Thursday, February 22, 2007

Calls For Parker To Quit Mayor's Race, Before His Formal Announcement

Republican mayoral hopeful Bob Parker hasn't even formally announced his candidacy and there is already at least one group calling for his withdrawal. Parker's analysis of the "wealth" the "Jewish faction" brings to the Democratic Party and how it will influence the Democrats to support an Israeli war against Iran during an interview with Matt Tully isn't being well-received by the local Jewish relations committee. As the Star's Brendan O'Shaughnessy reports:

Jewish groups today called on the Marion County GOP to pull its support of likely Republican mayoral candidate Bob Parker after he made what were viewed as "unbecoming" comments about the Jewish community.

Parker's comments, made in a recent interview with Indianapolis Star political columnist Matt Tully and reported online today, suggested that Jewish influence within the Democratic Party would drive the party to support an Israeli attack of Iran and Syria.

"I'm sure you realize -- well, most people don't -- millionaire Democrats outnumber millionaire Republicans four to one," Parker said. "It's mainly because of the Jewish faction inside the Democratic Party.

"Most Jewish people are Democrats and they bring that wealth. My opinion is, if Israel would go into Iran, Democrats will follow that cause."

The Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council called Parker's comments "ignorant" and "offensive."

The National Jewish Democratic Council said Parker's words were "unbecoming of someone seeking to lead a major U.S. city."

Parker's comments were made in response to questions about his interest in the mayor's race.

When someone posted a comment earlier today reminding us that Parker was the guy who challenged Sue Anne Gilroy for the GOP mayoral nomination in 1999, egged on by Rex Early, my memory of who he is was refreshed. God help the Marion County GOP this year. They're going to need it.


thomas said...

Parker has apparently been stealing pages from the Joe Biden political playbook.

Classic stuff.

As I state in one of my posts today, I hope Tully gives us a taste of the transcript so we can (try to) understand how in the world a Mayoral candidate ends up in the realm of foreign policy.

Wilson46201 said...

I was at the big Peterson Announcement this afternoon - a pleasant surprise was the appearance of our Senator Evan Bayh - a nice crowd - exuberant and happy! Amy Peterson was well enough to attend - the Mayor's teenage daughter Meaghan spoke briefly. The event was held 2 blocks from Carson's home - the Democrats loved Julia's remarks!

Beforehand, I asked Bart to please not mention the MidEast in his speech today - he sorta blanched and said he'd avoid it for sure!

The fat yellow chicken and the naysayers weren't there - perhaps it was out with Parker apologizing?

Anonymous said...

From the Indy Chicken,

Wilson only an idiot would connect the Indy Chicken with any party. That said I guess we all know who the idiot here is.
The Indy Chicken is about crime and corruption and not politics. Get over it.

Wilson46201 said...

The Marion County GOP is going down so rapidly they've even lost their fat yellow chicken - what's next - Jocelyn turning Libertarian?

Bob Parker must be more radioactive than a Persian centrifuge!

Anonymous said...

"The event was held 2 blocks from Carson's home - the Democrats loved Julia's remarks!"

Wahoo!!! Gag-me. Who cares? Peterson may be a slam-dunk but that doesn't make him a good Mayor.
While he brags our youth continue to die in the streets. We need involvement now.

Wilson46201 said...

Too bad Bush and the GOP Rubber-Stamp Congress cut so much Federal funding for LEOs in Indianapolis so that the money can be spent elsewhere making the streets of Baghdad safe for Sunni (or Shiites)...

Anonymous said...

check it out

Anonymous said...

The Allen blog is funny.

Continued mentions of Jocelyn Tandy are not funny.

Wilson, are you in love with her? You seem, uh, obsessed. Dangerously so.

Wilson46201 said...

Moderator: please remove immediately the phony blog link using my stolen name. It looks like some trick probably from that deranged deadbeat trollop Jocelyn Tandy.

Anonymous said...

its not a phony blog link, its real

Anonymous said...

"please remove immediately the phony blog link using my stolen name."

is that like stealing Tandy's name?

Anonymous said...

So, I know it's easy to pile on Parker here - but anyone know if what he said is actually true? I've been unable to find data supporting or refuting his claim.

If what he said is true, where's the issue?

Anonymous said...


Let me help you out here- as a jew. The notion that rich, powerful jews control the political process in America is not only false, it is offensive, ignorant and not worthy of "data" analysis.
Let me add, we have at this moment 2 millionaires in the White House (Bush, Cheney), a millionaire governor, a millionaire mayor and Bob Parker is also a millionaire. NONE of these political leaders are jewish. Anyone who wants to figure out who controls our political system- I would suggest actually looking at reality- i.e. who is in power. Who controls GW's forays into the Middle East? Where is the invisible, all controlling hand? Give me a break, it is not that hard-why don't we focus on the "data" of our real, noninvisible leaders instead of searching for the imaginary jewish cabal? Otherwise, as a nonmillionaire, nonworld controlling jew, I'm going to have to figure out how my invite got lost in the mail, 'cause I sure don't seem to be reaping the benefits.

Anonymous said...

If you need further information for your analysis, consider:

Parker claims:
1. Jews are Democrats
2. Jews want to attack Iran and Syria

1. Hillary Clinton (a Democrat) has issued a public statement to the President that any attack on Iran is NOT authorized by the Authorization for force in Iraq.
2. George Bush (a Republican) has publicly declared that Iran is a member of the "axis of evil".
3. Speaker Pelosi (a Democrat)is considering recommending the following possible options for our involvement in the Middle East:
- Removing our troops from Iraq
- Establishing a deadline to get out of Iraq
- Opening diplomatic talks with Iran and Syria
4. Many people in the White House (particularly in the VP's office) consider Iran to be a threat to Israel and the US (and Iraq) that needs to be addressed. These people are all- can you guess?- REPUBLICAN.

Possible conclusions based on Parker's claims:
1. Geoerge Bush and Cheney are really Democrats
2. The allpowerful jews are completely incompetent as to affecting any policy on Iran with the Democrat leadership
3. Uhhh, hypothesis disproven by reality, perhaps Parker is an idiot

Anonymous said...


I wasn't trying to be snarky, or a jerk. I don't buy into the "Jews control the world" cospiracy, as I have half a brain. It was more of a challenge to see if someone would actually defend what Parker said.

Anonymous said...


Sorry for jumping all over you, sadly (and I guess unfortunately for you) I have already heard a number of defenses of Parker's statements along the very lines of "well, what he said is true". Hence, aggravation on my part.
What Parker said obviously has aspects of the truth to it- Israel is an ally of the US, many Americans (jew and gentile) support Israel, Iran certainly likes to threaten Israel (or their President does to be exact) and, historically, American jews are Democrats (legacy of FDR and the civil rights movement), though there have been inroads made by the R's as of late. Parker's problem (or mine with him) is the illogical jump to 'jews control the Democrat party because jews are rich therefore jews will dictate foreign policy for Israel'. I think Parker just got lost in his logic and made an idiot of himself.

Anchorage Activist said...

What you folks in Indiana ought to really be taking issue with is the attempt by an outside group, the National Jewish Democratic Council, to manipulate YOUR local election. The next mayor of Indianapolis should be determined ONLY by Indianapolis voters, not by outside advocacy groups. You can defend Parker's candidacy without defending his ideology.

If the Marion County Republicans refuse to approve Parker's candidacy after criticism by the NJDC, it will simply promote and reinforce stereotypes about disproportionate Jewish control.

We Alaskans know something about "outside influence". If it was up to us alone, ANWR would have been opened up long ago. But because of ill-informed Outsider "Bambi-worshippers", ANWR is still off-limits. Yet another reason why we're paying over $2 per gallon for gasoline and why some low-income people have to rely upon a tinhorn like Hugo Chavez to heat their homes.

Anonymous said...

Anchorage activist- with no disrespect to the ANWR situation you reference, your comment is really not applicable here. The fact that our newspaper chose to highlight a complaint by a national organization does not mean that the community outrage over Mr. Parker's comments were directed by that organization. Further, the comments made by the local Marion County Republican Party were completely on point as to the sentiment of LOCAL republicans and the party structure- MCRP does not support anti-semitic commentary. The decision not to endorse Mr. Parker was made based on that view, not statements made to a paper by one advocacy organization.

"If the Marion County Republicans refuse to approve Parker's candidacy after criticism by the NJDC, it will simply promote and reinforce stereotypes about disproportionate Jewish control."

Your comment here follows the exact same logical fallacy as Parker used. Failure to approve AFTER criticism by NJDC does not mean that the failure to approve was BECAUSE OF the NJDC criticism. The supposed inference of jewish control you allude to is simply not supported by the relevant facts and if someone were to make such a conclusion that is, quite frankly, their own problem not the fault of the local R party or the NJDC.
Finally, jews (nor anyone else) should not be kowtowed into silence on political discourse and self-defense against slander simply because of the threat that any voicing of sentiment will be construed as 'disproportionate power'. There is nothing inappropriate with jews or organizations on behalf of jews issuing statements or expressing disapproval of political candidates.