Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chicken Or Not, Bart Rules Out Governor's Race

Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson (D) accepted the Marion County Democrats endorsement for four more years as mayor, but he's going to take a pass on challenging Gov. Mitch Daniels (R) next year, who I'm sure will return the favor by making sure no big bucks flow into the eventual GOP candidate's coffers. If businessman Bob Parker is the candidate, I suspect he will be capable of self-financing his campaign with or without GOP support. People have asked me what I thought about him, and I frankly don't know enough about him to comment one way or the other. I'm interested in learning more about him.

Marion County Democrats were greeted by the Indy Chicken as the arrived for their slating convention this morning at the Murat Theatre two blocks from my home. Ernest Shearer describes the scene outside the Murat this morning with the Indy Chicken:

The Indy Chicken attended the democrat slating convention this morning. He didn’t try to enter the convention, he just hung around outside with a few members of his flock. Some funny things happened.

Most attending gave thumbs up as they drove by reading his sign, “Democrat CCC and Mayor E-Z on Crime”.

The Mayor drove past shaking his head after seeing the Indy Chicken. He continued by without picking up his Egghead Award.

Ron Gibson got lost in the parking lot; it took him ten minutes to park his BMW. In all fairness the lot was half full.

Tony Duncan looked shocked as members of the flock-yelled hello to him, wonder what he was up to.

Monroe Gray did you report the accident this morning? Backing into another car while in your city owned vehicle requires a report. The Indy Chicken was there if the other driver needs a witness...say it aint so Monroe, you didn’t break another regulation did you?

Did anyone notice Senator Howard defending pea shakes to the Indy Chicken? It happened the Senator blocked traffic both ways while he tried to sway the opinion of the Chicken...he failed.

Seriously the word is getting out. Citizen of Indianapolis are tired. The lack of effort coming from our democrat mayor and CCC is appalling. One gentleman running for the council stopped by. He showed us his sign and agreed with us, I quote "some on the council need to move on".

We hope that those voting took notice. Our city needs to work together if this crime epidemic is to be curtailed.

Taking Down Words did some serious live blogging from today's slating convention. In the contested city-county council races, TDW reports that Charles "Doc" Henderson was chosen over Ricky Hence in District 1, Carey Hamilton was picked over Pam Hickman in District 4, and Frank Scott got the nod over Paul Woods in District 6. There will be two Maherns on the ballot. Brian Mahern plans to take on Republican Scott Keller, while Dane Mahern is seeking re-election. All incumbent Democratic CCC candidates are seeking re-election.

There has been very little news or activity to report on the GOP side. A lack of interest in the CCC races at the party's slating convention last week may foreshadow a blowout in this fall's election. Democrats currently hold a 15-14 edge. They could easily pick up 3-4 seats this year unless the GOP pulls a rabbit out of a hat and finds some strong candidates it's currently lacking in many of the key races.


Wilson46201 said...

The Slating Convention was so nice and friendly - a very united Democratic Party! Well-organized with heaping tables of free "Continental Breakfast" fare. My one trophy from this morning's event was a bright yellow "Re-Elect Monroe Gray" T-shirt. I knew you-all would appreciate it ...

garyj said...

So, Peterson says he won't run for governor? Will he sign a statement to that effect? My guess is NO! He lied about that as well. He'll run!!! If he did tel the truth, he'll sign a statement saying so!

Would you want to bet on that Wilson?

Wilson46201 said...

It's been so widely reported so if he welshes on it, I'm sure the Chicken and its Flock will remind voters of it - right, GaryJ? It's kinda sad that the mighty Indpls GOP has been reduced to having its ideological leader a virtual birdbrain. Lo, how the haughty have fallen!

The Mayor has more important things to do than to fulfill whims of whiny constant complainers...

stAllio! said...

you need to fix your tdw link. it points to the indy star.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Thanks, Ben. Fixed now.

garyj said...

C'mon Wilson, Wouldn't it be great to have a Mayor with a sense humor?

Anonymous said...

We got you for for a joke Gary. Isn''t that what the j for ...joker?

Anonymous said...

"It's kinda sad that the mighty Indpls GOP has been reduced to having its ideological leader a virtual birdbrain"

The Indy Chicken has nothing to do with the GOP or any party. The Indy Chicken is all about the crime rate and corrupt politics. The story was on NUVO‘s web page. NUVO leans pretty far to the left. Figured you would understand what NUVO printed. What's wrong Wilson, can't read? Or is it that you can't comprehend? Maybe I'm giving you too much credit. You must be dumber than you look.

Anonymous said...

Is Bart Peterson and Monroe Gray the Best leadership the Democrat party has to offer our great city?

It's a simple question, and yet when one asks Ms. Wagner on TDW that question, the answer is a resounding..


Of course, her syncopant Arnie will deflect the question. Interesting..but typical and hypocritical. For months now, not one word about Peterson's failure of leadership, let alone Gray's constant foibles [bankruptcy, garnishing of wages, frequenting of illegal establishments, using profanity at a CCC meeting, LYING about his wifes' involvement with 300 East, using the power he wields much like a child getting hold of a handgun, which is to say, careless and recklessly [juice, anyone?] ....of all this info brought forth not only in the blog arena but in ONE word has been uttered by TDW to take these sorry excuses for elected leadership to task.

Yet today, they were annointed as Marion Counties' Messiah's, with gushing and prose that strangely resemble the contents of a small intestinal tract.

Speaks volumes about the party faithful, eh?

I really believe that there will be a HUGE shakeup in Marion County come the first week of November. Why?

Because the folks who subscribe to TDW see the world and our community as they Wish it to be, not how it is..and gets worse, every day.

I wish the best of luck to all Republican candidates for office. I am sure they will canvass all neighborhoods, with or without the support or publication of efforts by their party..because we the people have had Enough of the sorry excuses the Democrats in this county field as representatives.

But ne'er a discouraging word..also known as Reality/The Truth, will be heard from TDW, Ms. Wagner, Arnie, Wilson, ad nauseum.
Enjoy your party now, peeps..while you can.

Anonymous said...

I attended the convention. I didn't see the chicken.

I also didn't hear the mayor denounce a gubernatorial run. Maybe I was napping.

I did watch Monroe Gray speak. He's a ridiculous leader, and that mumbling was plainly audible in the crowd.

Wilson was there snapping pictures. Ms. Carson wasn't. Congressional schedule, or so we were told...but didn't the House adjourn Friday? Her (heir?) grandson, Andre, spoke on her behalf. And very well, I might add. (Don't worry, he'll never get it)

If I were Bart, I'd march right up to this chicken guy, and with a huge smile, indicate that I'd gladly accept his award if he'd take off his mask, or, in the alternative, put on a mask myself.

Ya gotta have fun with this stuff, and it's sadly a lost art today in politics.

Heard an interesting theory from a highly-placed Democratic bbigwig: Bart has trouble taking out after any Dem council member, because they control it by only one vote. If the party gets more seats this fall, he will likely start speaking out against the silliness some of the council members display.

That would be a shot across the stern to Gray, Conley, and Gibson, and Ms. Franklin, who, by the way, refused to sit with other council members up-front, and sat near the rear of the auditorium.

Wilson46201 said...

I spoke to Ms. Carson around noon on Friday - the House was still debating that resolution against Bush's escalation of his War on Iraq - the voting schedule was still indeterminate. Weather in both DC & Indpls was still nasty with snow expected here on Saturday. She didnt think she'd be able to make it back in time for the morning Slating Convention. I reminded her how important it was to let the Democrats here know she was held up in Washington working on ending that unpopular and interminable war. She sent Andre as her surrogate...

Anonymous said...

Wilson, who cares if you talk to Carson?

Wilson46201 said...

anonymous nobody - who cares if you care about anything? Nobody!

Unknown said...

anon 11:43 Sycophant(notive correct spelling)? I like mentor considering our age difference.

TDW, a Democrat blog written by a Democrat to express the Democratic view, inform the party's faithful and to irritate the hell out of the Repub trolls whose party has completely collapsed in Marion County.

And some mentoring you...get use to it.

Unknown said...

Hey Chicken....those weren't thumbs sticking up...try middle finger. Mine was.

Anonymous said...

Nice job of once again deflection and defensiveness, Arnie, but it still doesnt answer the question:

Do You think that Bart Peterson and Monroe Gray are the Best leadership the Democrat party has to off this great city of ours?

Syncopant Syncophant..whichever. It's niceer than a--kisser, or stooge, but whatever works.

Yes or No answer, please.

Anonymous said...

Wilson, the point was, and is: the House adjounred Friday at 3 or 4 o'clock.

That schedule was posted by the Sgt. at Arms and the Speaker's Office by mid-Tuesday. The Senate remaine din session to consider the House's passed Iraq war resolution. For which Ms. Carson voted, thankfully, and voted correctly.

The National Weahter Service issued no heavy snow warnings for Friday night or Saturday, and no flights in or out of Indpls. were cancelled or delayed due to weather.

The Dem Party thought Ms. Carson would be there, thus they put her name in the printed program of speakers, placed on every chair.

Nice try. Feeble, but nice. Andre did read the letter very well. It's the most words he'll likely ever speak at a similar gathering.

Anonymous said...

"Hey Chicken....those weren't thumbs sticking up...try middle finger. Mine was."

Time to stop picking your nose arnie,

Anonymous said...

"Andre did read the letter very well. It's the most words he'll likely ever speak at a similar gathering."

Something Grandma Carson couldn't do coherently.

Anonymous said...

"anonymous nobody - who cares if you care about anything? Nobody!"

Wilson, - who cares if you don't care about anything anybody else cares about?

Wilson are you Carson's bastard son? You sure think that we are impressed to know that you talk with her.
Carson is not and has never been the answer to Indy's problems.
From previous postings, I can only concur that she treats you like a hair-lipped stepchild.
And you go back for more? What's wrong with you? You need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

"anonymous nobody"

Who the hell are you? An "A" list somebody?

Get over it.

Wilson46201 said...

I am a human being with an identity - anonymous nobodies are craven liars skulking in the shadows with no personal responsibility for the vituperation and calumnies they try to spread.

Some of the anonymous nobdies here are already discredited public figures and deranged deadbeats that dare not appear in decent company without a paperbag to conceal their identity...

garyj said...

I am a human being with an identity -

Yes, you are Wilson.
902 is right though, who cares if you talk to Carson. Just like who cares if I Carson? but I liked your comback of Who cares if you care!
You'll not catch me hiding behind anon.

Unknown said...

anon 3:36 Tough being a loser huh.

Unknown said...

anon 4:56 Another Rebup loser. All he has is a chicken to squeeze.

Anonymous said...

You cannot answer the question, can you Arnie? Because you know the answer, 'No', pretty much leaves you bankrupt from the self-imagined superiority complex you've wove around yourself, regarding the Democrat parties' latest sucess in Marion Co.

Much like an out of shape, former high school nerd cheering the Colts on. It's a projection thing, transplanting an inferiority complex with a current, successful organization.

Thats cool.

But..the only problem is, is that such temproary success is just that..temporary.

Enjoy your local Democrat parties current run. It won't last.

Anonymous said...

"craven liars skulking in the shadows with no personal responsibility for the vituperation and calumnies they try to spread."

Sounds like Wilson Allen.

Anonymous said...

"Tough being a loser huh."

Sounds like something a low class nose picker would say, talk about a loser.

Wilson46201 said...

But, dear anonymous nobody, I do have a name which you know. You, on the other hand, are too cowardly to use yours. I suspect you are so disreputable you dare not utter it here - folk would laugh and jeer at your paranoid ravings...

Namecalling by "anonymous" is so unproductive - it just messes up the civilized political discourse by the adults. Go off and stand on the street corner at 22nd & Meridian and scream at the passing cars. That's about all you are good for anymore...

Unknown said...

Looks like the grade school toons are trolling tonight. Perhaps they just don't understand that the majority of voter in Marion County and the majority of voters the CCC District are Democrats. They voted for Mayor Peterson and Councillor Monroe. That's way the USA works. And you know, I remember many years of Downtown Republican Government. And I will not forget the Naptown image they gave our city. They will not be back trolls. Wishing will not make it come true. This is not Fantasy World

Anonymous said...

"22nd & Meridian and scream at the passing cars."

Wilson are you crazy? Sounds like it. Call Carson and ask her.

Anonymous said...

"This is not Fantasy World"

Indianapois under democratic control is just that. When Indianapolis is bankrupt the citizens will respond, the few who are left.

Anonymous said...

Check this out,


is Rip Van Peterson waking up?

Anonymous said...

For the first time in years I was not at the slating. But it wasn't my fault as I wasn't told. None of those letters that consistently flood my mailbox weeks before slating arrived. No phone calls, no nothing.

And even though I remain a registered democrat, I guess I'm not longer a pricint committeeman and I guess I won't be voting democrat then.

Perhaps they found out where my loyality really is: for the good of the community and not for the good of a few rich politicians.

Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing.

Wilson46201 said...

The above anonymous comment was done by a faker, a liar. A genuine precinct committee person would know there are no "registered Democrats" in the State of Indiana. You can't be a "registered anything". Nobody registers for a particular party. Doesn't happen. You can't register as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Prohibitionist or whatever. In other states: yes but not in our Hoosier state.

It's a shame when the GOP is so feeble it has to resort to such trickery, lies and subterfuges as the above comment ... pitiful!

Anonymous said...

"You can't register as a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Prohibitionist or whatever. In other states: yes but not in our Hoosier state."

Hate to agree with Wilson but I checked my card no party affiliation
noted. I swear when registered I was asked party affiliation.