Monday, December 03, 2007

Sanders Elected Democratic Leader

Although earlier reports indicated the African-American majority of Democratic City-County Councilors were going to select outgoing CCC President Monroe Gray as the caucus' minority leader on racial lines, a different outcome has been reached. Outgoing CCC Vice-President Joanne Sanders has been chosen over Gray. William Oliver has been elected as the caucus' whip. It will be interesting to see if the outcome of this leadership race involved trade-offs in the Democratic race to succeed retiring U.S. Rep. Julia Carson (D). Sanders has expressed an interest in the seat to some. It's no secret Carson's supporters want to anoint her grandson, Councilor Andre Carson (D), as her successor. Did Andre cut a deal with Joanne?

UPDATE: Monroe Gray withdraw from the race before the Democratic caucus met to select a new minority leader. New-comer Cherrish Pryor took on Joanne Sanders for the leadership position. Sanders won on an 8-4 vote with Gray abstaining, which means the African-Americans on the council split their votes between Sanders and Pryor.


Sir Hailstone said...

"Did Andre cut a deal with Joanne?"

Maybe. There's about a dozen other contenders for the Dem nomination also.

Though the vote is secret, it could be Sanders received the one vote from a more feminine member. Granted neither of us know we're just speculating.

Gary R. Welsh said...

There were some people speculating Andre would vote for Sanders before tonight. Maybe someone will give us the details shortly.

Wilson46201 said...

I would have thought you-all would have been tickled pink at the idea of Monroe Gray not being chosen again ... but now you look a gift horse in the mouth? Sheesh!

Gary R. Welsh said...

I'm not criticizing the outcome, Wilson. Just interested in the deal-making that went into the decision.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure som deal making went into that decision, but Andre wasn't involved (directly).
It was a good decision. Monroe needs some time to get his own affairs in order before his attorney, Aaron Haith, gets dis-barred!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me, but I don't understand Wilson's comment at all.

Yes, Wilson, for the sake of good government, civility, honor, brains and all that's Good to Humankind, we're glad Monroe is once again obscure. He's a pathetic public servant in every sense of the word, and more arrogant than he has reason to be.

Joanne's interst in the 7th CD was fueled mainly by her bosses, some union folks. It was mild interest, and it's not going anywhere.

There was a huge Dem judges' holiday bash Sat., and the room was awash with folks buzzing and working on the Carson seat.

There is strong rumor that some power brokers will intervene and try to get someone to take a special election seat, should it be needed, who will pledge not to run in the fall. A nice "buffer," if you will, uncontroversial, to make the moving parts inventory in that whole kerfuffle, a little easier to understand.

Otherwise, honestly, it could be a different winner for each of these: slating, special election, primary, general.

It's that wide open.

And it is not going to be Andre. I'm not sure he even wants it. He just got a cushy new job at Cripe and the council thing is a nice proving ground.

Besides, if you think about, it, his grandmother won the seat in a tough primary, mostly because she earned it with hard work and years of electoral experience. To have it over to Andre anytime soon would be a slap in the face of her legacy of hard work and experience.

And Julia's folks are all about the legacy thing.

Mike Bowman said...

Wilson - so what do YOU think of Monroe Gray not being chosen again ?

Anonymous said...

It was an 8 to 5 last, the Demos have a bright capable leader........give her some credit.....

Sir Hailstone said...

"at last, the Demos have a bright capable leader........give her some credit....."

I will give Ms. Sanders that much. Of the Dems she does exude some semblance of leadership qualities, something severely lacking on that side of the room.

Anonymous said...

"It was an 8 to 5 last, the Demos have a bright capable leader........give her some credit....."

Or the party told Gray to step aside. Bottom line we will never know. I'm just glad that someone saw the light.

Anonymous said...

It was an 8-4 vote, with one abstention.

Five will get you ten the four votes were: Cherrish, Monroe, Oliver and Bateman.

The abstention was Monroe.

All speculation, of course. And Cherrish Pryor running against Joanne Sanders is a complete effing joke. Cherrish just embarrassed the hell out of herself in the grand tradition of Ron Gibson.

She evidently didn't get the Nov. 6message.

Anonymous said...

When will Monroe Gray et al be indicted?

Anonymous said...
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garyj said...

Wilson won't answer questions. He'll just stir up the sh*t!
I've tried asking him questions in the past, He just goes away.
Whatever works!

Anonymous said...

The Dem side is not bright, Hail?

So Lincoln Plowman qualifies as bright? Susie Day? Puh-lease.

Unfortunately for the city, the council has too many Lincolns, too few Ryan Vaughns-Phil Borsts and Joanne Sanderses-Angela Mansfields-Jackie Nyteses.

You don't have to be a Dem or Republican to watch those committee hearings, and see good public servants. And slackards.

Silver Lining Dept.: Gone--Ron Gibson, King Ro, Lynn McWhirter, Sherron Franklin. Neutered: Monroe. No longer a Schneider, either. (At last) Who will the Bah-Humbugs rally 'round?

And good luck to Rozelle. Nice guy, but it was way past time for him to go.

Anonymous said...


I would appreciate it if you would delete 4:10's comment. That is not appropriate, particularly on this site.


Sir Hailstone said...

"The Dem side is not bright, Hail?"

I don't know what that is in response to, but if it's to the Anonymous Coward at 4:10 AM that's not me.

All I need to state, is this is the same Democrat caucus that chose a questionable leader in Monroe Gray for two consecutive years.

I stated over and over this election cycle that Gray was a poor leader and I was called a racist. Poor leaders come in all races - look at Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Anonymous said...

Cherrish Pryor supporters were Brian Mahern, Gray, Brown and herself. Dane did not vote. What's up with the Maherns?!

Anonymous said...

Remember Dane Mahern was the tie breaking vote that got Monroe elected as president of the council. Dane's vote led to the defeat of Peterson and the loss of the majority on the council.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that Wilson is gone!
All we have to do is ask HIM a question and he leaves?

garyj finally got something right!

(as of the last comment at 9:43)

Anonymous said...

Now we have heard that Cherish Pryor abstained, Monroe abstained and Dane Mahern abstained but there was only one abstention......what gives??

Anonymous said...

If Cherrish Pryor had the arrogant nerve to run, with no more experience than she has, she has the nerve to vote for herself.

It's all speculative anyway.

I don't care.

Finally, in my party, the right person got chosen at the council. It's a red-letter day.

Always, always, ALWAYS beware Maherns. To kill them you have to drive a wodden stake through their political hearts.

garyj said...

Ha ha ha! You're funny, 4:20!!!