Thursday, December 06, 2007

Miller Won't Rule Out Gubernatorial Bid

Advance America's Eric Miller isn't ruling out a run for governor next year as some media previously reported according to Brian Howey of the Howey Political Report. Howey gave Miller an opportunity to make a Shermanesque statement on his candidacy and he passed on it in an interview this week. Here's Howey's question and Miller's response:

Howey: Are you willing to give the Gen. Sherman treatment that "I will not run; I will not serve"?

Miller: What I've tried to share with people is that I will do everything I can to help them protect their home, their family, their farm, their business, their future and work to repeal property taxes. With regards to the governor's race, that is not my intention to run at this time.

That's not the sort of answer you would expect to hear from a guy who supposedly makes a living running a nonprofit organization, which bars him from legally engaging in any partisan politics. But let me add, this matter of the Internal Revenue Code hasn't gotten in his way in the past. This is a guy who emblazons his own name on his organization's property tax repeal effort like it was a political bumper sticker.

If Miller does choose to challenge Gov. Mitch Daniels in next year's GOP primary, I would look for the Daniels' campaign to run a much more aggressive, hard-hitting campaign against Miller than it did during the 2004 primary. The Daniels' campaign has a treasure trove of research produced by this blog, which documents how Miller has used the nonprofit Advance America organization to personally enrich himself, skirted the disclosure requirements of Indiana's Lobby Law and flaunted the organization's nonprofit status by engaging in questionable partisan politics on numerous occasions.


Wilson46201 said...

Will Melyssa and her Traveling Teabaggers go lusting desperately for that only Gubernatorial candidate who unambiguously opposes all property taxes?

Anonymous said...

If by some chance Eric Miller becomes the Republican nominee, then I sure hope the libertarian candidate is a good one. I can't, in good conscience, just not vote.


Anonymous said...

Oh Wilson, shut up.

The post was about nutterball Eric Miller. (I say let him run) (It'd be great fun to watch that train wreck) Wilson, you go nutso when someone hijacks the blog to go after you.

Right back atchya, kiddo.

Wilson46201 said...

Angry Republican: a Libertarian is just a Republican too ashamed to admit it...

Anonymous said...

Wilson -

Well, I don't agree with you on what a Libertarian is. Libertarians are most definitely not Republicans.


Anonymous said...


Have you ever checked out AA on I know you have outlined other ways in which Miller has violated rules for 501(c)3s, but did you know that AA gave a direct contribution of $250 to Woody Burton for State Representative on 6/22/06?

If you search by contributor for Advance America, you will come across several contributions by the check-cashing company of the same name based in SC, but with the 101 W Ohio Street address, this contribution was definitely from Miller's group.

Gary R. Welsh said...

John, I've run across that before. I'm betting it's a mistake in entry because Burton received other finance/banking-relaated contributions on the very same date, which probably arose out of the same fundraising event. There's also a contribution from Miller's law firm a few days prior to that contribution. Because the cash advance Advance America was making so many donations around the same time, I'm guessing it got entered wrong by Burton's people on the disclosure form.

garyj said...

Wilson has a definate obsession with Melyssa and an even stronger obsession with the tea-bag thing.

Since Bart is going away soon, maybe Wilson will as well.

Anonymous said... would think Wilson would pick on the genuises behind Bart Lies, wouldn't you? But he doesn't.

His obsession with Melyssa is obviously rooted in his own supressed masochism and desire to get a forced teabagging by the dem's godfathers, bart & aj while julia watches.

Anonymous said...

That's funny about the Libertarian ("closet Repub") thing. I've been accused of being a closet Dem because I have a background in art and believe in gay rights.

Funny thing is, I vote each way and you partisans HATE that. Sometimes it gives you votes, sometimes it taketh away. When it gives you votes, you claim me as a member of your party; and when it takes away, I'm on the other team.

Wilson, as Liberal as he thinks he is, only sees in black and white.