Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Donaghy Wins Sam Adams Award

Congratulations to political activist Melyssa Donaghy for being named by the Sam Adams Alliance & Foundation as the recipient of its Tea Party cash award of $5,000 "for staging numerous creative protests around the state in response toIndiana?s increasing property tax burden." Bob Costello announced the recipients of six awards from the organization in a press release today. "The awards aredesigned to recognize outstanding citizen leadership and creativity nationwide, and are being given this year to individuals and groupsfrom Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Washington," Costello said. The winners will be honored at an awards ceremony in Chicago on December 20

According to the statement, The Sam Adams Alliance aims to revive the principles of our namesakeby connecting and supporting citizen leaders who are working to defend liberty, hold the government accountable, and protect the rights of taxpayers starting at the state and local level. The Sam Adams Foundation strives to educate and inform citizens aboutthe important political issues necessary to maintaining a freesociety, including government accountability, government transparency, property rights protection, fiscal responsibility, free speech, andcitizen initiative and referendum rights.

Congratulations to Melyssa on her well-deserved recognition.


Anonymous said...

Even if you do not always agree with her, Melyssa Donaghy was the correct choice.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Absolutely, schoolboardgreg. It's a textbook case of how citizens are supposed to respond when they're unhappy with how they're being governed. It's unfortunate that some in the political process have unfairly pillored her while others conveniently take advantage of the circumstances she helped bring about without so much as a thanks.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Melyssa! And thank you, Gary, for telling us.

Anonymous said...

She absolutely "dominated" the competition in winning this award.

Sir Hailstone said...

And here I thought she won an award for beer.

Congrats Melyssa.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Melyssa! You are on our side and we are on your side. Keep up the good fight!

Anonymous said...

At the risk of incurring the wrath of fellow bloggers, here's an alternative thought:

I never heard of this group, or the award. But I am an Adams devotee, and have read many of his works. I commend them to all of you.

I'm betting he'd have grumbled at this honoree getting an award named for him. Here's the skinny:

She tried hard to call attention to an obviously-flawed tax plan by the city, and property tax messes all over Indiana. The attention she got was the result of luckily guessing the public's mood, and she was conveniently in front of that tidal wave.

I watched her throughout the summer and fall. I have a long-standing policy of not bashing volunteers, but if I suspended that personal policy, she'd have gotten bashed. She made so many erroneous and ridiculous statements at public rallies, and on blogs, that it was funny.

Among her gems, were many thorns. For me, it falls into the category of the Beatles...follow along here:

I love many Beatles songs. But many of them are just plain junk. Drug-induced nonsense. I read somewhere that collectively, they wrote something like 3,000 songs.
And anyone--I mean almost anyone--who writes 3,000 songs can probably hit on some gems.
They hit some grand-slam home runs.

Melyssa did likewise.

And I can't get past her original claim to fame: she violated the zoning ordinances by operating a business form her home. I'm not judgmental about the type of business, for which she's been unfarily pilloried. I don't care if it was a bakery or a brothel.

And the city came after her with arrogant guns blazing, which was overkill defined.

So, instead of a national award, I'd offer Melyssa my thanks for bringing the tax issue more into focus for more folks.

No more, no less.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:19

WOW, you figured me out. I am so not perfect! I'm just a volunteer who loves her city and her people.

Anonymous said...

i also had the opportunity to be a melyssa observer this summer. i live in her general universe so it's kind of hard not to be.

do i agree with everything she said? no. do i agree with all of her positions? no. did she do an amazing job taking matters into her own hand, focusing people, and getting them to display in a civilized and coordinated manner their feelings about the tax situation? hell yeah!

did she capitalize on an existing situation? hell yeah! thank god someone stepped up and got the anger focused and on display.

she's dramatic, hyperbolic, and perhaps a touch dellusional (or maybe that's just part of the drama). she's also as effective as hell.

oh by the way, she's truly a nice person. after watching her be kind to many people, it really turned my stomach to see how she was trashed in local blogs.

lots of people who think they are the real movers and shakers love to be dismissive of melyssa for one reason or another. i think she had a whole lot more to do with things that went on this fall than those same people are willing to even let themselves admit.

melyssa putting monroe gray on notice at the CCC meeting this summer -- priceless. she meant it and worked tirelessly to make it happen. wish it were on youtube.

after that same meeting, i recall just standing there and feeling overwhelmed and just kind of rhetorically saying "what are we going to do?" to no one in particular. out of nowhere, melyssa grabbed my arm, looked me straight in the eye and said "we're going to win!" i thought she was dreaming. man, she meant it and did her part to make it happen.

very well deserved, melyssa.