the Government by his campaign.
It was in his last FEC report.

There are multiple incidents of primary candidates getting SS protection under special circumstances.

You can throw your name in the ring if you want. Ignorant bigots need their representation too.

Get used to hearing his name. I have a feeling he could be the Dem nominee...with Hillary fading fast.

Anonymous said...

....Get used to hearing his name. I have a feeling he could be the Dem nominee...with Hillary fading fast....

Hopefully, Senator O'Bama will be here for Julia's Memorial. It'll be great hearing him and Louis Farrakan speaking from the same pulpit charting the future course of this once great nation.

I do hope that the Democrats choose Osama O'Bama for their Presidential Candidate in 08 because it will prove that the Democrats desire a truly diverse political platform.

Now only if Danny Glover and or Sean Penn could convince Hugo Chavez to say a few kind words at the memorial would it be complete.

O'Bama or Hillary in 08 !!!

Gary R. Welsh said...

anon 11:05 said, "If Barak bin Laden Obama gets SS protection, I'm throwing my name in as well!"

It looks like Hillary Clinton's supporters have arrived. It seems her campaign volunteers keep spreading false rumors claiming that Obama is really a Muslim. Of course, Hillary says she didn't tell them to do that.

Anonymous said...

You will not convince me that Julia Carson and Louis Farrakhan have anything in common other than
their race.
Why would Julia's family decide to do such a thing? Well, Andre - you are toast.....


Anonymous said...

Barack Obama has had Secret Service protection for several months now. He has had several threats on his life. This is till a racist country....Please check your facts before you state that he does NOT have Secret Service protection. Having said that, I love Julia but I am appalled that a bigoted hate spewer like Farraakhan is speaking at her funeral. One other correction. Andre is Muslin but not affiliated with the Nation of Islam.

Anonymous said...

Gee, the way Abdul was skewered for allegedly being party to the publication of a CI, I'm shocked that TDW would announce that Cheney was coming to town, when all the media are being mum about what high-level dignitaries might be here.

OK, so I'm not shocked at all.

Anonymous said...

4:31, Correction, Andre IS with the Nation of Islam. There are Muslims and then there are Black Muslims.
Do not confuse supermacist American Black Muslims (Nation of Islam) with real Muslims.
Andre Carson was brought up as a Black Muslim.

Anonymous said...

if this turns out to be Andre's decision then I will quit supporting him for anything. I thought he had the wisdom and decision making ability not to involve a low life hater like Farrakhan.

garyj said...

If Obama is getting SS protection, good for him. All Pres. candidates should get it, not just one because he got a death threat.
We do still live in a racist country. Look at Louis Farrakhn, Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson. 3 reasons (among hundreds) that racism is still alive.

AI, Why does Obama not wear a US Flag lapel pin like other candidates? Maybe not a Muslim, but appears to anti-American!

Gary R. Welsh said...

garyj, I don't understand why anyone would question Obama's patriotism. Whether you agree with his political views, he is a highly-accomplished public servant.

Anonymous said...

I think the shaming attempt to link Obama to Osama Bin Laden because their names are a little sound alike is unworthy of this is certainly below what I have come to expect of it. Yes, I intend to vote for Obama.

Anonymous said...

You Said:

One might have expected a Clinton to attend a funeral of such a prominent member of the Congressional Black Caucus given the high stakes


No disrespect, but Reality Check?
Julia Carson was NOT a "prominent" member of the Congressional Black Caucus in any respect. Check...she's hotstuff in Nap, but go even to Gary and people will ask, Julia Carson who?

Search the web on Julia Carson, as well as other members of the caucus--they had speaking engagements, debated on the Hill, they were actively involved on the Hill negotiating and performing and voting. Also, they are public role models and mentors to entire communities--not just a few crooked 'godchildren'.


Farrakhan was quoted as saying at a National of Islam event just last year. It is shocking that such a divisive figure would be invited to speak at her funeral.


Didn't Julia's ghetto style, characterized as whitty, and grandmotherly, tell you anything about her?

Her affiliations?

Her adherence to the "separate but equal" arrangements she and her center township posse had with government?

As Queen, the quality of her godchildren--Lacy Johnson, Carl Drummer, Tony Duncan, Aaron Haith, Bill Crawford, Glenn Howard, Frank Anderson...?

Whose grandson broke into someones home,two gay men, made them strip and perform sex on each other, then tortured them by burning them with a hot cloths iron and pouring bleach down their throat? Julia raised this animal!!!!

Did this not tell us anything about Julia? NO, we keep the facade going and thus leave the bar low.

Don't be surprised?! This is the TRUE Julia Carson--she's free now, this was her "snub" to the United States that, in her eyes, misused her and her posse so badly they DESERVED everything they took!

Much to do was made about her poverty status growing up in a single parent home. uhhhh thats like most of us and is NOT an accomplishment as embellished. Actually such embellishment is merely to mask her poor performance in return for what she's getting and what the people deserved during her tenure in congress.
Hey, we need representatives who do not use "segregation" and thus ignorance, hatred & apathy & race-baiting as the solution to fix social problems. Julia and Peterson handled race relations the wrong way--and it's getting worse. Fix the system or the demographics will fix us all in 2012. We don't need MONROE GRAY as our next Mayor!!!

Only a few people know how to fix it--and it's not a quick fix--its' easy and effective and must be done early, starting Jan 1. It certainly isn't a son of a preacher man, nor their daddies and it's not the continued division/segregation of units of government. No it's much more.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:05 You are a shameful hate spewing monster. There are so many errors in your diatribe. The fact that you posted it on the day of her funeral says much about your character. I will limit myself to two comments.

[1] She did NOT raise her grandson who ran afoul of the law and was sent to prison.

[2] She was the only member of the Congressional Black Caucus who represented a majority White district.

Anonymous said...

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is one of the GREATEST BLACK MEN in America . And I feel like this is total disrespect to Sister Carson , Min. Farrakhan , and The Black Community for even suggesting that he shouldnt have been there . Who are you any of you to tell Black people who should and should not be in attendance at Sister Carsons funeral. Racism was in the world before Louis Farrakhan and will be here when he's dead and gone . Just the content in these blogs reflect your low morality . You have no respect for Sister Carson and no respect for the Black community .

Anonymous said...

White people just don't like to hear about their past and present crimes coming from a black man. But as a black man I could honestly care less.