Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Brizzi Takes Another Job

The job of Marion County Prosecutor isn't enough to keep Carl Brizzi busy. First, he takes an ownership interest in Harry & Izzy's, notwithstanding a state prohibition against law enforcement officers holding an ownership interest in an establishment licensed to sell alcohol. Now, he's taking a radio talk show gig at WIBC hosting a new show on Sunday night's called "Crime Busters." "It's going to be a lot of work," Brizzi said during a phone interview about the program, which will air from 8 to 10 p.m. weekly starting Dec. 30 according to Susan Guyett in her "Talk Of Our Town" column in today's Star. Will he disclose to the public how much he's being paid by Emmis Communications for this part-time job?


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't this guy do us all a favor and resign. Then he can have all the time in the world he needs to cat around with Tim Durham and his D-List celebrity friends Durham pays to hang out with the two of them.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Brizzi is more concerned with his own publicity that he is in doing the people's business that he was ELECTED to do.

Anonymous said...

Why should Carl make public his salary from Emmis. It is not a public job and is no one elses buisness. Brizzi does a great job as prosecutor. If he wants to do something on the side then it is his right. As long as his job as prosecutor being performed the the level he performs so well, I say good for you Carl.

Anonymous said...

How does he find the time? He didn't have time to bust the crime in the city county council, afterall. Didn't he turn a blind eye to all of it?

Why didn't he go after Monroe Gray's ghost employment? Or Aaron Haith throwing people out of the CCC auditorium? Or Monroe Gray's ethics violations?


I am ashamed to say I voted for him because crime in Indy got worse on his watch.

Anonymous said...

I hope they have a really good call-screener! This guy only crawls out from under the barrel whenever it's a high profile crime...

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should have a lead off show about the history of organized crime and numbers rackets in Indianapolis. He could lead off by explaining who "Harry and Izzy" were. He could have Murray Clark as a guest. And Glenn Howard and Amos Brown to discuss how the African American community was woven into it.

It would be fascinating.

Anonymous said...

A day in the life of Carl Brizzi:

10:00 AM Wake up.

10:15 Go to Broadripple for a Workout

11:30 Go to office, check in with Simmons

11:45 Go to Harry and Izzi's for Lunch

1:30 Go to Borges' office for a special visit.

2:00 Play pingpong with Dave Weiser

2:30 Nap

3:30 Ask Matt Symmons if anyone has mentioned Brizzi's name anywhere in the world in the last 15 minutes.

3:45 Go to NIFS to work out

4:30 Sauna

5:30 Call Melanie.

6:00 Go to St. Elmo with Bob Grand

9:00 Go to Harry and Izzi's for Nightcap.

11:00 Party with Strippers at Tim Durhams house.

3:00 Crash

Anonymous said...

He is trying to follow Mike Pence's lead. Get a talk show and go to Congress. What better way to make yourself more accessible to the voters than to take their calls on the radio. What better way to show you a human and have a sense of humor than to put it out on the air.

Brizzi is no fool, and he has his own spin machine surrounding him. Just watch him use this as a launching pad for higher office.

Anonymous said...

Who were Harry and Izzi?

Anonymous said...

Harry Roth and Izzy Rosen (Harry & Izzy) owned St. Elmo's Steak House. H&I is owned by the same company that owns St. E's and got its name in honor of Roth and Rosen.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Why should Carl make public his salary from Emmis. It is not a public job and is no one elses buisness. Brizzi does a great job as prosecutor. If he wants to do something on the side then it is his right. As long as his job as prosecutor being performed the the level he performs so well, I say good for you Carl.

8:44 AM EST

You are certainly trying to be a funny person, right? No one, I mean no one, things that this fool is doing a "great job". With all the corruption taking place in local politics, he is sitting on his lips. This man is a disgrace to the office. I enjoy the line up on Emmis, but I will guarantee you that he will be tuned out. Then again, the Dems did need someone on the airwaves.

Anonymous said...

If the Lake county Prosecutor can indict a group of Democrat public officials in his ownParty recently, why hasn't Mr. Brizzi followed through on the corruption allegations in the Peterson administration?

Anonymous said...

And don't forget...what did Brizzi do to support Ballard's campaign? Afterall Ballard is a fellow R. How much of his huge campaign chest did he offer up to Ballard?

How much of these positive changes that are going to happen will he try to take credit for?

We did notice Brizzi was standing in the spotlight all night at the GOP victory party for Ballard on November 6th.

All over the place you could hear the people that worked their tails off all summer for Ballard bitching about Brizzi being up there in the limelight.

He should have stayed under his rock, because now he's putting himself square in the angry light of taxpayers fed up with crime and insider politics.

Anonymous said...

"Crime Busters??"" Ha-Ha-Ha! WTF does Brizzi know about "crime busting"?
Like Melyssa stated, he turned a blind eye to so much, yet still cliams to be "tough on crime"
Brizzi, you're a joke!
Wilson Allen was right, Meliar would have been a better choice. At least we KNOW she would have been turning a blind eye! And she's much better looking.

Please Carl, PLEASE!!! RESIGN!!!!

Anonymous said...

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

So when Izzy Rosen bought into Harry's St Elmos I assume he took his bookmaking operation into that location as well? Makes sense.
I was not aware that there was Jewish organized crime in Indy in the 50's but I would say that Izzy had some higher ups in the local syndicate to pay unless he was the top dog, which I don't believe he was.
I first went to St.Elmo's in the mid late 60's and recall at that time the patrons were mostly men. Were women allowed in during the early days? A lot of taverns were stag bars in those days.

Somebody really should start a blog on organized crime in Indianapolis. There's a lot of info out there if you know where to dig. The last major police corruption scandal occured after Barton was defeated by Lugar. In the end, only 5 cops went to jail. Is this a great town of what?

Anonymous said...

Carl Brizzi contributed a whopping $1,000 to Ballard. Not from his own pocket either, it was from his own war chest.
Hell, I gave Ballard a grand and never got so much as a thank you. The Marion County GOP has this great big tent but only a select few are allowed in it.
Business as usual.

Anonymous said...

I voted for him unfortunately. What a mistake. Now, Ms Kennedy is no better to be sure.

However, the only time you see him is when there's a high profile slam dunk case. He has totally dropped the ball on (as previous writers poit out) Grey, Haith, crime in general, the coroner's office, the library fiasco. The list goes on. And probably for the sake of appearances he should not have a stake in the restaurant.

He seems to be a typical career pol....ignoring the Mayor elect until he won, grabbing media whenever he can, etc. Sorry I wasted a vote.

Anonymous said...

Izzy Rosen, was "allegedly" part of a Jewish community numbers racket/loan sharking operation in Indy in the early 1900's. Then he became 50% owner of St. Elmo's. How this happened is subject of some debate some say because the other owners (Harry's family) owed him so much money for either loans or gambling debts they had to give him half the restaurant-- others say he bought in.

Even by the admission of the current Harry and Izzy's (see their website and menus) of which Carl Brizzi is part owner, Izzy was "a bookie."

The latter generations of these and other street money groups and families still reign in Indianapolis. Pea-shakes, Antelope Club, etc. etc.

Anonymous said...

Brizzi owned a piece of a corporation that owned a liquor license. What he did was legal.

Get your law straight.

Gary R. Welsh said...

"Brizzi owned a piece of a corporation that owned a liquor license. What he did was legal.
Get your law straight."

I know the law, and I believe the law makes no sense if you create a loophole for Carl Brizzi which essentially consumes the rule that a law enforcement officer can't own an interest in a liquor license. That politically-driven interpretation by the AG has completely gutted the law. What happens when Mr. Brizzi faces a person charged with a DWI who was served alcohol at his bar? Will he disclose it? Will he recuse himself? Shady law enforcement officers have every incentive under this interpretation of the law to shake down liquor license holders for an "indirect" ownership interest in their establishment to win soft treatment from law enforcement for their transgressions.