Saturday, February 24, 2007

More Than A Third Of GOP Councilmen Opt Not To Run

The Star's Brendan O'Shaughnessy observes that 6 of 14 GOP incumbent members of the Indianapolis City-County Council opted not to run for re-election this year. Intolerance of moderate views by party leaders led City-County Councilor Lance Langsford to opt against running. O'Shaughnessy writes:

Councilman Lance Langsford, a firefighter who just returned from Indiana National Guard duty in Afghanistan, said he was discouraged by the party's direction. He said he decided not to run when party leaders indicated a lack of support for his moderate views. "We're a party that needs to be rebuilt," Langsford said.

That's an understatement. Democrats are predicting a 5-seat pick up in this year's election, giving them a 20-9 advantage. Looking at the field as it stands after yesterday's filing deadline, that prediction will probably not be too far off the mark.


Wilson46201 said...

With Indiana's new strict Voter-ID law to prevent election fraud and chicanery, Republicans should be a shoo-in this cycle. So why all the gloom and doom?

Anonymous said...

Translated, Langsford supported consolidation and equality for gays, neither of which the current Marion County GOP supports.

Anonymous said...

The slated R in district 21 sent out this email from his committee a week ago to supporters...

This past Saturday, February 10, Warren Township Republican Precinct Committee Persons confirmed Benjamin Hunter as their candidate for City-County Council District 21.

Hunter's ability to work with community groups and neighborhood associations is unmatched. As a Community Liaison officer for the Indianapolis Police Department he built partnerships that still remain to this day. Serving as the current Board Chair to the Peace Learning Center, an organization dedicated to teaching children conflict resolution skills, he knows the impact violence as made in our city and the need for positive change.

Currently back on the streets of Indianapolis as a middle shift supervisor for IMPD, Hunter continues to give back to his community by serving on Advisory Boards for the Indiana Partnership to Prevent Violent Injury and Death and the Butler University Center for Citizenship and Community.

Hunter, having worked on a daily basis with twenty-seven neighborhood associations as their community liaison knows the importance of safe and economically viable communities. He has the ability to build and sustain capacity to further enrich the eastside of Indianapolis.

Brent Miller
Committee to Elect

"Ben has the ability to see the larger picture and work for the community. People have benefited from his experience and energy to see the job get done."

Andrew Ryan - Irvington Resident

"Ben is an outstanding community leader, responsive, dedicated, and no one works harder to find an answer for you. His ability to be accessible is un-matched; he will be an excellent councilman."

Judy Goldstein - Forest Hills Neighborhood Association President

Dedicated to public service and community driven, Benjamin Hunter has been recognized with several community honors:

* Indiana University Spirit of Philanthropy recipient
* IPD North District Officer of the Year 2001
* Medal of Bravery 2001
* Community Service Officer of the Year 2001
* BTNA Community Service Award 2004

Anonymous said...

Well, not knowing anything one way or another about Mr. Hunter (beyond the above e-mail), I personally would have preferred to see Mr. Langsford name on the ballot. I'm not an R, though, so it is not my call, but it seems pretty sad that a soldier would receive such little support from his party. Of course, 10:26 gives the reason behind that lack of support which, rather than explain, just adds to sadness.

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

"Translated, Langsford supported consolidation and equality for gays, neither of which the current Marion County GOP supports."

Well, that just goes to show how out of touch the Marion County GOP is these days. In general, then do not support equal rights (except in the case of brave souls such as Scott Keller and Lance Langsford).

Anonymous said...

Jeezus Jehosophat on a cracker, ladies and germs, can we PLEASE find candidates for council who are NOT on the government payroll? How freaking difficult is it?

Evidently, government employees and Maherns are everywhere.

Jacob Perry said...

The blame for this falls almost entirely on Mike Murphy.

Gotta love Wilson popping up again with some crackpot comment. Yeah Wilson, your party regsiters and votes felons, dead people and illegal aliens.

Are the walls of your glass house made of Plexiglass?

Wilson46201 said...

But Todd Rokita and Your Man Mitch assured the good citizens of Indiana that a rigorous voter-ID law would eliminate all the chicanery you ascribe without proof to the Democrats. It would appear that the Republicans would have a considerable advantage now. So why the gloom and doom?

Or was the past hullabaloo about election fraud just an excuse for losing bigtime? What excuse will you concoct this time now that photo-ID laws are being enforced? Martians sending vote-rays into the machinery to cheat deserving Republicans out of the votes God meant for them to have?

Wilson46201 said...

I certainly hope AdvanceIndiana will cooperate in tracking down that perpetrator of such alleged felonies by that racist anonymous nobody!

Voter fraud is a serious crime to democracy and is hardly a laughing matter to concerned citizens...

That felonious racist anonymous nobody is also trying to hijack this thread again. Please stop such distracting behavior!

garyj said...

744: You should really try harder to make friends.
Wilson, while his position is questionable, did NOT deliver the items you mentioned. IF that were to happen, (which I find hard to believe) said party would have had some unknown person deliver them to you.
Stick with the post, you'll get farther.
The council members decided not to run because they are tired of getting accused of doing nothing. The Democrat controlled CCC has done a lot of irreversible damage to this city and should be replaced. They are the most corrupt group this city has ever seen. Bart Peterson is their leader. They would rather die than cross Bart. His power would have them "suicided" and they know that. So the do whatever Bart says.

Anonymous said...

"With Indiana's new strict Voter-ID law to prevent election fraud and chicanery, Republicans should be a shoo-in this cycle. So why all the gloom and doom?"

Too little, too late. We all got the hell out (or in my case, stayed out) of Marion Co. many years ago. Don't worry, all you liberals left with money can support your welfare wonderland!!

Anonymous said...

1:15.....are You running for office?

Or do you just like to carp about those who do take the effort, time and money to run?

Just curious..